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Guide to playing support Ancient Apparition – Dota 2 Guide #04


[, Music, ], hey guys, Nandi here with another donor, to support hero guide. Today I want to take you through a guide to playing position. Five ancient apparition having trouble with those pesky slugs huh scars on morphlings. Well, this hero salts most of your problems with just one spell also during this video I will be sharing one trick, which I used to get a good ultimate of from ancient apparition, so watch till the end, guys, Calgary or ancient apparition is usually played as a Support and as a unique set of abilities that allow him to be relevant throughout the entire game.

To begin with, let me tell you that ancient apparition does not have any instant disables like your typical Lions, shadow, shaman or organ ages. Let’S go over his abilities and see where and when we can play him cold feet is his first spell and how it works is that it places a frozen hex on an enemy and as ninety damage to the enemy over time period, and it will freeze the Enemy for four seconds, if the enemy does not move more than seven hundred and fifteen units away from the initial cast point, the frozen hex is dispelled. If the 715 unit threshold is broken, [, Music ], you might think wan na use a spell right.

I mean it’s just a matter of running back and the spell will wear off wrong. This is where Cal, Drew’s, second and third spells come into play. I will go through his third spell before going through his second. You will understand why, in a bit. His third spell, which is chilling, touch, enhances ancient apparitions attacks with 170 additional magic damage. 240 bonus attack range for that particular attack and a hundred percent slow four point five seconds at the maximum level of the spell. Personally, I prefer to max this in lanes where I need to harass a lot, especially against tanky enemies, with high armor. Alright, let’s move on to that second spell of his kit, remember cold feet and how useless it felt, because we couldn’t keep the enemy in one place, fight to proc! Well, I swore X creates a small area of icy energy that slows for 30 % and increases magic damage done to enemies by 30 % in its range at the max level of the spell so now we have set up, we need to potentially proc a four. Second stunt with cold feet.

Essentially, if you are laning with a co who already has a built-in disable, it’s almost impossible to not proc cold feet and get a kill. Now, let’s talk about what ancient apparition is actually famous for ice blast is his ultimate ability and at its max level it is capable of doing 32 damage over 12 seconds, and if an enemy’s HP falls below 40 % of the total HP pool then BOOM. He or she will shatter and best of all during this 12 second period, no health, regen or healing effects will work on the me that have been hit by ice blast and, yes, this means no passive regeneration by skills like shadow dance or buzz, like a flood. Also skills like faceless voids time, walk and attribute shift of the morphling becomes absolutely useless.

Okay. So how do you lane with the ancient aberration, usually I prefer to max out chilling touch and ice waters with one point in cold feet. If my cool hero is one of those early game killers, chilling touch allows you to harass the enemy from afar and ice protects, doesn’t necessarily disrupt the creep equilibrium. Another cool aspect of ice vortex is that it provides a small area of fruition, so it could be useful if you want to go a high ground with no visions or 4d warding clips or locating enemies hiding in the trees during the laning stage. I personally find two thirds of tangos to windless and mangos, which obviously depends on the lane. If days and often who spam skills like a bristle fire quarterback rider, I opt for a magic stick.

First over the windlass in this particular game. I went for headdress as I figured. We will need the extra region as we will be facing off a huskar. I usually buy brown boots and upgrade them into tranquil boots later on and depending on the match. I sometimes upfront earn a special node on the spirit vessel after patch 7.26, as it provides an aura within 1200 units which reduces all health regen and healing if there is no other hero. Who will building is item on your team? I think as an ancient apparition, you should, as it now synchronizes really well with your ultimate. My next item of choice is usually a glimmer cape. This will allow me to dart in and out of fights, save myself and my allies. If the situation gets to dicey, you can opt for items like you, scepter deferred silences for kite or even for counter initiation purposes.

If your team is snowballing, you can directly go for a rod of arrows which again will allow you to set up for a cold feed stamp. As ancient apparition, you will not be playing like a lion or shaman would give a fleet initiation or disrupt pipes. Your main objective is to provide that key region breaking he’ll deny ice blast. However, just imagine you spot an enemy channeling a spell or a hero. Who has to be stationary to cast a spell. You can take advantage of how your pulpit works and immobilizes enemies, or at least throw them out of position. Okay, so here’s the tip which I was talking about in the beginning of the video when team fighting, if you feel you are unable to take part in a fight or unable to be near the teamfight.

The best option for you to do is to move a wave of fight as much as you can now. You probably think I’m crazy, but believe me, this method has worked so many times for me, okay, the reason why I’m telling you to move away the fight is that, then you will be able to conjure a nice blast with the bigger radius when compared with a Nice blast, you would produce closer to the fight. This way, you’ll be able to make sure at least one or more enemies are caught in your ulti, your eyespot excess product, trade of the game, slope, plus the magic resistance reduction sings really well with the heroes who can dish out of all your magic damage. It’S got a really long cast range, so use it for room fights or the slowdown being enemies or you can just use it amp up the magic damage your team is doing. Alright. Let’S look at the talent tree for ancient apparition at level 10.

I usually select the magic damage amplification, as I am playing. Ancient apparition in the role of support by thinking behind this choice is to amp up my spell damage even further. If you are, however, playing ancient evolution as a mid hero, you could opt for the plus 175 attack range on the chilling touch at level 15. It is a choice between the plus 15 health regen or the minus two and a half seconds cooldown reduction on the ice vortex in this match. However, I have selected the plus 15 health regen over the minus 25 cooldown reduction, as I thought this would allow me to stay relatively healthy in teamfights with the passive region from triangle boots at level 20. I have gone for plus 80 damage on the chilling touch in this match. This choice was made simply because our team started to do well, and I was confident that I could stay alive in fights to inflict more damage. However, I would suggest that the 8 % slow and resistance of the ice cortex would be a much better choice and it would allow you to deal even more damage and slow enemies even further. Finally, my talent of choice and level 25 would almost always be B, plus 5 % ice blast gibberish or, as this means, your enemies would shatter when they have 19 percent of health remaining if they get hit by the ice blast.

So guys, that’s pretty much it about this guide on playing support, ancient apparition, a quick tip to anyone who wants to play engine apparition would be to note that he is not one of those flashy supports who can blink in and disable an enemy or be in The thick of the teamfight as ancient apparition, you need to be able to hover around the teamfight, reducing magic resistance and slowing down enemies. You also need to pay attention to enemy health levels and unleash that BKB piercing ulti of yours. You can use your ultimate to potentially start fights but in my opinion, it’s an even better counter initiation.

Alright, everyone, that’s it for this guide on playing support, ancient apparition. I hope you enjoyed watching this and will be delighted to know whether you actually could take something out of this video. Please do comment down below what you think of this video and what I can do to improve it. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel for more content like this one so guys until I catch you again in the next one, its GG well played [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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