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Mage Spirit Dragon Builds | 4x Human Easy Regen Mana | Dota Underlords Build


Hello guys welcome to SW Gaming channel. I just moved to a new house, so I couldn’t create any videos. Last week, I’m now come back and let’s play some games today. It’S really lucky to have 2 stars hero at round 1. I prefer Knight build so I sell Slardar and buy Luna. I pick Kaya and play Mage this game lol. No, I shouldn’t sell Slardar. I could have 2 stars one now. I need a better tanker, Let’s up to level 4, to have 3 Mage. Ok, none of them is good. I think Target Buddy can help Mage heroes when fighting with Assassin. Let’S use Target Buddy to tank. It’S time to group up the team at the corner. Arcane Boots is good, but I want to reroll Assassin. Build is really a big problem for Mage, so I pick defend item Barricade. There is no Hobgen with Friendly Fire, so I choose Jull. Ok, I have 2 stars Ember. Now I have Mage Spirit team. I need support item to regen mana and disable Assassin. Ok, Eul’s Scepter is what I need When you play Spirit, you should have 2 Storm Spirit. They will create non-stop Delta Triangle. Ok, Nothing is good. I think Ristul Circlet is a good option here. I think I’m gon na get 3 stars Storm Spirit, so I choose to hyper-roll this round. Ok, good prediction:

I told ya I use Lina to activate Human alliance, and Lina is really a strong Mage hero. I equip Kaya to Lina. I hope she can 1 shot. Everyone. Dagon is really good item for Mage. Obviously, oh wo, wo 3 stars Ember Spirit. Here he comes Scythe of Vyse is good here, Great, Really good. I have 3 stars Puck. I should activate Dragon alliance. Ok, I think this is the last round, so I should hyper-roll to have a Dragon hero. Hell. Yes, Dragon Knight is here: Let’s spend all gold to hyper-roll, I’m all-in, it Really good 3 stars Earth Spirit. I have 3 stars 3 Spirit, heroes And Radiance is the best option. Here I buy Omniknight to have 4 Human. I think I have the best line up here. I know I can’t lose with this line-up. It’S so strong. You should try this line-up as well. If you like my video, please like and subscribe to my channel, You can comment which build you want to watch on. The next video – And I will see you guys there Thanks for watching

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