===Skills=== Icarus Dive Phoenix dives around a target point dealing 70 damage per second and slowing any enemies that come in contact with him by 25% . You can cancel the dive at any point by using the ability again. Icarus dive cost 15% of Phoenix’ current health and has a 36 second cooldown. Fire Spirits Fire spirits summons 4 fire spirits that circle Phoenix for 16 seconds. These spirits can be launched at a target and create an AoE that deals 75 damage per second and reduces the attack speed by 140 of those hit by the AoE. You can cast fire spirits while diving. Firs spirits cost 110 mana and 15% of phoenix’s current health and has a 30 second cooldown. Sun Ray Phoenix crates a beam of light at a target point. Enemy units hit by this will take dealing 30 damage plus 4% of their total HP per second in damage. Whereas friendly units are healed by half this amount.

Sunray cost 100 mana and 6% of phoenixes health per second. And has a 20 seconds cool down While sun ray is active you can toggle phoenix to move in the direction of sun ray. Super nova Phoenix turns into and sun that deal 100 damage per second to enemies around it. If phoenix takes 10 hit from heroes in this form phoenix will die. However if phoenix last 6 second in this form he will be reborn at full health stunning all enemies for seconds. Super nova cost 200 mana and has a 110 second cooldown. ===skill build=== Icarus dive is taken first as an early escape but then is left till later in the game to level it further.

Take it at level 1, 12, 13 and 14. Fire spirits are your main damage source and are maxed first taking them at levels 2, 3 5 and 7 Sunray can deal huge amounts of damage if used correctly and should be maxed next take it at levels 4, 8 9 and 10 Super nova is a fantastic ability and should be take whenever available take it at 6, 11 and 16 Stats are taken at the normal level 15 and 17 onward. ====Item build=== Starting out grab a tango, circlet, mantel of intelligence and an iron branch. Keep yourself topped up with regen when necessary. Early items are pretty standard getting brown boots and finish your magic stick. For your boots you’ll want arcane above the other choices giving you manna on tap for your whole team.

Whenever possible get wards up for your team. Next up is a rather unusual item Veil of Discord it gives everything phoenix needs armour, regen and mana. It also has the active discord which reduces magic resistance of enemies, which in turn power up your DoT’s. Shiva’s Guard is you next go to item giving mana and armour. The active is also good for keeping enemies inside the range of super nova. Your skills use a lot of your health so a heart is a great item to pick up. For the last slot Scythe of Vyse it’s a disable with huge mana benefits. ====Gameplay==== In the early game you should be with a partner in the easy lane if you are a support try and deny as much as you can. Your Icarus dive can be used to finishes off a target that you think might get a away or to escape from a bad situation but be careful of the health cost and cool down.

Your low armour make you very fragile. Use your spirits to cancel the enemies potions but beaware that the AoE could push the lane. Into the mid game roam around looking for kills initiate with your fire spirits up and save Icarus dive for chasing due to the long CD. If it is on CD the Sunray can be used but you move really slow with it up so the enemy might get away. In team fights try and cover as many hero with your dives, but try not to cancel them inside of groups of enemies the last thing you want is to stuck in the middle when you have just lost the casting health. After the dive stick to the side lines and use fire spirits and sunray remember that you can pivot while casting sunray. Into the late game stick with your team and use fire spirits to push lanes. In fights dives are even more important now as firs spirits damage has fallen off. Keep to the side and use sunray as effectively as possible. Supernova can be either your saving grace or demise, if you think your going to die you might aswell use it.

If you do last the 6 seconds you come back with full health. If not you have pulled some damage off someone else and dealt the burn damage either way it will help out the team and the Cooldown will be offset by the respawn time..

As found on Youtube