Hey guys! Zidiane here. I want to start a mini series on Dragon Ball FighterZ, offering concentrated tips on specific characters, mechanics and playstyles. For the first episode we’ll focus on the basic combo structure of this game. We’ll be skimming over some over some of this information in future episodes, so feel free to come back to this video when trying to figure out combos. The first thing to learn is the basic combo extension for nearly every character, and that’s crouching medium into standing medium. The standing medium allows the player to jump immediately, which is useful for performing longer combos. In addition to being able to jump cancel off standing medium, but you can actually double jump in the middle of combos. This allows you to open up combos even more, so be sure to get the timing for this one down. Next let’s talk about Vanish, which many players are already familiar with. It’s a common tool online, but it’s biggest strength is often overlooked. Vanish allows players to convert odd hits into full combos, so players who conserve their meter tend to have more chances at starting combos through the match.

One of the most important moves in this game is down heavy, which works the same with every character. It will launch the opponent on it’s first use, which can be used to extend combos. Every character can use down heavy on the ground, but only a few characters can get this effect in the air. If you’ve used down heavy in a combo, it gives jumping heavy a different kind of knockdown. Here is an example of the difference: As you can see, the jumping heavy forces the opponent into a sliding knockdown. This is important, as many characters rely on this slide to set up their offense. Another thing to remember is that certain attacks in the game will remove the sliding knockdown and the launch from these attacks. Typically, any attack that shifts the camera does this. Here’s an easy example: Vanish is a universal example, but this happens with many special attacks as well. Be mindful of which attacks you’ve used, it’s important to know whether or not you can get the sliding knockdown. Sparking is an incredibly useful tool in this game.

When activated it heals the point character, and it gives a damage boost. It also allows players to cancel their moves in new ways, so let’s cover the exact properties. First of all, Sparking will act different depending on if it was comboed into or not. If it is comboed into, the player can continue to attack. Once activated, Sparking has a set duration depending on how many characters on your team are left. 3 characters left results in a short Sparking, while only 1 character gets a much longer activation.

Lastly, we’ll be covering combos that call assist characters in for extensions. I’ll go over some of the most basic examples, as these tend to apply to multiple characters. If a character has any attack the drags the opponent to the ground, that’s usually a great move for extending combos. Let’s check out a few examples: Now, let’s try putting together a few combos, using all the mechanics we’ve learned about today. A lot of this is interchangeable with many different characters, so if you get a hang of this you can build combos for anyone. Hopefully we helped you understand more about how combos fit together, or even show you a new side to your own team. I’ll be making more guides like this, so please subscribe for future content or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for watching!.

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