Why is that video so long? zamasu’s core strategies revolve around the assists and to a slightly lesser extent meter, which makes him the ideal secondary character. his normals are a little bit below average, he has a low crouching light which is good but his crouching medium has a small hitbox and average range… same can be said about his crouching heavy. not to mention he doesn’t even have a launching down heavy while airborne. he’s lacking in the projectile Department as well. a poor grounded single ki blast that easily goes over crouching opponents and a slow command projectile preventing him from playing keep-away. but it totally makes sense because he’s the most mobile character in the game. he can fly freely and cover a lot of distance with his medium slash; if he had a dominant projectile game he’d easily be hated by everyone. his meta is strong and people will have a hard time dealing with his pressure but he constantly has to plan around reflect and needs to condition his opponent before he really gets going.

Quarter-circle forward and attack makes zamasu leap forward with a slash. the light version has short travel distance but fast startup allowing you to combo into it very easily. the medium version has a longer startup making it difficult to combo into, but it causes a slide knockdown. and the heavy version is the best of both having a fast startup, long range, and causing a slide knockdown. if you push the special button after the impact you’ll go into your flight. primarily you’re gonna use this in combos however it’s a really good tool to get in and begin your offense… more on that later. next up we have quarter circle forward and special, which is another slash.

I’ll call it the “special slash” this one wall bounces though. in open space it doesn’t mean much, but in the corner it’s a meterless combo starter. if you hold the button down you’ll charge the special slash briefly before letting loose with an added projectile. both the initial slash and the projectile will cancel out smaller ki blast and match command projectiles. while the uncharged version can reflect smaller ki blasts it won’t clash with bigger projectiles. the special slash’s projectile can’t be super dashed through, and even though the second hit is a projectile it doesn’t wall bounce on its own however won’t interfere with the initial hits wall bounce. when charged the recovery is related to the projectile duration as in if you’re up close you’ll recover faster than at max range. this prevents you from overwhelming your opponent at long range with it or at least I assume. you’ll have moderate use for the charged version in the long range however it’s mainly used uncharged in combos.

Quarter circle back and attack will summon two balls that will discharge after a specific amount of time. the light version takes about two and a half seconds from the initial input. your medium balls have a slightly longer startup animation and it takes about four seconds to discharge. the heavy version discharges at the two and a half and four second mark.

If you take any damage your balls go away. if you block anything your balls go away. if you land dragon rush your balls go away. if you break a dragon rush your balls go away. if you activate a super your balls go away. you also can’t pull out more balls if you already have your balls active. your balls count as a small ki blast, meaning that your opponent can plow right through your discharge and cancel their guard with the reflector or super dash.

Pulling your balls out in general is not a good idea considering they go away when someone touches you. you’d only use them in very specific situations, and of course we have very specific situations. quarter circle back and special activates your flight and you’ll stay airborne for about four seconds before landing. while airborne you can dragon rush, super dash, as well as block. assists are available to you in flight however they won’t begin refreshing until you’re grounded from your flight session… however long that may be. your move set changes while in flight. the attack buttons are now your slash attack and you can kind of direct it by holding up or down after the input. this “flight” slash has additional damage scaling over to regular one.

If you push back and any attack button it’ll pull out your balls. the special button will shoot your ki blasts… which you can freely move while doing so. forward and special is your special slash. you can move a little bit during the animation as well as charge it. down and heavy will perform your well “down heavy.” back and special will simply cancel your flight. almost everything you do will take you out of flight however there are two ways to maintain your flight. pulling out your balls will refresh your flight timer. the other is to push special after your slash attack to reenter flight mode. and finally I want to address something that I’m sure you’re gonna have questions about and that’s his level one super with special and heavy… the blades of justice. it has a long startup so comboing into it is tough, and of course I’m sure you’ve seen some people use Vegeta to combo in the corner or whoever. you don’t need Vegeta or anybody for that matter.

In open space launch them with crouching heavy, super dash, then do light medium special cancelled into a heavy slash then go into the super. immediately after, dash forward to allow your opponent to slide into the perfect position to get hit. if your opponent is in the corner launch them with crouching heavy, super dash, medium, double jump medium special canceled into a light slash, vanishing attack, time a medium slash and cancel into the super. if you’re having some trouble make sure that the air juggle is tight and I mean real tight… I can always tell if I screwed up the combo based on how tight my links were before the vanish. as far as the medium slash after the vanish… you’re just gonna have to practice. I initially thought it was pretty tough to time it… however now it’s no big deal. there are other ways that get blades of justice to combo, but these are the main ones.

Here’s an overview of what moves you should be thinking about at specific ranges in a general matchup. your flight is something you’d always want to test your opponent with just to see what they do. super jump back and activate your flight. so what happened? did your opponent super dash at you? or do they try to get you down in some other way? if the answer is “yes” you have a few things you can do. if you got to contest them, using a super has the easiest timing because you just need to activate before you get hit… and on hit if you cancel into your other characters you can get half health easily. an alternate way to contest them is if you use down heavy out of your flight; if time correctly you’ll snipe a super dash pretty reliably which sets up perfectly for a low vanishing attack juggle. but the best action is just to play it safe and not contest them at all. so after the impact when you land use either your command projectile or a medium slash to get in… which we’ll get into that pretty soon.

Going back to the flight test though, if your opponent doesn’t immediately super dash at you, they’re most likely a defensive player and will allow you to make your move… and the best route is to use a medium slash at long range accompanied by an assist. it’s good to be unpredictable though, so act like you’re gonna go down and give them that medium slash but instead give them a charged special slash. the energy wave goes through everything so it’ll easily hit any assist your opponent may call and afterwards just simply go back into your flight. give a few projectiles and when the time’s right go in for that medium slash. as you already saw it’s not a bad idea to pull out your balls in the long range at super jump height. not that you’re actually expecting to hit them with it… it’s more of a psychological tool to get your opponent in a defensive mindset allowing you to get in more safely. obviously if your opponent is super aggressive don’t bother with your balls in either space them in flight mode or just give them some projectiles to slow them down.

And granted quarter circle forward special’s a little on a slow side but I’ll get the job done if use moderately. above all, your safest strategy is to look for an open and again in with your medium slash the goal isn’t to actually hit your opponent with it, it’s to make them block it allowing you to start your offense. however if your opponent is the type that gets hit by your initial approach it’s much better to use your generic options of a low air dashing heavy or dashing crouching medium to get much more damage. at close range a crouching light is good because it hits low and… well it’s pretty fast. you’re mainly going to get in with your medium slash and if that doesn’t happen zamasu usually ends up dead… there’s really not much in between here’s the assist breakdown for the most important aspects of zamasu’s strategy.

I decided to take out the raw vanishing attack extensions because while it was effective when the game was new it really doesn’t have a place anymore with the way people play now. we have some usual top tiers like Yamcha and 16 but unfortunately the Captain is down a few ranks. I think this is the first time gotenks has ever been this high and beerus taking second place is very surprising. it’s good to see Goku blue synergizing well considering he’s one of the most powerful anchors in the game. I know his assist takes some practice to utilize correctly but it’s well worth the time to have him working that level three spark. well anyway, in open space zamasu’s medium slash is your primary entry into the close range advantage so you got to make sure you have one assist that works with it. one point for those assists that connect allowing you to begin your offense. two points if there’s no gap after a quick dash… as in if the medium slash connects your opponent is jailed and can’t jump or even reflect out of your initial pressure of a crouching light after a quick forward dash.

This is important because if you use a medium slash out of your flight you might have to dash up to maintain the pressure. three points if you can use the assist if the medium slash impacts at long range, but it’s not too important seeing as you’re generally not going to be impacting at the tip… but if you want to use a grounded medium slash from across the screen this is for you.

And finally a point can be given or taken away if the timing is easy or unreasonable. the assist timing will be based on your range however it’s generally not too difficult once you practice it for a bit. is anybody really surprised that Yamcha not only came jail at max range, but he also has very easy timing? 16 is another that’s great for the setup with easy timing. Nappa can in fact jail you at long range, but it’s extremely difficult so he lost a point.

Majin buu can jail your opponent allowing for quick dash, but it’s really difficult and has to be at mid-range… and if you’re hanging out at mid-range you kind of don’t need to use your medium slash. so he gets only one point. gotenks needs to be called out just before doing your medium slash. not really a big deal despite being weird. cell needs to be called out even earlier than gotenks, but it’s not unreasonable. the timing is easy so he gets an additional point. the captain comes up short in the long range test but aside from that he’s great and the timing is pretty easy. Frieza normally has easy timing but it’s very strict for the long-range impact, however since most if not all of your impacts won’t be at long range he gets to keep the extra point. he also can’t connect at the closest range so I’m a bit conflicted here but as long as you’re aware you should be fine.

Vegeta has to be called out early but it’ll also allow your opponent to reflect so it kind of defeats the purpose of trying to jail them in a block string. it does give you the advantage though, so it’s worth at least one point. Goku and Goku Black need to be called out right before the medium slash. it is important to note by hold and diagonal down forward and pushing the assist it won’t change characters, so just quickly push the assist button before pushing medium all while holding diagonal down forward… easy timing for sure. Vegito is the same as Vegeta, just with stricter timing.

It’s considered a light ki blast therefore your opponent can reflect, so he only gets one point. Bardock can barely connect at long range, but he doesn’t give the long enough block stun to continue gapless. he’s easy to work with aside from this though. 21’s timing is immediately after the medium slash input. beerus can provide gapless pressure but the timing is heavily based on a distance so be aware.

Call Goku blue at the same time with the medium slash. if you’re grounded just make sure you’re not holding forward when you push the medium with the assist button or else you’re gonna accidentally switch out. oh yeah and he can’t work at long ranges. Hit’s easy to work with but he can’t connect at a long range either. pulling out your balls in open space is mainly used to scare your opponent because as soon as your opponent sees your exposed balls they’re obviously gonna stay away from you until they go away… which is good because it allows you to make your move. however what if you expect more from your balls? well certain assists allow you to pull out your balls when your opponent is stuck in a block stun… and we all know the advantage of having your balls all up in your opponent’s face like that can give you. most assists won’t be gapless, however zamasu can easily punish chicken blocking as well as reflect so it’s not a big deal but obviously gapless is better. the ideal string is light light, crouching medium medium, heavy, then pull them balls out.

I’ll go over this more in detail later. one point if your opponent can’t jump out. two points if they can’t jump out and there’s only one gap either before or after the assist. although you should time it to where the gap is before the assist. three points if it’s gapless, as in your opponent can’t even reflect. the captain can punish chicken blocking with some strict timing. trunks can only keep the opponent grounded. the timing is right after the pause from the heavy attack. if you call him out too soon he’ll punish the chicken block but unfortunately you can’t follow up.

I wouldn’t have guessed it… but here’s video proof. the timing is as the pause ends from the heavy attack. Vegeta does allow you to pull out your ball safely while your opponent is swatting everything, but you can easily be stopped if your opponent opts to super dash instead. I’d say it’s worth about a point. Goku and Goku Black can keep your opponent on the ground but the timing’s pretty tough. it’s right after the impact of the heavy.

If they try to chicken block Goku will get them, but you can’t really follow up. Vegito has the same problem as Vegeta allowing your opponent to easily reflect or even super dash. it’s worth one point. there’s a gap with Bardock however it’s so small that they’ll get hit for trying to chicken block and since Bardock will keep them standing they’re gonna eat a full string. the timing is right as the pause ends from the heavy attack. Broly has a gap too.

The timing is as the heavy impacts. with 21 the timing is a little after the heavy impact. she has two gaps by the way. beerus is an interesting case… he appears to lock down the opponent however his assist has a natural gap between the hits and counts as a small ki blast. meaning that your opponent can reflect and super dash when beerus connects. but your opponent can’t hit you with the super dash and if your opponent starts going nuts with the reflect, they’re gonna get hit. oh and that natural gap beerus has in his assist, well if your opponent tries to jump out they’re gonna get hit.

Sounds great right? well there’s a big problem with this… if your opponent stops crouching and high blocks the assist, the second hit will completely whiff allowing your opponent to jump out or even punish you. alright so is this gonna happen to you? probably not… especially seen as the overall knowledge of this game outside of what the tournament competitors are doing is astronomically low, so I’m gonna grade beerus as if people aren’t gonna punish you. vegeta blue’s timing is with the second medium and he has two gaps unfortunately. which begs the question… why does his assist have such little block stun?? Goku Blue’s timing is just after the heavy impact and there’s only one gap if timed correctly. call Hit at the same time you push light for the balls… pretty easy. Tien has two gaps and the timing is slightly before the pause ends from the heavy impact.

16 is gapless and a the timing is as the heavy impacts. Yamcha is also gapless and his timing is as the pause ends from the heavy impact. Nappa’s timing is a couple frames after the pause ends from the heavy impact. majin buu has two gaps and his timing is when you push the light attack when pulling out your balls. kid buu’s timing is real easy just call him out sometime around the second medium. oh and it’s gapless, of course. call gotenks at the same time as second medium impacts. once again, gapless. cell’s timing is slightly before the heavy impact. the more damage to better, right? well this column shows you who lets you combo blades of justice in the corner. they get two points if it combos. three points if it doesn’t have to be a smash attack… which typically means you can squeeze in a super mid combo. and four points if it doesn’t have to be after a smash attack and the timing’s easy. trunks definitely isn’t the easiest and the best timing I found was to call him out at the point of impact of your special slash.

Nappa needs a smash, a standing heavy smash, that is. and call him out right before the heavy attack. the captain works best at the point of impact of a standing heavy. same with majin buu, at the point of impact on a standing heavy. Frieza needs a heavy smash, but it’s really easy because you call him out during the pause. so with kid buu the best combo I found is to call him out at the same time with the standing heavy, then super dash, then go into blades of justice. yeah I know it’s weird looking but it’s the only thing I got… and at least it’s easy to do. call gotenks at the point of impact on the heavy. easy timing. gotenks can also combo in open space by calling him out at the same time you press the special button for the ki blast. shooting two ki blasts then going into a special slash might be a bit difficult, so instead you can just use three ki blasts then go into the super directly. piccolo is called during the pause of a heavy smash, easy timing.

And of course Vegeta can easily do it, just call him out whenever you want… or when the heavy impacts. Vegeta can also combo in open space. call him out between the mediums after the double jump. Goku and Goku Black can combo on the impact of a non-smash special slash. easy timing, tough to say though. cell needs to be called out when you push the heavy attack button. pretty easy timing as well. call Vegito on the impact of the heavy attack. or if you want something easier call him out during the pause of the special slash smash.

Bardock combos nicely during the pause of a heavy smash. it’s best to call broly during the pause of a special slash smash. 21’s timing is right before the impact of a heavy smash. fairly strict so I decided to take away a point. beerus should be called out right after the impact of the heavy, easy timing. Goku Blue’s the easiest by far since his assist causes a slide knock down on its own. the timing is right before the impact of a non-smash special slash. Hit can combo just after the impact of a light slash, but it’s really strict.

It’s best to call him during the pause of a special slash smash. tien can combo immediately after the impact of the heavy, but the timing is very strict so just call him out during a pause of a special slash smash. Yamcha needs to be called out right after the impact of the special slash. easy timing. sixteen can combo if you call him out a little after the impact of a special slash but it’s pretty tough, so the reliable way is to call him out during the pause of the heavy smash. while kid Gohan can’t combo in the corner he can combo in open space. do a normal low double jump juggle and end with a down heavy, call kid gohan right at the point of impact just before the super activates. the timing is tight, but not impossible. next up is your low double jump juggle extensions. one point if you can combo after the assist with a jump or super dash.

Two points if you can combo with a standing medium. and a third point if you can get a crouching medium. the slight change to the point system is so you can solely determine from looking at the chart what combo extensions are possible for your needs. for example let’s say you want to combo blades of justice… that means you need somebody with at least two points because you need to land and grounded hit to go into the combo. before I gave an extra point for easy timing which kind of messes up the convenience of having a chart because you didn’t know if the ground hit was possible or if it was just an easy super dash extension. did that make sense? should have made sense… makes sense to me. the captain should be called out at the same time you push the heavy button. landing this extension will take a little practice. call trunks just before the impact of the heavy. make sure to quickly dash before you jump or else you might not reach after the assist impacts. pretty easy timing too.

Frieza’s timing is at the point of impact of the heavy. the timing is fairly easy unless you’re trying to get that standing medium… then is really strict. with kid Gohan do a single jump low juggle and end with a down heavy. the timing is at the point of impact of the down heavy. super jump to catch ’em. and with piccolo do a single jump juggle and end with a down heavy. when you call piccolo make sure you release the assist button slightly before the impact of the down heavy. upon landing immediately follow up with the standing light to combo. not sure if this should be two points or not… let’s just go two points, okay? Vegeta’s timing is before the animation starts for your heavy. you can land a crouching medium or whatever you want. Goku and Goku Black’s timing is at the same time you push heavy… pretty easy timing. I also decided to give the gokus three points because the standing medium combo extension will undoubtedly be in the corner, and these guys can give you whatever you want in the corner.

Vegito needs to be called out right before you push the heavy button, super jump afterwards to be on the safe side. bardock’s timing is when the heavy impacts. call Broly at the same time you push the heavy button. 21 needs to be called just before you push the heavy button. with beerus do jumping medium, double jump, medium down heavy. call him when down heavy impacts. it all looks weird, but it’s not too difficult. for goku blue, push the assist button just before you push the heavy button. pretty easy timing and please note that there’s no double jump in this juggle. Hit’s timing is when the heavy impacts… or maybe a frame or two before the impact. call Tien right after you push the heavy button. for Yamcha, push the assist button right after you push the heavy button. same for 16, call him right after the heavy. the timing for Nappa is immediately after you pushed the heavy button. majin buu timing is shortly after you push the heavy button. the most reliable timing I found with Kid Buu is to call him out at the same time you push light after the double jump.

For gotenks use light light and call him out at the same time you push special… after three ki blasts gotenks will catch them then you can super dash as soon as you land. call cell at the same time the medium impacts after the double jump. I found that it’s easiest just to push the assist and heavy buttons at the same time the medium impacts. use a light upon landing for safety. finally we’re at the dragon rush extensions. this column isn’t too important since zamasu can combo into the blades of justice by himself, but it’s too late I already did the research. one point if you can combo with a jump or super dash. two points if you can combo with the standing medium, and three points if you can combo with a crouching medium.

Yep just like the low juggle extensions, there aren’t going to be any additional points for ease of use. call trunks right after you push the heavy button. it’s possible to get standing medium but the timing’s super strict. same thing with the captain it’s right after you push the heavy button. the easiest time with friezea is during the pause after the heavy impact in a single jump combo. same with kid Gohan, during the pause from the heavy. you can super dash for the follow-up. Piccolo’s time is just before the heavy impact. use a standing light upon landing.

In open space Vegeta’s timing is at the same time you push down heavy in a non-double jump combo. in the corner call him out before you push the heavy button in a double jump juggle. delay your heavy if you want to get a crouching medium. Goku and Goku Black need to be called out slightly before you push the heavy in a double jump combo. call Bardock during the pause from a down heavy in a full double jump combo with ki blasts and all. with Broly call him at the same time you push the heavy button in a non-double jump combo. 21’s timing is just after you pushed the heavy button and it’s really strict. for beerus do a full double jump combo, ki blasts and everything, and end it with the down heavy.

Call him during the pause from that down heavy. it’s not easy to get a crouching medium afterwards. the timing for Goku Blue is just before you push the heavy button. use a standing light to catch them before the medium. I was most consistent with Hit when I did medium, light, double jump, medium, light, heavy but the timing being immediately after I pushed the heavy button. this will definitely take some practice. call Adult Gohan after the pause from the heavy. follow up with the super dash. Tien’s timing is just before you push heavy. for Yamcha, call him out during the pause of the heavy in a non-double jump combo. easy timing and it perfectly sets up for anything you want. call 16 at the same time you push the heavy button. Same with Nappa, call him at the same time you push the heavy button.

With Majin buu the timing is immediately after you push the heavy button, the follow up is kind of tight but doable. the most reliable timing I found with Kid Buu is to do a full juggle and call him out when you push the special button for a single ki blast, end the juggle with a down heavy. oh and be sure to use heavy on the way down too. I’m not sure if you’d even want to use this but if you really want to get that corner dragon rush extension with gotenks… well here it is. call him out at the same time you press and hold the special button. call cell immediately after to impact the blast medium.

Having a deep understanding of what your team is capable of is key for zamasu. especially since comboing into blades of justice will get you half health for sure and if you want you can take the relationship to the next level like I did with this touch of death combo. it’s not like this is my team or anything I just looked at the chart to see who can give me at least a medium after a low juggle extension, then I just picked somebody who can combo into the blades of justice without a smash attack, then it’s just a matter of using your supers. and once again this isn’t my team, I just looked at the chart and I knew that these guys can give me what I want. a big problem zamasu faces is trying to get a good block string going, and the reason why is because there’s a gap between his heavy normal when canceling into a special attack. obviously this isn’t good… however he does have a hard punish for those who exploit his gaps, and that’s to cancel onto your balls instead of your special slash. I call this the “empty balls” setup.

The time it takes you to pull out your balls perfectly sets the stage to punish a whiffed reflect with the standing medium. you can go into whatever combo you’d like, and since your balls are out you can get pretty creative with it. so yes it does suck that zamasu has a gap after the heavy when going into a special attack… but I think your opponent’s also gonna think it sucks when they lose a character just because they whiffed a reflect. all right now that I got that out of the way… do you remember that part in the synergy section where your assist were rated on how well they can cover you when pulling out your balls? well here’s what that’s for.

Light light, crouching medium medium, heavy, pull out them balls with a friend, medium medium, heavy, quick dash forward and repeat. yeah you can keep doing this forever… based on your assist you might have a gap when you pull your balls out. fortunately, we just went over how to convince your opponent it’s not worth doing that, just make sure to position the gap before and not after the assist. the main issue is when your balls are already out because a highly competent opponent will know that you can’t punish their reflect with the empty ball setup.

You can always use the trusty dragon rush. or if you want you can play it extremely safe and just wait. if your opponent was planning the block chances are they’re gonna keep on blocking allowing you to keep your pressure going. or maybe you want to be a little crazy about it? it’s totally up to you. this block string isn’t gonna be easy to deal with and it looks like it shouldn’t work but it does. oh I almost forgot… a good place to sneak in a dragon rush is right after your assist. with everything going on your opponent will have a difficult time reacting to it. alright if this video has taught you anything it’s that zamasu is definitely capable of killing people off with one blades of justice combo… if you have the meter but what about those situations where you don’t have the meter? are you just gonna let them out normally? in the corner and let’s face it, a blades of justice combo will always lead to the corner, at the end of the super, dragon rush them, then pull out your lite balls and now they can’t interrupt your standing medium.

Okay so what if your opponent respects your advantage? well you can go onto your block string. or mix-up. if you’re going for a mix-up the best options after the reset is a slightly delayed light light, delayed crouching medium for the low option. and a slightly delayed light light, forward medium for the overhead option. the reason why you have to delay the initial light a bit is because if you don’t your opponent will still be in their invulnerable air recovery animation. the timing is pretty forgiving so it’s really not an issue of delaying it at all and as you can see, zamasu can easily kill with the blades of justice combo into a reset combo.

If your opponent is more of the reflecting type, after the dragon rush don’t bother pulling your balls out and just dragon rush them again. the virtual controller is showing just so you can see that I was trying to reflect… the impact is that fast. but what if your opponent isn’t reflect happy and they can actually react to the universal forward medium overhead? ok so what I’m about to show you only works for defensive people because you can be interrupted, if you jump before using your dragon rush it’ll put you higher up allowing you to come down with a jumping attack or land and hit them low. it’s really hard to tell what it’s gonna be. the jumping attack will ground up-techs or people who try to chicken block. and of course you have your usual options with your balls in your opponent’s face. ok I know what you’re thinking but what if your opponent wasn’t in the corner initially? will the stun deterioration get in the way of the dragon rush reset? nope! you’ll have to modify your filler to compensate for the stun deterioration, but it still works as always guys, thanks for watching.

I’m sure some of you already noticed in the video description that I have a patreon link as well as a Twitter link. yep I did create a Twitter account that I don’t use. well… I personally didn’t create it but well you know what I mean. anyway we’re gonna start using it. this maybe an awful idea, but it’s happening. this video will be finished before I create the patreon account so the actual patreon page may differ. as of right now I’m only planning to have two tiers with the second tier being able to suggest and vote on what the next video will be. so that means the next video will be based on what the patrons want… and of course in the future when hopefully this will be my full-time job, I’ll definitely be able to add more tiers, but as of right now I think it’s safer for me just to stick with the two tiers especially considering it takes me… like what? three weeks to make a video or something like that? I don’t even know…

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