Dragon City Habitat Limit Solution Guide


Dragon City Habitat Limit Solution Guide by Joao Mendonca

My City?s Definition makes you get the most gold income from all dragons(except uniques), with all the boosts bought and with all the buildings(except for recruitment tavern which is useless)

Here is pics and how my city is displayed:

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The Display is:
Habitat Organization List:

  • Earth (holds 4, max gold 2000): Earth/Venom/Armadillo (1 habitat, 1 open)
  • Electric (holds 4, max gold 6000): Electric/Star/Chameleon/Paladin (1 habitat)
  • Plant (holds 4, max gold 20000): Plant/Tropical/Cactus/Gummy (1 habitat)
  • Fire (holds 4, max gold 25000): Fire/Flaming Rock/Vulcano/Firebird/Spicy/Lazer/Hot Metal (2 habitats, 1 open)
  • Metal (holds 4, max gold 30000): Metal/Medieval/Steampunk/Jade/Dragonfly/Battery/Gold/Robot (2 habitats)
  • Water (holds 3, max gold 50000): Water/Mud/Waterfall/Cloud/Blizzard/Nenufar/Coral/Lantern Fish/Storm/Mercury/Seashell/Ice Cube (4 habitats)
  • Ice (holds 3, max gold 75000): Ice/Alpine/Snowflake/Ice Cream/Dandelion/Mojito/Fluorescent/Moose/Pearl/Cool Fire/Soccer/Platinum (4 habitats)
  • Dark (holds 4, max gold 80000): Dark/Hedgehog/Vampire/Dark Fire/Carnivore Plant/Neon/Penguin/Zombie/Poo/Petrolium/Pirate/Rattlesnake (3 habitats)
  • Legend: (holds 1, max gold 750000[!]) Legendary/Wind/Crystal/Mirror (4 habitats)
  • Pure: (holds 1, max gold 100 000) Pure Dragon(1 habitat)
  • Pure Earth: (holds 1, max gold 50 000) Pure Earth Dragon(1 habitat)
  • Pure Fire: (holds 1, max gold 50 000) Pure Fire Dragon(1 habitat)
  • Pure Water: (holds 1, max gold 50 000) Pure Water Dragon(1 habitat)
  • Pure Plant: (holds 1, max gold 50 000) Pure Plant Dragon (1 habitat)
  • Pure Metal: (holds 1, max gold 50 000) Pure Metal Dragon (1 habitat)

Note: This already takes in count the gold revenue by each dragon, in order to make it fair and fast!

So we have 28 habitats and still no Pure Dark Dragon!
What do we do? SIMPLE!
Or you keep it this way, or you be smart and delete Earth Habitat, only Earth, Venom and Armadillo!

I know Armadillo is a rare, but you get it easily with a simple breeding combo, so for pros with all dragons this is the best to do!

With this you have still 28 habitats! Only not Earth and your gold income is bigger instead!
But for all the ones who use my city, which I advice to all of you which wanna get max gold income(remember food is expensive now), the best thing to do is delete 6 huge farms, as you wont ever surpass the use of 6 huge farms which max food income cost 5 MILLION GOLD each and takes 2 days!

So you delete them by the order im about to mention, and you have space for it!
You choose if you put pure metal instead of those six or instead of earth! Pure Dark will be on one of those choices too!

Im gonna show you how the deletion of 6 huge farms will help:
I out a Pure Habitat on top of the farms so you can see which are gonna be deleted and which will remain!

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