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Dragon City Newbie Guide


Dragon City Newbie Guide by Lemon

This explains how to start the game

If you want it the fast way go to the bottom

The Aim of the Game is to Breed dragons collect them all fight other dragons and win prizes

Hatch your eggs in the hatchery each dragon has a set amount of time so be patient

Place them in their habitats that you build some require friends to open them place them and collect the gold when ever you like

Its important to balance out your supplies sacrificing gold to feed the dragons and dragons giving you gold to make more food sounds simple right but it takes a lot more than that

Different dragons give out different amounts of gold so if your a beginner go with the highest giver of gold no matter how ugly it is recommended earth dragon it gives 18 a min one of the best starters

Gems are rare you can buy lots of things like cooler dragons buildings habitats etc so save them up

Gifts there worth it getting Gold Food and Eggs like fire plant electric and ice make sure you have high leveled allies it really helps beginners

When you acquire the Stadium this is where the fun begins pic your 3 dragons and you fight an opponent with 3 dragons 4 moves are listed below each have there own abilities and dmg points its like a pokemon battle if you ever played it win and you get gems and gold

Combat World is the same as the Stadium but you have to beat the people on your island to get gold and gems once you beat your island you move to the next island and repeat but theyll be harder

The Best part of the game for me is discovering different types of dragons and eggs hope this guide will help you

Build their Habitats
Hatch Dragon Eggs
Feed the Dragons (Level Them Up)
Grow bigger and better when fed
Collect the gold from the Dragons Revenue (collecting rent)
Breed other types of Dragons with Each other
Fight Other Dragons in the Stadium To Earn Gems and Gold
Expand to Different Lands
Discover The Many Types of Dragons
Decorate Island

Handy Tip
To change the name of your dragons go to their habitat select them highlight their name and type in their name awesome


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