Dragon Nest CN Blade Dancer PvE Guide


Dragon Nest CN Blade Dancer PvE Guide?by Royale D

I will update this build once I learn more about this class. Until then im gonna give out my build, gear, and plates. For?ANY QUESTIONS?post on this forum. Please stop spamming me in game.
First off the big question.

Which is stronger Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer??
Well there both pretty strong but blade dancer is a harder class to play. Ff you can time your skills right and get all hits in then i would say that Blade Dancer is stronger.

Skill Build:


Why Inner Fire and not Storm of Ewinia?

Inner Fire Level 2?+ Breeze call dance lvl 11 = stronger and safer to use then Storm of Ewinia.

Level 11 Breeze Call Dance:
This at level 11 does the following. 60% extra damage to Blade dance skills, 21% dmg reduction, 5.5% hp healed, and some damage. This is a 10 sec buff with cd of 15 secs. Spam this at all times.

Level 6 Graze Dance:?
I dont use this that much. It?s weak but i got level 6 for the ex.

Level 1 Sweet Circle:
This skill is nice for aoe but its slow and not very high damage. Dangerous to use on bosses.

Level 11 Twinkle Spin:?
This skill is pretty good damage. Its pretty fast and your off the ground when using it so good for dodging those jump attacks.

Level 1 Refreshing Screw:

This Skill is good for utility but very bad if you try making it dps. Super hard to hit and even if you do it doesn?t do much dmg

Level 10 Elegance Storm:
This is the strongest skill you get. you can get a tech necklace for this or keep it at 10.

Lvl 11 Sufi Dancers:

This is super good dps on bosses. Its also nice to cast this and then use other skills cause you got some damage going while your attacking.

Lvl 6 General Dunn Blade:

Very good dps and pretty short casting.

Ecstatic dance:
MAX MAX MAX. This is what gets you in parties. I am getting a tech for ecstatic dance part 2. For info on what each part does look?here

lvl 0 Mist Step:
A lot argue this is a good skill but sinia turn does the trick. Refreshing screw and sinia turn should be saved for moments when you need to run.

Equipment, Suffix, and Sparks:

There is MANY ways to gear a dancer. First lets cover a big question that people are getting wrong.

Go agi not str.
This is a common thing people are telling dancers and its NOT the good way to gear a dancer. Dancer gets very little from agi. 0.75 phys dmg per 1 str.

I am gearing mine towards ddn so if you plan to make one for nesting or ddn then this is what i recommend.


FD Build:
4 Dangerous Desire
3 Great Ancestor (hat, boots and gloves)

Armor:?(Windswept helmet and boots. Brutal top and bottom. and use sturdy for gloves)
+8 hats, boots, and gloves.
+10 Top and bottom

Spark: HP, str, agi OR HP, str, vit.

Why windswept if we want to stack str?
Even though we are aiming for str windswept gives crit resist buff and it helps fill in that missing crit for not getting agi necklace and earrings. Going a suffix with str would work but your crit will be VERY low.

Mainhand: Windswept with Phys dmg, crit, and str pot if possible
OffHand: Destructive (if your gearing for ddn) and same as mainhand

Breeze call tech ring. Try to get phys dmg with crit if possible. Get phys dmg, str, agi for sparks.
Get 1 fatal ring same spark.

Get Ecstatic dance part 2 tech with str. Spark: Str, hp, and agi

Brutal Necklace or elegance storm tech with same spark as necklace.

Working on this atm

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