Dragon Nest CN Guardian Crusader T4 Builds


Dragon Nest CN Guardian Crusader T4 Builds?by trunet11

There?s change in SP distribution after implementation of T4 patch. More SP has been granted to Guardian to become more aggressive while ensuring his survivability.

In the other hand, Crusader still can choose to become tanker and semi DPS instead of sole DPS.

In T4, Crusader outshines Guardian. However, let?s wait for the release of lv 60 skills so as to distinguish the role of Guardian and Crusader in a party.

Guardian Build

In this build, Righteous Bolt and Electric Smite are maxed to provide more DPS. Iron Will is maxed to have a longer duration.

Holy Kick is not added in this build. So during the CD of skills, Sacred Hammering is spammed instead of double kicking.

Cleric part
Aerial Evasion😕lv 1 or?Maxed. lv 1 is enough for PVE. Max it if you like to pvp.
Attuned Mind😕Maxed. 6% of MP Regen allows the paladin to take out MP Regen crest.
Aura of Healing😕Maxed. The healing amount is greatly buffed. It is very useful now.
Shield Block(Block):?lv 4. Blocking for 5 times to collect tokens for Guardian Force.
Toughness(Physical Mastery)?&?Health Booster(Thorn)😕Maxed. Extra physical attack reduction and Max HP are granted.?Righteous Bolt😕Maxed. Short CD and great DPS.

Paladin part
Armor Break
😕Maxed. The damage is increased. However, CD has been changed to 10s. Yet, it is still a useful skill.
Autoblock😕lv 6. Pre-requisite for Autoblock EX.
Conviction Aura😕Maxed. It is maxed to provide more DPS for guardian and the party.
Divine Punishment😕lv 1. The CD has been shortened to 35s, it can be maxed if like to go PVP more.
Electric Smite😕Maxed. The damage has been greatly boosted. It must be maxed.
Elemental Aura
:?Maxed. The Ice Def is decreased. More Ice Def is required from equipment to tank Rotating Breath in SDN.
Provoke😕Maxed?. With less CD, it is easier to keep the aggro.
Iron Will😕Maxed?. Longer duration is provided (16s) to use together with Guardian Force.
Stance of Faith😕lv 3. 15s of blocking is enough to wait for the CD of other skills.
The God Within (Divine Avatar):lv 2. Paladin?s iconic skill. Lv 2 can provide more stats for the paladin.

Guardian part
Autoblock EX😕lv 1.
Guardian Force😕Maxed. The endurance has been boosted. It helps the paladin to tank better in dungeon.
Justice Crash😕Maxed.

For this build
Skill crests that can be used:
Armor Break
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? 20% increased damage
Provoke? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? 50% increased debuff duration
Electric Smite? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? 20% increased damage
The God Within(Divine Avatar)? ?? ?? ?? 20% increased duration
Righteous Bolt?(optional)? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? 20% increased damage
Aura of Healing?(optional)? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 3% increased amount of healing


Crusader Builds

1st build ? DPS

All the magical skills have been maxed to provide max DPS. Iron Will and Reflect are not added in this build.

2nd build ? Semi DPS, Tanker

This build is more defensive so Lightning Charger and Sacred Hammering are put at pre-requisite level.

Provoke, Elemental Aura must be maxed.

For both 1st & 2nd builds
Skill crests that can be used:
Electric Smite? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 20% increased damage
Goddess Relic? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????? 20% increased damage
Judgement Hammer? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? 20% increased damage
Righteous Bolt?(1st build only)? ? ? 20% increased damage
Provoke?(2nd build only)? ?? ?? ?? ? ? 50% increased debuff duration

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