Dragon Nest Hidden Achievement Guide


Dragon Nest Hidden Achievement Guide by startwithh

Reward: // Stubborn

Strength: 25
Agility: 25
Intelligence: 23
Vitality: 20
Physical Damage: 40-40
Magical Damage: 40-40
Final Damage: 5

Thanks Snycness

Sorry for Hitting You
Able to complete at : Lv8
Quest : (Lv8) From Old Goblin found outside of IronWood Village. (Must finish prerequisite quests from him first.)
He gives you a quest to rescue his son Gobbs at Ancient Temple ? Site (lv8-9).
-Instead of rescuing his son, as soon as you find him, left click to attack him, then finish him off before the monsters do.
If you killed him successfully, this title will appear on your screen.
*If you have completed this quest already you can find someone who has it as well.

?2.How can I be taken by a Poochum?
Able to complete at : Lv9
Location : Assassin?s Den (lv9-10) (with the hooker elves on the picture)
When you get to the second zone on this map there?s a huge bridge.
After killing all the monsters on one side a cutscene will play with hounds running down the bridge.
-Just stand tight and let the hounds pee all over you until you die. You will receive the title upon death.

-3. Sniped
Able to complete at : Lv12
Location : Sanctuary ? Forest (lv12-14) (North of Carderock, picture of a gargoyle)
*Note : If you?re a high level already, this WILL take some time; make sure you lose a ton of hp before hand.
At the end of a map you?ll be in a hall with a few blue goblins and orcs. kill everyone EXCEPT for the blue goblins.
-Run from the blue goblins or harass them a bit to get them to throw rocks at you. Once dead by a rock you will receive this title.
(These goblins have terrible aim so if you aren?t starting out prepare to sit there for awhile.)
P.S: You must be killed by a Goblin Slinger, and must be entitled with that name. (No Fierce Goblin Slinger)

-4. Watch out for stampeding Fluffalo!
Able to complete at : Lv14
Location : Sleeper?s (Umnod) Temple of the Sleepers (lv14-15). (North of Carderock to the left)
-When you reach the boss, let him mow you down. Upon death you will receive this title.
Make Sure he Runs you down or you won?t get the title.

-5. The Ball?s a Rollin
Able to complete at : Lv14(or 9; this map is bugged to let in lower levels early)
Location : Maruader Lair (lv14-15) (Picture of a blue goblin)
On the second map you?ll find trolls if you go left or right.
-Just sit around while the troll bowls you down. Upon death you?ll achieve this title.

-6. Squished!
Able to complete at : Lv22(or 16. again this map is bugged.)
Location : Dead Man?s Road(lv22-24) Inside Crystal Stream
-Get molested by the boss, Stompy . You?ll get this title on death.

-7. Ugh Poochum!
Able to complete at : Lv22(or 16. bugged~)
Location : Sanctuary Nexus(lv22-24) (one above the gargoyle one, has a shadow for the picture.)
Keep progressing until you find some angry armored hounds in a room scattered with spike traps.
-Clear the room except for armored hounds, and die to them in a corner or something. Title on Death.

-8. You Loser!
Able to complete at : Lv22
Quest : (Lv22) From Warrior Master Chandler in Cadillac.
Prayer?s Retreat is the location of the quest, you fight him before you break the second stone.
The Name of the Orc is LandSlide Krag (Lv22-24).
*Note : This guy is more afraid of you so lose a lot of hp beforehand (especially if you?re high leveled)
-Once you get to the cutscene of the Orc with USI, Stand around and let him beat you down. You?ll get this title upon death.
*If you have completed this quest already you can find someone who has it as well.

I posted this just for easy access like if someone were to google it.

P.S: Title Is Confirmed and not available, however, you may finish it so when full launch is up, you will be granted with the title.

Credits go to this guy ? 8 Things to make you pro and rich in Dragon Nest.

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