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Dragon Nest Paladin Infinite Combo and PvP Skill Build Guide


Dragon Nest Paladin Infinite Combo and PvP Skill Build Guide by PassiveAbility

First off, i would like to clarify that updates may change the way how paladin is played.It?s only a matter of time till paladin is nerfed,(you know its coming!)
Being a paladin myself i have won alot of pvp matches even though it?s a 5v1.Yeap thats how imba a paladin is.
I hope i don?t see anymore noob/thrash paladin in pvp anymore, i got tired of them.
USE A MACE,3rd attack hits the ground!!!!

No heal, NO max hp.Why? If you aren?t getting your butt kicked or pwned,you will notice you would have a empty mp gauge rather than a empty hp gauge.
Aerial recovery lvl 3, lvl 4 only decrease 2 seconds which isn?t really helpful,same goes to sliding step.
Divine combo SUPER USEFUL COMBO skill! there are 2 forms for it, don?t left click while using it and you can chain in with normal attack afterwards, pressing left click would activate its second form and push the opponent further used to chain with shin break.
Sliding knee kick lvl 3 for the extra downwards kick that push the enemy a little??further away.Used for infinite combo.

Holy cross for the range, you can skip this if you want to just like holy bolt,but all i can say is this skill is useful.

Seriously, paladin combo doesn?t take too much skills, just spam normal attack.One thing to take note is that always make sure there is a reasonable amount of space between you and the one you are comboing, use sliding knee kick to correct it when you are too close otherwise you can?t combo.
Skills that reset combos are lightning upper,sliding knee kick,shin break,shield charge.
Skills that push enemy further away(important for resets) divine combo form 2 and sliding knee kick.
Skills that prevent you from being comboed, aeriel recovery,counter attack,shield break & shield blow,stance of faith and all parry counter skills.Sometimes its better to double roll away first then counter attack.
There are so many skills that prevent you from getting comboed, if you still can?t escape from it, then you need to practice more.
Skills that you approach the enemy with are shin break,block buff,shield charge,shield break,shield blow.Try not to approach with others or you would get yourself pwned.

-when you are fighting archers(both the subclass) and swordmaster(mecenaries to a certain extent too) as they can Aeriel recovery from your combo resets and attack back,its quite easy to dodge with some practice.(I am assuming you already know how to catch other classes who use aerial recovery/any other form of escape,make use of the dashing moves)

And finally let me show you how does infinite combo looks like.My equipments are removed to show how long can my combo go or i would have killed the warrior.


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