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Dragon Nest PvP Class Tier List


Dragon Nest PvP Class Tier List by Skeet

Some of the tier lists and obviously biased opinions of this community I?ve seen so far just made me laugh uncontrollably. From over 5 hours of pure PvP and testing of my own, I shall put together the most fair and unbiased list up to date. Here they are:

** 1v1 PvP Tier **
1. Swordmaster
2. Acrobat
3. Mercenary
4. Mystic/Sharpshooter/Elementalist
5. Paladins
6. Priests
1. Swordmasters, I shouldn?t even need to explain but I?ll do it anyway.

-High damage
-Fast movement speed
-Quick attack skills that take priority over almost everything
-High Juggling potential
-Easy to use class
-Attacks that close the distance (Ranged skills)

2. Acrobat

-Extremely high juggling capability
-Mid Constant streaming damage
-Anti-Air priority (Can get out of air juggles)
-Good Juggling potential

3. Mercenary. Almost the same as Swordmasters but slight changes.

-Mid to High damage
-Fast Movement Speed
-Unflinching (Not 100% sure about this, but they seem to not get phased by anything.)
-Good Juggling potential
-Attacks that close the distance (Ranged skills)

4. Mystic

-Constant streaming damage
-Field controller
-Easy escape options via teleport
-Ranged skills


-Ranged skills
-Mid-High damage
-Safe air escape


-Field controller
-Ranged skills
-Mid-High damage

Sorry guys, I couldn?t break them down into a more detailed explanation. I just find these 3 classes to be well balanced and hard to specifically judge.

5. Paladin

-Extremely Low Damage
-Only safe juggling skill = that hammer crap.
-Tanks but can?t counterattack while blocking. I?ve noticed this over a variety of Paladin users. Once they are done blocking they are practically useless.
-Only three notable skills. Hammer buff, that yellow circle spell that binds people, and that giant cross statue that drops from the sky. The rest are low damaging and not even worth using.
-The Paladins strongest move does only around 3-4k damage. The rest are under 1k.

6. Priest

-Extremely Low damage
-Field controller
-Terrible juggling skills. I haven?t had any priest juggle me yet.

** Group PvP Tier **

1. Swordmaster
2. Mercenary
3. Priests
4. Mystic/Elementalist
5. Acrobats/Sharpshooter
6. Paladins

PvP Class Specificity Table by KimChi

I made this table to let you people knows exactly which class is better in PvP.
There might be unsuitable words using in the table since English is not my native language.

As you see the table, the elementalist is the worst class for PvP, otherhand the sowrdmaster is the best one for PvP.


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