Dragon Nest SEA Easy Gold Farming Guide


Dragon Nest SEA Easy Gold Farming Guide by Eushully

This guide is suitable for all levels.If you have heard of this guide before or perhaps read it, please to note that I am only summing up, I do not claim this guide to be completely mine nor discovered it.As we speak, I am only summing up and sharing this with you.Please , do Enjoy.

~What do I need?
?A decent gear, preferably Rare-Epic Rarity equipment.You don?t need to get all professional and strong.A +6 Equipment set having a rare or an epic rarity would suffice.Also , Rough/Ordinary Agates and Level 24/32/40 Equipment(Rare).

~What do I do?
-You need to farm or buy agates, in addition to the first question.I would suggest buying the Level 16/32/40 equipment with Rare rarity in the Trading house, please to note, they may cost 20 gold above which is very unwise.Lastly , you need to farm certain dungeons in MASTER difficulty.

~Do I need to go with a party?
-No, you can do it on solo since you would be needing the required items.


Let?s start!

-Items to acquire-

Comet Dusts.
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Rough or Ordinary Agates.
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Rare Item equipment (Level 24/32/40).

You can either buy them or farm them during your dungeon runs

Don?t sugarcoat! Let?s start!

Dungeons to run

Rough Agates

Sigh Canyon ? Level 16-24

Sanctuary Core ? Level 24+

Ordinary Agates.

Forsaken Islet Core ? Level 32+




What to do???

Just pick up the Agates, while doing dungeons, there is a 1/10 chance that you?ll get Rare Equipment pieces.Just do the required dungeons stated above.They have a huge amount of Agate Drop Rate.About 11-15 per run.

I have a bag load of Agates, What to do next?

Easy! All you need to do now is to go to the nearest blacksmith and Enhance the rare equipment pieces that you have bought or farmed.

!!!!!!!!!!!!READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

There is a chance of failing when Enhancing a certain type of equipment.I would suggest stopping at +7.Also, if??you?re really that desperate to acquire gold, buy Primary or Secondary Rare equipment.I would suggest buying AT LEAST 5 or more.

I am done enhancing.That took awhile.Now what to do next?

The next step is simple.Go outside the town and find the disassembler.Now disassemble the Rare equipment pieces and get ready to loot your comet dusts.

Posted Image

!!!!!!!!!!!!READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

There is a chance of getting Sun Spark which sells for 5-10 Gold each.Also, you may get a +N Level X Vortex or Spiral Code having a Magic/Rare/Epic Rarity.The chances aren?t always common.

If you have a +13 Equipment Piece, you?ll eventually get Comet tail ,which sells for 5,000 gold each, alternatively , you can purchase 10,000 Comet Dusts which sell exactly the same as Comet Tail(10,000 Dusts)



Level 16- Rare

Main Weapon:
+8 = 45 Comet dusts
+9 = 80 Comet dusts
+10 = 1 Sun spark
+11 = 4 Sun sparks
+12 = 15 Sun sparks

Secondary Weapon:
+9 = 40 Comet dusts
+10 = 80 Comet dusts


Level 24 Rares

Primary Weapon
+6 = 35 Comet Dusts
+7 = 50 Comet Dusts
+8 = 90 Comet Dusts
+9 = 1 Sun Spark
+10 = 3 Sun Sparks
+11 = 8 Sun Sparks
+12 = 35 Sun Sparks
+13 = 1 Comet Tail

Secondary Weapon
+4 = 6 Comet Dusts
+7 = 25 Comet Dusts
+8 = 45 Comet Dusts
+9 = 80 Comet Dusts
+13 = 70 Sun Sparks


Level 32 Rares

Primary Weapon
+2 = 8 Comet Dusts
+4 = 20 Comet Dusts
+5 = 40 Comet Dusts
+6 = 70 Comet Dusts
+7 = 1 Sun Spark
+8 = 2 Sun Sparks
+9 = 3 Sun Sparks
+10 = 6 Sun Sparks
+12 = 60 Sun Sparks
+13 = 2 Comet Tails

Secondary Weapon
+6 = 35 Comet Dusts
+7 = 50 Comet Dusts

Top Armor
+6 = 25 Comet Dusts
+7 = 35 Comet Dusts
+13 = 90 Sun Sparks


Level 40 Rares

Primary Weapon
+5 = 60 Comet Dusts
+6 = 1 Sun Spark
+8 = 2 Sun Sparks
+12 = 90 Sun Sparks
+13 = 4 Comet Tail
+14 = 7 Comet Tail

Secondary Weapon
+5 = 30 Comet Dusts
+6 = 50 Comet Dusts
+7 = 70 Comet Dusts
+13 = 2 Comet Tails

+6 = 15 Comet Dusts
+7 = 25 Comet Dusts
+8 = 45 Comet Dusts
+13 = 70 Sun Sparks

Top Armor
+6 = 35 Comet Dusts
+8 = 90 Comet Dusts
+9 = 1 Sun Spark

+6 = 10 Comet Dusts
+7 = 15 Comet Dusts
+8 = 25 Comet Dusts
+9 = 45 Comet Dusts
+10 = 90 Comet Dusts

+4 = 10 Comet Dusts
+5 = 15 Comet Dusts
+9 = 1 Sun Spark

+6 = 10 Comet Dusts
+7 = 15 Comet Dusts
+8 = 25 Comet Dusts

====================EPIC RARITY==================

!!!READ!!! Although , they drop Comet Dusts/Sun Sparks when disassembling, Enhancing them is quite pricy, it?s up to you to do this or not.

Level 24 ? Epic

Main Weapon:
+6 = 45 Comet dusts
+7 = 1 Sun spark
+10 = 10 Sun sparks
+11 = 35 Sun sparks
+12 = 1 Comet tail
+13 = 8 Comet tails
+15 = 1 Sun flame


Level 32 ? Epic

Main Weapon:
+5 = 80 Comet dusts
+12 = 3 Comet tails


Level 40 ? Epic

Main Weapon:
+3 = 40 dust
+4 = 70 Comet dusts
+12 = 0-2 Comet Tails (Tentative)
+13 = 2 Comet tails

Secondary Weapon:
+4 = 35 Comet Dusts
+5 = 60 dust
+12 = 2 Comet tails

Lower Body :
+6 = 60 comet dust
+5 = 30 dust
+8 = 70 dust

Upper Body :
+5 = 40 comet dust


I am done.But what to do with all these dusts?!

Hoard them until you get 10,000 or you can sell them for 50 gold per 100 pieces.Yes, they cost 50 gold/100 pieces.It?s a lot and it?s worth it than farming Agates and selling them.Depeding your patience , the profit ranges from 50-5,500 Gold.Per day you can get At least 500 Comet Dusts which sells for 250 gold or probably more.I would suggest selling them in the Trading house as there are scamming Schemes going on.

?Wow, that?s a lot and that could give me a piece or pieces of Manticore or Apocalypse set.Tell me something I don?t know yet before we end.

First off, the demand is moderately High.You can sell them immediately.The dusts are used to purchase Epic level Spiral or Vortex code for enhancing an equipment SAFELY without Failures.

Posted Image

Alternatively, you can buy the Agates and Equipment but it?s risky, but not much.If you want to , then go.


Another alternative way to gain profit is to buy Spiral Codes which sells 500g+, depending on the +X Enhancement.This is quite a good way but it?s a little bit risky.



If you want to PM me in the forums , please DO NOT SPEAK Tagalog , Malay , Thai , Chinese, Viet, Indonesian or any other language EXCEPT Japanese or English.My Nationality is Japanese, please , don?t be rude at this.No harm done to people.

You can PM me in-game , My In-game name is Alipheese , Hollywood Server.

No trashtalking, please.I am very much sensitive or sarcastic towards rude people.You wouldn?t want to anger a girl , now don?t you?

People labelled me as a male.NO! I am not a male, I am a female.

If you have any questions or clarifications, kindly comment or post.

As a seasoned comet dust maker and seller, here are some tips for the newbies.

First question you need to ask yourself:

?If my method, is so god damn amazing, WHY ARE PEOPLE EVEN BUYING COMET DUSTS??

Do give this statement some thought if you are seriously considering entering the comet dust business (CDB). CDB is all about luck.

If you are lucky ? and know how to manipulate the game mechanics behind weapon enhancing and disassembling ? it is possible to achieve the theoretical profit. If luck is not on your side, expect to make negligible loss. And if you have purchased your raw materials off the tradehouse, do be prepared to make a loss.

In order to maximise the chances of profit, I would suggest you to:
1. For each type of gem, use the highest-value equipment. For example, rough agate & 24-rare 1? weapon.
2. Enhance the equipment to +6 or less (+6 40-rare 1? weapon gives you 1 sun spark, not comet dust).
3. ???????

Based on the current market, the realistic profit from selling raw materials (agates and weapons) is higher than from selling comet dust most of the time. So when is CDB more realistically profitable?

CDB is realistically profitable if:
1. The prices of gems, rough or ordinary, crash. For example, below 50 silver each.
2. The prices of weapons crash, especially for epic grade.
3. You obtain your raw materials free, as loots from running dungeons.
4. You are reselling comet dust from a comet tail that you bought below market price (?5000G).

The other scenario when making comet dust from raw materials is profitable, is when you are the one buying comet dust. From the buyer?s perspective, if you are lucky, you get comet dust for free, and if you are unlucky, you spend a negligible amount of money.

As of now, due to the current market for gems and weapons, the ideal approach to selling comet dust is to keep it as a side project ? to liquidate those extra agates and weapons that you have looted but are lazy to sell because you have ran out of free listings on the tradehouse. In this manner, the comet dust act as an alternative to receiving gold from selling in the tradehouse. The comet dust can then be liquidated into gold at the time of your choice.

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