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[Dragon Nest SEA] Sniper guide (Gear review, skill build & new skill rotation with BMJ +10)


Hello, everyone welcome back to my channel. It has been a long time since I uploaded a video, and today I want to keep my promise to make a video about. The Sniper guide includes equipment, status, skill build for PVE and skill rotation. This is the standard guide for those of you who want to play sniper, especially to be able to maximize damage in the 15th floor dungeon or raid nest. Okay. First, I want to show you the equipment and status I currently have Here. I use the perfect goddes helmet and shoes with Arrow shower skills. ( BMJ, ) 3 set minos, armor ( Upper Lower and Gloves ) End of Dream, Longbow as main weapon with 500-600k ATP And Incomplete Zaphyr Dragon Quiver as Secondary weapon For the acc. I use 2 set Sparkling Ring from Desert Dragon Zuu’s Earing and Still use Forest Dragon Neck And later I’ll, replace it with a Zuu neck, but I don’t have enough money to buy it now: ( Sad ) For Defense Dragon Jade.

Here I further maximize my magic defense status, because here I use the concuest talisman with a penalty status of -30000 magic defense. Therefore, here I use 5 defense jades with Magic defense status and only use 2 defense jades with physical defense status, And here I already have aurora jade 10 Blood moon jade, Then for the Jade attack. I use 3 limitation jades ( 1, lightning element, jade ) to increase critical damage and 1 Ultimate jade with full attack power For the status, Critical 125 %, Critical Damage, 375 % Elemental Damage, 100 % and Final damage, 103 % ( For Labyrinth, 15F ). And then my Physical Defense and Magic Defense is equal to 95 %. Actually, this is still lacking, because if our defense is only this much, it will feel soft. On the 15th floor,

We easily die if hit by a stomp or burst, And soon I will increase it up to 110 % For the costume. Here I am wearing a standard costume with epic rarity and 3 transformation costumes And I’m wearing 2 acc costumes “ Black dragon”, which has a 15 % Critical bonus. You can get them by typing, “ God, Game Dragon, Nest”, Okay and for heraldry. Here I mix the status of attack power, critical critical damage and a little bit of magic defense For the Skill Heraldry here i use Cheating point reduce CD 20 %, Critical break increase 20 % Arrow Barrage increase 20 %, Slyph Aid increase duration, 12 % and Goddess Heraldry Arrow Shower 57 % And then for the talisman arrangement.

Actually you don’t have to follow mine. You can adjust it by yourself based on the status you have, But you have to know. Agi is a status that must be prioritized Because Sniper has a buff that can increase AGI by 50 %, Which also simultaneously can increase the status of Critical Damage and Attack Power. So as much as possible, I put a number of talisman with secondary AGI status in the front. I only learned sniper skills to maximize it And i learned Triangle Shot to level 12 to reduce the cooldown duration.

So it can often be used for dodge, Because the current sniper does not have iframe skill and super armor, so it is very easy to attack by monsters And for the final guide I’ll show you, my new sniper rotation at the sunset training ground floor 15. Okay, that’s a video from me. Hopefully it’s useful and see you in the next video

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