Dragon Nest SEA Upgrade +1 to +13 Without Destroying Your Items


Dragon Nest SEA Upgrade +1 to +13 Without Destroying Your Items by shinlord

I need to share something special to my dragon nest mates

Do you guys want to upgrade without breaking your items?

Do you guys want to upgrade without using expensive Jellies?

Do you guys want to upgrade safe till +13? well please dont wish if my guide can help you till+14 cause i prove it to my self.

The safetiest upgrade for me is +1~+13

Okay lets start my guide

You can do this to your Cerberus set/Elfs Set & Explorer Set

Note: Please follow my instructions, Otherwise you will fail.

Example your target to upgrade is Cerberus Helmet

1 step, you need to have 80-120sets of Ordinary Rubies and 40 ~ 60 set of Ordinary Diamond

2 step, you need to go to Mana Ridge

3 step, go to black Smith at Mana Ridge

4 step, you need to upgrade your Cerberus Helmet untill +6

5 step, you need to Craft/Ability your Cerberus Helmetlike Bear, Tent, Intellect. Note : If you?ll not craft/ability your item this perfect guide for you will be fail. So please follow correctly

6 step, after Craft/Ability go back to Mana Ridge.

7 step, Buy or enhance +6 green items (Any level) Note: Buy or Enhance tons of +6greens if you would like to upgrade till+13

8 step, you need to destroyed the 2 psc +6 green items

9 step, Enhance now your Cerberus Helmet to +7 and do it again at step 8, Then enhance it to +8 till [+10 Only]

10 step, if you now reached +10 Cerberus Helmet, Please go to Calderock and go to Blacksmith.

11 step, for now you should destroyed 5psc of green to attempt +11~+12 do it alternately.

12 step, if you reached +12 Cerberus Helmet , Please go to Saint Haven and go to black smith.

Final step Please follow correctly to avoid fail okay? Please Destroyed 9 PSC of +6green items. then Enchance your +12 Cerberus Helmet to +13 Cerberus Helmet. If it will fail on enhancement. It wont degrade it will just destroyed your crafting Materials and do it again destroyed 9psc +6 green items and enhance it again till you get it to +13.

Good Luck guys and you can do it believe me.

Source from Dragon Nest JP applied to Dragon Nest Sea

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