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Dragon Nest Tips and Tricks


Dragon Nest Tips and Tricks by Hera


1. To learn a skill, you?ll need to go to the npc in town. You?ll also need gold and SP to do so.

2. To upgrade a skill, just go to the skill UI. You?ll only need SP for this.

3. Dragon Nest is pretty much an instance game, you can party 4 players max.

4. Dungeons are categorised into 5 levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss.

5. Equipments level are categorised into 4 levels, A-D. Rarity colour in descending order would be: Gold > Blue > Green > White.

6. There are 2 ways to obtain equipments from game (Putting tradings aside): Dungeon loot and Crafting.

7. All equipments can be dismantled by using the dismantle machine outside the town. You?ll be able to obtain crafting materials / refining cubes from it.

8. When partying in dungeon, equipments obtained are distributed in ?row? system. Do PASS equipments that do not belong to your class because it is bounded straight after looting.

9. Press U to check quest list. You may tick the quest and be guided by the quest guide.

10. It is highly suggested to do both main and sub quests as they give a lot of exp and useful items.


1. HP will not auto generate during dungeon mode. MP will regen but slowly.

2. To ressurect, use Ress Coin. You?ll receive immunity for 5 sec after ressurection. Ress Coin are divided into Self Ress (Blue) and Teammate Ress (Red). Ress Coin will be resetted at 03:00 everyday.

3. The monsters? HP in Hard mode are 2 times more than Normal mode. While Master mode is 3 times more.

4. After killing/breaking monster/box, there are certain chance to obtain HP and MP Pot and random buff/debuff stats.

5. There is a random chance on finding Super Box containing high amount of gold and items in dungeon.

6. Equipments durability drop very fast, you?ll need to repair them every 2~3 dungeon runs.

7. By pressing direction key (WASD) 2 times, you?ll be able to perform dodge (Instant immunity)

8. When knocked down, by pressing direction key 2 times, you?ll be able to roll (Not immune)

9. There are certain monsters which would deal strong damage after player got knocked down.

10. You may switch battle mode with TAB key

11. You can only access Abyss mode with quest. To access Master and Hard, you need to finish previous mode with certain evaluation grade.

12. During quest completion, you?ll receive evaluation grade and exp. The grades are either F~SSS, 9 types.

13. Quest evaluation grade will affect dungeon completion received exp and treasure box.

14. Quest evaluation will be graded through: No. of Mob Knocked Down, Air Damage, Party Combo, No. of Received Attack, Completion Time.

15. Attention, the more you received attack from monster, the lower your evaluation will be.

16. Priest will need to use item to heal. You may buy it from the Item npc.


1. All craftings and refinings require gold.

2. There are 2 types of craftings: Less material (Lower success rate), More material (Higher success rate).

3. You may craft green and blue equipments.

4. Equipment refinings from +1~+6 uses green cube while +7 above uses diamond.

5. Refines from +1~+3 are 100% success rate; +4~+6 might delevel 1~3 times; +7 above might delevel and BREAK.


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