Dragon Pals New Player’s Tips

Dragon Pals New Player?s Tips?by R2_SummerHow do you get Gold Coins?Players can earn Gold Coins in one of three ways:a. Online ActivitiesClick ?GET FREE...

Dragon Pals FAQ

Dragon Pals FAQ?by Stormaggedon1. Q: How to upgrade wings?A: Take the levels of each gem socketed in your current equipment and add them together....
Dragon Pals Devil's Den Fast Clearing Guide

Dragon Pals Devil’s Den Fast Clearing Guide

Dragon Pals Devil?s Den Fast Clearing Guide?by?R214105035Event Time:?13:45, 19:15 & 20:45Duration:?15 min (1 min for preparation and 14 mins for running the quests)Quest to...

Dragon Pals Warrior Basic Guide

Dragon Pals Warrior Basic Guide?by?R2352025Assuming your reading this, i?ll assume you?ve done your lv1-30 quest and reached lv32 within the first 2hrs of playing?....

Dragon Pals Guild Fee Guide

Dragon Pals Guild Fee Guide by Glenn_Jok, so i have been looking around a little, and there is no easy Guild Fee guide avaiable,...

Dragon Pals Scarlet Quicksand Dungeon Guide

Dragon Pals Scarlet Quicksand Dungeon Guide?by drago89ukHere is something I noticed after experimenting with a party to get passed this Dungeon and I will...
dragon orbs 2

Dragon Pals Dragon Orb and Equipment Guide

Dragon Pals Dragon Orb and Equipment Guide?by?sLeEpOvErDragon OrbWhat is Dragon orb?It?s an orb that can strengthen your dragon and helps add to your character?s...

Dragon Pals Quick Leveling Tips

Dragon Pals Quick Leveling Tips?by EdotensaiFrom level 1 to Level 30 concentrate on your mission as they will give you enough exp to get...

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