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Dragon Pals Scarlet Quicksand Dungeon Guide


Dragon Pals Scarlet Quicksand Dungeon Guide?by drago89uk

Here is something I noticed after experimenting with a party to get passed this Dungeon and I will share with you.

Formation for first half (up to first boss):

2 at Very Top (best dmg players), 1 Middle.

Formation for Second half (after first boss):

2 Very Bottom (best dmg players), 1 Middle

Attack Skills to use:

Archer ? Multi-shot
Warrior ? Tornado Slash
Mage ? Meteor Shower

Support Skills to use:

Archer ? Inferno + Shield Break (or Shield Break + Burn with a 2nd archer on)
Warrior ? Shining Blade + Bleed
Mage ? Poison Curse + Shock/Thunder (Thunder might be better)

The Trick is to have best attack players dealing high damage to the 2 attacking golems while also reducing defence and dealing extra dmg per turn, while the other (middle) player hits the supporting golem that is dealing positive buffs to the attacking golems. So here using all of the single target attacks makes you deal more damage alot faster.

Hope this helps


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