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Dragon Saga Archer to Sentinel Guide by Tiamatria


Hello there friends! My name is Diablozeff, and I came from THQ*ICE Dragonica. I am making this guide to help all of those confused archers out there looking for guidance. Or people thinking about making an archer. By no means am I saying this is THE way of how a sentinel should work, everyone has their own unique playing style. In this guide I will be covering almost everything you need to know about taking the Archer to Sentinel Route. (:

Terms that are used throughout this guide:
PvP (Player versus Player)
PvE (Player versus Environment)

Table of Contents
Part 1: Archer
1. Leveling Locations
2. Skills

Part 2: Hunter
1. Leveling Locations
2. Skills

Part 3: Pathfinder
1. Leveling Locations
2. Skills

Part 4: Sentinel
1. Leveling Locations
2. Skills

Part 5: Sets and Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q&A;
2. Set Guide
3. Accessory Guide

Pros and Cons of Being a Sentinel

Many launches for a lot of air combos.
Fast killer with AAS. (Anti-Air Shot)
Able to stack a lot of Aim Rate, Agility, Evade Rate, and Movement speed, leading you to becoming deadly in the battlefield.
Sentinels do very well in PvP, if you play them correctly.

Usually have low defense.
Mediocre in PvE.
People complain from AAS. (Anti-Air Shot)
Hard to level from 35-42, but I think that is for all classes. (From my experience in leveling of course, everyone is different.)

I tried making the guide as least image heavy as possible. So its easier to follow along and not get confused. I think images are fancy but it seems like I find myself more attracted to the pictures than the guide itself.

I?ll be telling where you find your job promotion quests too.

Part 1: Archer

This is the first class you become if you want to be a Destroyer or Sentinel. Just do the Red (?) quests (Hero Quests) and you should be able to level up in no time at all. You?ll basically level every time you finish one of them. Repeating F4 Mission Maps are also a efficient way to level. You can try partying up with other people at your level to make this a fun experience, more fun and easy!
This is what you select when you make the character in the Character Creation Screen.

As a archer you have to know what kinds of quests there are, this is it:

Repeatable Quest
Daily Quest
Hero Quest
Adventure Quest

Here are the skills I recommend you put your skill points into:

Rising Arrow- 1/5

Your primary launching skill until level 25+. Great for catching mobs and will be your friend for the lower levels.
Anti-Air Shot 3/5

Here is the move that everyone complains about. Once you launch with Rising Arrow you can hold down Z to catch the opponent/monster in the air and keep him up while dealing damage to him. It is great for mobbing, but try not to use it too much in PvP.
Shootdown 3/3

This move is so strong; it is great for dealing damage to bosses and mobs. Great move, enough said. Try it out for yourself.
Double Strike 0/5

Terrible move, it is basically two X attacks. I do not recommend this move to anyone taking the game seriously.
Multishot 5/5

This move is also strong as well, for PvE it deals good damage to bosses and mobs. For PvP it does a decent job of dealing damage if they are in a lock. Good for dealing damage.
you achieve the highest dps on the ground. 5/5 multishot is great for pvp, trust me- Says Grapefruitgod (Nillachan)
either 5/5 for multishot, or 0/5 depending on user?s preference, because 1/5 is not worth the cast time needed for it, whereas 5/5 deals a lot of damage!- Says sam3oyster (Toyzter/B2st)
Re-launch 1/5 or 0/5

This move is good for relaunching mobs so you can AAS them once again. It is not necessary because you get better launches through the game.
Bow Mastery 0/5

This move only increases your base attack, meaning the attack without all of your armour. It does not make much of a difference so I do not think you should get it.
Moonwalk 0/1

Pulls you away from battle, dashing is quicker and much more efficient. Terrible skill, I would say.
Moonwalk Shot 0/1

Can not get this if you do not get Moonwalk. Lets you shoot while moon walking backwards.
Rapid Step 5/5

Increases your movement speed. Movement speed is how fast you run, but of course you could have figured out yourself by the name. It is great for dodging and getting around in PvP. Also good for PvE, it could potentially help you clear Mission Maps faster. And things like Lavalon, Aram, Vendurous Forest, and Spectre Tower, which you will encounter later on in the adventure to be Sentinel.
Archers Quickness 1/1 or 0/1

A buff that increases movement speed for 9 minutes. It is good for PvP but kind of useless in PvE if you ask me.

That is it for the archer class build.


Part 3: Pathfinder
If you have read this far then that means you have made it to the almighty pathfinder! This is the part of an archers journey when they get all of their main skills. You get primary launches, traps, and buffs. But but but! Once you hit lvl 42 you do not need to grind those dreaded F6 maps anymore, you unlock F7 Tactic mode. This makes you level very quickly! With varieties of maps such as Arka and Rokko. So do not bother to set your gear, you?ll be leveling up really quick. The skills for pathfinder are listed below.
This is the guy you promote from, you can find him in Libra.

Pierce 1/5

Pierce through two enemies with an X attack, instead of one. 1/5 is needed to get Aiming.
Aiming 5/5

5/5 Aiming is a must. This buff increases your Aim Rate, which is very very important!
Weakness Detection 0/5 or 5/5

Weakness Detection adds more Aim and Critical Rate to Aiming. I do not use it, but some others, I am sure do.
pfs dps comes from crits; no 5/5 weakness detection will lower your dps by a very large margin- Says Grapefruitgod (Nillachan)
Falcon Frenzy 5/5

Another one of your main launchers, 5/5 is a must if you want decent damage. IT launches fallen enemies at lvl 3, hits 5 times at Lvl 3 and 7 times at Lvl 5. It looks as cool as it sounds!
Blitz 3/5 or 5/5

Your third and final primary launchers. This skill is almost like falcon frenzy but has a lower cooldown time and shorter distance. 3/5 is to reach the height peak, but 5/5 is for damage. I recommend 3/5 for PvP and 5/5 for PvE.
I?d Say that Blitz should be Maxed for PvE too since it is a great damage output.- Says Raik (Raikk)
Falcon Mastery 5/5

Makes your falcons much stronger, enough said.
Claymore 1/5

It is a useless skill but you need 1/5 to get traps.
Bounce Trap 1/1

If an enemy steps on it, it will launch them into the air. Great chance to AAS, not the best trap though.

Splash Trap 2/5

Another trap, this one explodes underneath your feet and launches you into the air slightly. Not the best trap.
Freeze Trap 5/5

Freezes the enemy/enemies. An amazing skill, good for catching people in PvP and stopping mobs in PvE.
Silence Trap 5/5

Silence Status does not let the opponent use any skills. Very good for PvP in a threatening situation..
silence and freeze still should be lv5 for pve, the damage those do is very high- Says Grapefruitgod (Nillachan)

Detonator 0/1

Useless, lets you detonate claymores right away. Pointless skill and a waste of skill points.
Untouchable 0/1

Increases your movement speed by a whopping 200% for a few seconds. Lowers your HP and MP down to 1. Does not do damage and overall pointless.
Invisible Trap 1/1

Makes traps harder to see for enemies. For the cost of no Skill Points this is awesome and is a must.

That is it for Pathfinder. If you make it through the dreaded 20 levels then read the next part of the guide.

Quick Pathfinder Tip: If you want to set all 4 of your traps faster then after setting the trap press C right after. That way you can set all 4 traps in the time of 1 regular trap animation.

Part 4: Sentinel
We are reaching the end of the archers journey. You should be leveling at Arka, Haven of Peace, and Verglas Ridge from 65-70. If you made it past Job Promotion (found in Ellora Camp) then congratulations! Sentinels do not have alot of skills. Just a handful of them, and here they are.
This is the guy you promote from, you can find him in Ellora Camp.

Awakening 1/1

Needed to access the ultimate and awakening skills.
Song of Wind 0/5 or 1/5

Increases attack speed by 4%. If you want faster AAS then 1/5 this, if not then do not bother.
Wire Action 1/5 or 0/5

One of the only stuns this Class line has. Wire Action pulls in the opponent/opponents and has a chance of stunning them. 1/5 for PvP and 0/5 for PvE.
[Awakening Skil] Ice Shower 5/5 or 1/5

Ice Shower gives a nice ice freezing; it makes the opponent/opponents slower by alot. Good for F7 and damage dealing in PvP, if you have them in a Netbind. 5/5 for PvE 1/5 for PvP.
[Awakening Skill] Wind Blade 0/5

Gives enemies a bleeding effect. Very hard to hit enemies and bad damage dealer. A no no for me.
Awakening Charge 1/3

Awakening skills need to charge up to be able to use them. So thats why this is here, it charges up the gauge for you, costing alot of MP. 1/3 for me.
[Ultimate Skill] Multistripe 1/1 or 0/1

Here is the most clich? and flashy move ever; it is so awesome looking, not awesome. It shoots 60 arrows and kills mobs around you. But it does minimal damage against mobs. Okay for bosses but you are better off with your falcons. If you PvP then do not even bother. A waste of 60 Skill Points.

We are finally done job changing and levelling up, if you have reached this far then congratulations. By the way this guide is meant for people going all the way to Lvl 70 (our current cap in the NA version).
At the very end of your levelling journey this is what your build should look like:


The next Part coming up is just a Q&A; (Questions and Answer), sets and what you should stack and focus on getting.

Part 5: Q&A; and a Set Guide
Part A: Q&A; (Question and Answer)
In this part of the guide you can post below and ask questions, I will do my best to answer them accordingly.

Q: Is anti-air shot speed important? (Asked by many people)
A: If you play a sentinel well then you will barely have to use AAS. But at least have a decent computer because sentinels tend to generate alot of lag.
Q: How do I speed up my AAS? (Asked by rookies.)
A: There are many things that will increase your attack speed, for example: Heirloom Hookahs Hat, [Hero] Bone Dragon Pathfinder Gloves, Legend of Combo Medal, Guild Skills and Couple Skill, and many more. But Attack Speed is not to important so I recommend focusing on more important stats.
Q: As a hunter/pathfinder/sentinel what stats should I try to get?
A: Your main stat focuses as a hunter/pathfinder/sentinel is AGI (Agility), ER (Evade Rate), and AR (Aim Rate). These gears are costly so make sure you have the money before investing in some gear.
Also you don?t have to get evade- Says Grapefruitgod (Nillachan)

~No more questions at the moment, feel free to drop me a post down there~

Now we are going to move on to sets and what you should be stacking, by no means am I telling you this is THE way to do it. You should customize and add your own flare to your character.

Part B: Set and Stat Guides
Weapon Guide (Kind of.)
At level 49 I recommend you go and get a Magma Lord Bow, it will serve you well until level 60-65. The Magichenge Bow is not worth getting, from 55 to 60 it isn?t a long way with F7. Once you hit 60 you can go for the Undead Bone Bow. You can use this until level 70. But if you have extra money stop at level 65 and get a Heirloom Lightning Oak Bow. (Note that you can?t get these from farming, so you have to buy it.) Then once you hit level 70 Zauharant Bow is recommended.

Labeled from left to right in the pictures:
Undead Bone Bow: Lvl 60
Magichenge Bow: Lvl 55
Magma Lord Bow: Lvl 49
Zauharant Bow: Lvl 70
Heirloom Lightning Oak Bow: Lvl 65

To look at the Enchant and Soulcraft Success rates, go to tinyurl.com/dgorates

Credits to Midou from NA Dragon Saga for letting me use part of his guide. The set builds and Sentinel caption were written by him. Guide here:

Thanks a lot for letting me use it Midou!

Soulcraft Option notes:

??? Soulcraft options are assumed to be at optimal numbers for ?maximization?, I do not recommend going for broke and maximizing every single stat on every piece as it will cost you heaps of cash and bring you only frustration and mockery.
??? The Soulcraft bonuses are mostly AGI, HLT, and evade focused. When looking at the Total section, keep the grade required (artifact) in mind. Only added in movement speed SC option to classes that already have innate movement speed from their set.
??? The total options for the soul craft bonus include the 6 main pieces of equipment + the shield. I did not include the bonuses included with backpiece as they generally are not part of the set, and whenever you see an asterisk next to a piece of equipment, know that I did not include it within the SC bonus.

The fastest running class has always been very adept at stacking AGI. Their new bone set enhanced this further and gave vast improvements to their choices in gear and enable them to break the land speed record. The first build would be my personal choice as it has plenty of AGI, Mvspd, AND Critical Damage. You can also soul craft on some health, what more could you want!? For the AGI hungry, you can opt to use Kryos shoes if the extra Mvspd and CD is unnecessary. Bubo Shoulders can also replace the lame bone shoulders, which would be a smaller increase in AGI to keep the Mvspd.

Head Hero BD ? 50 Agi
Shoulders Hero BD ? 70% MPR
Chest Hero BD ? 25 Hlt
Bottoms Hero BD ? 500 MP
Gloves Alex ? 50 Agi, 3% Aim
Shoes Hero BD ? 15% Mvspd
Shield Hero BD ? 10% Eva
-Set Bonuses ? 1100 MP, 30% Mvspd, 60 Agi, 120% CD

SubTotal: 160 Agi, 45% Mvspd, 10% Eva, 3% Aim, 25 Hlt, 120% CD, 1600 MP, 70% MPR
Soulcraft: 92 Agi, 10% Mvspd, 54% Eva, 92 Hlt
Total: 252 Agi, 55% Mvspd, 64% Eva, 3% Aim, 117 Hlt, 120% CD, 1600 MP, 70% MPR


MAX MOVEMENT SPEED                      

Head            BD (H)          - 50 Agi

Shoulders       Mutisha         - 10% Mvspd  

Chest           CP 70

Bottoms         CP 70

Gloves          CP 70

Shoes           BD (H)          - 15% Mvspd

Shield          BD (H)          - 10% Eva

-Set Bonus              - 1100 MP, 30% Mvspd; 44 Agi, 34% Mvspd

SubTotal:        94 Agi, 89% Mvspd, 10% Eva

Soulcraft:       95 Agi, 10% Mvspd, 60% Eva, 95 Hlt

Total:          189 Agi, 99% Mvspd, 70% Eva, 95 Hlt


Head            Hero BD         - 50 Agi

Shoulders       Bubo            - 12% Agi

Chest           Glorious Hollswin 

Bottoms         Glorious Hollswin

Gloves          Alex            - 50 Agi, 3% Aim

Shoes           Kryos           - 40 Agi, 10% CD

Shield          Skeleton        - 6 Agi, 5 Aim

-Set Bonuses            - 44 Agi

SubTotal:       190 Agi, 12% Agi, 3% Aim, 5 Aim, 10% CD

Soulcraft:       96 Agi, 58% Eva, 96 Hlt

Total:          286 Agi, 12% Agi, 3% Aim, 5 Aim, 10% CD, 58% Eva, 96 Hlt


Head            CP 70

Shoulders       CP 70

Chest           CP 70

Bottoms         CP 70

Gloves          CP 70

Shoes           CP 70

Shield          Skeleton        - 6 Agi, 5 Aim

-Set Bonuses            - 44 Agi, 34% Mvspd, 151.3% CD, 22% Aim

SubTotal:        50 Agi, 34% Mvspd, 151.3% CD, 22% Aim, 5 Aim

Soulcraft:      103 Agi, 10% Mvspd, 66% Eva, 103 Hlt

Total:          153 Agi, 34% Mvspd, 66% Eva, 151.3% CD, 22% Aim, 5 Aim, 103 Hlt 


Please note that the Lvl 70 CP set has not come out yet, so some of the sets listed are not able to be obtained, yet.

Accessories Guide

For full movement speed here is the setup you would want:
1 Lava Necklace
[Rare] Bone Dragon Earrings of Fortitude & [Rare] Count Van Cliff?s Ring of Fortitude
Aram Belt of Perseverance & Aram Ring of Perseverance

For full AGI here is the setup you would want:
Premium Necklace of Agnes (The one with 40 AGI)
Aram Earrings of Intelligence & Aram Ring of Intelligence
Second Ring of your choice
Ryvius Belt of Purity

Thats all I can think of for accessories, and sets in general, I will update this once I find more. Feel free to give me a shout for more accessory builds and whatnot.
Please note that Aim Rate is one of the highest/ is the highest priorty, I mean you have to be able to hit your target after all.

For the class that is capable of stacking the highest aim, I would think that I?d want aim to hit evade stackers. ? Says Yurai (Yurai)


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