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Dragon Saga Financial Stability Guide


Dragon Saga Financial Stability Guide by Nolanvoid

This guide has been created to share with newer players and potentially older players methods to obtaining gold in order to pay leveling, repair, and any purchasing costs. It does not guarantee that the player will become rich, however, will provide options to obtain gold and helpful equipment. I hope that it will encourage others to create guides as well and to assist newer players to get over that financial hump. Please refrain from posting negative comments. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Basically this guide will be broken down into three stages, 1, 2, and 3 while the keeping in mind the current level cap (Level 70) at the time of its creation. The three stages will cover the earlier part, mid part, and end part of the stage to prepare you for the following stage. It will also provide the Mission Maps available within their respective stages.

If you do not wish to read the lengthy guide, please determine which Stage you fall under and read that specific section.

Stage 1: From Level 1-25

Available Mission Maps within this stage:
-1. Vegabond (Windia Plains)
-2. Vegas (Advanced Windia Plains)
-3. Sangka (Traitor?s Ridge)
-4. Kunkah (Canyon of Oblivion)
-5. Hookah (Bearded Whale Coast)*

Starting off your adventure in Dragon Saga is relatively fun experience. The layout of the towns and maps are very eye catching. The quests are plenty and fruitful. The question that usually comes to mind once a feel for the game has been obtained is, how much money (gold) will I use as my character progresses and how much will I need to obtain for items in the future. The first question takes into account the class. If your class dodges well or does not get hit by monsters as easily, then less will be used. If you get hit more, then more will likely be used. Not to fret though, early on, there are ways to avoid the high costs early in your adventure. Let?s take a look at a few of the options available.

1. Quests ? Quests will be your comfort zone. They provide sufficient experience as well as little bits of gold that will add up as you complete quests. The quests are fairly simple to complete and do not demand a whole lot from you. They will also help you get a feel for the gameplay. There are several types of quests. The basic ones to understand are:
?a. Hero Quests ? The red exclamation and question marks (!?) will indicate that these are the Hero Quests. These quests will lead you through the storyline of the game and tell you where to head to. They are important for job changing and obtaining future quests.
?b. Normal Quests ? These quests are indicated by yellow exclamation and question marks (!?). These quests are side quests that will give you incite on the smaller storylines of the NPCs in the area. They will typically provide experience and gold upon completion.
?c. Repeatable Quests ? The repeatable quests will be displayed in blue exclamation and question marks (!?). These quests usually provide rewards that are some form of consumable, whether it is a potion or some kind of powder. As the name suggests, they can be completed multiple times. The first repeatable quest at Advanced Windia Plains will assist you in obtaining potions for your journey to save gold.
?d. Daily Quests ? These quests will not be seen until near the end of this stage. They can be obtained from, Wanted Signs, NPC Hunter G, or Guild NPC Dony. These are indicated by a green exclamation and question mark (!?). These quests are limited to the day. The will result in a failure of completion if not completed by midnight server time. Different kinds of goodies can be obtained from these quests.

2. Mission Maps ? Mission Maps are maps are themed maps based on the storyline. They contain monsters from the surrounding maps of the area. The number of maps will typically increase per level of the Mission. From F1-F4, these maps are the normal Mission Maps will open up in succession upon completion. The F5 mode is the Hero Quest Mode, which many quests refer to. Equipment, Experience Potions, and various Items may be obtained at the end of the completion. Plenty of equipment will be accumulated during your adventure. Completing the F1 mode several times may be a quick way to obtain souls. Many of them may not be important to your class. There are several options for these equipment that are obtained, which are:
?a. Disassembling the equipment for souls. The souls are valuable in Soul Crafting, an option in the game that allows you to combine souls into your equipment that will provide options to make your character stronger. This feature may not be needed early in your adventure, however, obtaining Souls is highly advantageous. Many high end players or players of high level will purchase these Souls since a large amount is needed for the crafting process. You may also save them as well for future use.
?b. Give or trade them to party members to obtain equipment favorable for you. Some party members may benefit from using the items and they may have items for you.
?c. Weapons obtained from the Mission Maps can be Sold or Souled. Depending on the Market value of the items, some users are able to sell them on the market. Most will either sell them to the NPC for straight gold or disassemble them as they usually provide more Souls compared to equipment.
These two options will be heavily relied upon to obtain gold and experience as leveling is very important in these areas. Once you have established an idea about the game play and how things work, you should be nearing the end of this stage. Nearing the end of this stage, other options become available. You can complete:

3. Wanted Quests ? Wanted quests are daily quests that need to be completed before midnight in order to receive the reward for the particular quest. They will normally provide gold and experience earlier in your adventure.

4. Hidden and Chaos Maps ? Hidden Maps have a higher drop rate. Devil Soul Stones may be obtained from these maps. They will assist you in obtaining more scrolls to enter the Chaos maps. Chaos Maps are similar to normal field maps with Mission Maps on them. The monsters are an alternate version of the normal maps. They are typically stronger. Alternative Equipment sets may be obtained from the Mission Maps at the Chaos Maps. These should be attempted during your adventure as the rewards and items may be useful later.

5. Guild ? A guild can be created at level 20. Gold will be required to create the guild. Guild quests become available as well. If you have already joined a guild, these quests are available as well.

6. Hunter G?s Daily Quests ? Hunter G can be found in Port of Winds. The capsules obtained from completing the quests are fairly valuable. These capsules can be sold or used. These quests provide plenty of experience. They help expend experience obtained from the resting bonus at Port of Winds.

Stage 2: From Level 26-41
Available Mission Maps within this stage:
-1. Alvida (Steven Trading Port)
-2. Artis (Milkyway Sanctuary)
-3. Lord of Night (Skypie Sanctuary)
-4. Ahtoo (Dangerous Caverns)
-5. Rokko (Valid Raeth)

So you?re feeling much more comfortable now? Experience seems to not be as quick as it was before. If you can make that push through this stage, it will be highly rewarding much later. What can you do during this stage? With this stage, there is one option that differs from the previous stage that opens up. To recap, let?s see what can be done during this stage.

1. Complete Quests ? The types can be found above if you are unfamiliar with them. All types are available. The Hero Quests remains important. It?s also fun to see how the storyline turns out!
2. Complete Hidden Maps and Chaos Maps ? Collect Devil Soul Stones and equipment to open opportunities for gold. Don?t forget, Souls are valuable to you and others. They can be sold for gold or be kept for future Soul Crafting.
Well, I?ve been there and done that. What?s new.. ?!
What?s new is the F6 Defense Mode that opens up at Alvida?s Mission Map located at Steven Trading Port. The mode provides a chance to obtain accessories as well as gold and experience. Each of the Mission Maps displayed in this section have a F6 Defense Mode. Much of the experience needed to get through this stage will be found here, however, do not forget to keep up with obtaining gold.
Things to look at:
3. Wanted Quests ? These quests begin to provide new rewards. Some of these rewards are valuable to you. Monster Cards can be obtained from these rewards, especially between levels 30-49**. When a Wanted Quest is completed a pre-determined amount of times, a Cursed Card can be obtained. These cards are ?ONLY? tradable in this format. Two of the same cards can be combined at a NPC to form a useable card. The cursed portion will be removed and the card can be consumed. When the card is consumed, it can increase the skill level of a skill based upon the class. These cards can be sold in the market to other users or used.
4. Completing F1 mode of Mission Maps will allow you to obtain more equipment to disassemble and use!
5. Two special maps can be visited here. Spectres? Tower provides an exciting change of pace. Some gold and items can be obtained from here. The Underground Graveyard can allows you to obtain special gear that users within the range may wish to purchase. The Anukus Set is fairly useful for certain classes and can be favorable.
Prepare yourself for a change of pace.

Stage 3: From Level 42-70
Available Mission Maps within this stage:
-1. Queen Vella (Smoldering Swamp)
-2. Elluman (Ocher Forest)
-3. Woodsman Paul Burnaun (Pine Cone Hills)
-4. Karkarous (God?s Sanctuary)
-5. Bubobubo (Forgotten Village)
-6. Burlune (Village of Slumber)
-7. Pythanous (Land of Temptation)
-8. Arka (Frigid Canyon)
-9. Agnis (Chaser?s Ridge)
-10. FrostSoul Avice (Haven of Peace)
-11. Alexandre (Bear Claw Ridge)
-12. Ice Dragon Kryos (Verglas Ridge)

As you can tell from the Mission Map list above, there is plenty to do here. This stage encompasses two continents and also contains several special maps. Let?s get started with what you can do here.

1. Hero Quests ? The Hero Quest path will open up a new mode here. The F7 Tactical Mode is fairly enjoyable for those who have played Tower Defense. Several useful items can be obtained as well as a decent amount of gold. Several F7 maps are available depending on your level range at the different Mission Maps.
2. Lavalon?s Heart Quest ? The Magma weapon can be obtained and used. In order to create it, the Blacksmith in Libra provides a repeatable quest to obtain the weapon. By obtaining Lavalon?s Heart, you can create the weapon. The Heart is also valuable on the market as a source of funds. You can also help others job change as well!
3. F1 Mission Mode ? This is always a reliable option to obtain Souls.
4. Verderous Forest ? The dungeon map becomes available. Ryvius? Belt of Purity is an item that is sought after. Mist Elf gear is available for those that want to upgrade their equipment sets. The Achievement Points earned here are very generous as well.
5. Hidden Maps ? These maps do not extend to level 70 and end earlier. It is best to complete these when you possibly can. Depending on the way you wish to job change, you may need to visit the map. Good thing you visited it early, right?
6. Chaos Maps ? The equipment sets in the Chaos Maps are fairly valuable. They can be sold well. Due to the current level cap, higher level sets have good value.
Once you have hit that 60+ mark, there are still plenty of challenging maps and ways to earn some gold here and there. In case you?re the adventurous type, try out the maps below.
7. Van Cliff Fortress, the location of where you the bulk of your job change quests occurs, provides plenty of drops. In the lower floors, valuable accessories drop from the Gate Keeper. In the higher super dungeons, Count Van Cliff drops earrings that may sell fairly well. Lastly, the big beast above, Bone Dragon drops Eggs, Hero Bone Dragon gear, and other noteworthy equipment.
8. Drakos Tower ? Drakos Tower drops Cursed Bomb Dust that sell in the Market. It is a component that is required to make a Zauharant weapon. This weapon takes time to complete, therefore, the ingredients sell for a decent amount.
9. Blizzard Mufflers ? Looking for a nice back item to use? Blizzard Mufflers provide very nice stats that may assist your character. They can be comparable to some wings found in-game that are not obtainable. The pieces can be obtained from the different F6 and F7 modes on Buhr Island. (BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~)

Hopefully this guide will help you find your way to financial stability. Gold may not be abundant and plentiful, but can be obtained in any stage you are in. Due to time constraints there was not enough time to make it fancy. Another reason for the guide is for upcoming future events. *Hints*

Additional Advice from Maronu:

advice for the new players:
-always use the in game market to check prices (use search) and sell items (generally, sell for lowest if you want fast gold).
-use the market section on the forums to let others know what you are buying or selling
-you need 250 devils soul stones (dss) and 75k achievement points or 10 sign of hero (chance reward for winning bsq, which is available to lvl 40+) for 4th job change. If you are going the achievement point route you can sell unneeded sign of hero for a decent amount. Collecting your 4th job requirements throughout your adventure will make things easier.
-You can sell gada coins, obtained from chests that are rewarding once you reach a certain kill count in field maps (if you change channel the count resets) for a little bit of gold. These coins are used (generally by higher level players) to farm set equipment.
-Selling souls is pretty much the best way for new players to make gold. You won?t see much of a benefit to NPCing weapons instead of souling them until the equipment is at least level 55, so feel free to soul pretty much everything, especially if you haven?t upgraded your inventory sizes.
-Having a good weapon will always make your gaming more efficient. While hearts are a decent source of gold, if you plan on enchanting your weapon, making a lavalon weapon is an excellent choice. If upgraded sufficiently, the lavalon weapon is usable till 70.
-Chaos maps are an excellent source of souls and a decent source of experience (lvl 45-50 hero?s decent, lvl 50-59 chaos swamp, lvl 60-65 chaos ocher forest). Note: farming chaos ocher forest with a lvl 60 is possibly the best way of farming gold currently in the game. You need dss to run chaos maps. As Nolanvoid said, it is a good idea to farm dss early!
-If you have low aim, you can miss monsters. Accessories with aim sell for a decent amount, even more if aim and evade, and they will be useful to you in your adventure.
-hlt, aim, and attack are the best stats to have on gear if you are trying to make money, but don?t worry too much about your equipment until you hit the cap.


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