Dragon Saga Fury Mode Guide


Dragon Saga Fury Mode and Groggy Status Guide?by Coolsam

Welcome, Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Villainous Double-Agents, and enthusiasts (You know who you are ;P)!

I am here to instruct you people on a feature for bosses included with the New Origin Update: Fury mode!

(Note: New Origin was released ages ago, this guide is solely meant for newer players looking into the game?s features and such. Many of you probably already know what I?m talking about, if you don?t well its good to learn something new.)

What is Fury Mode?:

-Fury mode, is as the name describes; The Elite grade monster unleashing it?s Fury! When this happens, the boss will get a gain in it?s power in various ways or combination of ways.

When will Fury Mode take effect?:

-When an Elite grade monster from instances such as Missions or Dungeons hits a certain point in it?s hp, it?ll unleash Fury Mode.
-Elite Monsters capable of using Fury mode will trigger it when their hp reaches the following values based on the number of people in your party or another situation depending on the dungeon.
-Fury Mode will not be introduced until Sheath of Level 15 Wolves Den. Or Captain Hookah of Bearded Whale Coast?s Mission Mode.
-The following instances show when you will likely see Fury Mode:

  • Soloing:?The Elites remaining HP is between 55%-65% or lower depending on if you managed to hit hard enough to lower their hp.
  • A Party of Two, Three or Four: Between 75%-85% HP remaining depending on location and number of people or if you managed to lower their HP even lower due to criticals and sheer attacking power.
  • Black Claw Nest Mid-Bosses:?Multiple times. Often after at least 3-5% of their hp is gone.
  • Black Dragon Lord Elga 2nd Phase:?Randomly when charging it?s ultimate attack.

-Certain Bosses cannot use Fury Mode. The list shows as follows:

Dungeon Bosses

  1. Both of Heath?s fights.
  2. Farrel.
  3. Kajimodo (Level 30 Graveyard)
  4. Paris (Spectre?s Tower)
  5. Anukus
  6. Lavalon
  7. Elemental Dungeon Main Bosses (Normal/Rare/Hero Mode fights)
  8. Akanai
  9. Ryvius
  10. Mutisha (Both Verderous Forest and Kundara Dungeon.)
  11. Ceitrus (Red Fox Delta Boss)
  12. Bone Dragon
  13. Paris (Drakos, both phases.)
  14. Elga (Phases 1 and 3. Phase 2 is a special case w/ Fury mode.)

What Happens During Fury Mode?:

-During Fury Mode, an elite monster will get a certain series of buffs to it as listed:

  • The boss when triggering Fury Mode, will knockback any players surrounding it. This can be prevented through Evade or Block-rate.
  • The boss gets a super-armored status. It cannot be launched, knockbacked, or knock downed. Meaning to interrupting it?s attacks.
  • One or More of the following Buffs will be given to the Elite:
  1. Attack Up (Symbol: Sword): The monster gains in attack power.
  2. Defense Up (Symbol: Shield): The monster gains in defensive power. Lowering the damage of all attacks.
  3. Speed Up (Symbol: A boot. Like Hermes? winged shoe): The monster moves much faster.
  4. Combination (Symbol will scroll through Two symbols): A combination of Two of the above buffs.
  5. All Three: All three of the listed buffs are applied. More common in dungeon mid bosses or bosses in the floors of Drakos and Van Cliff.

-Fury Mode will also show their hp having something on top of it draining at varying speeds depending on boss. When this empties, the Fury mode wears off. (Be warned as some bosses heal when its worn off this way.)
-A bar above their hp will fill as you hit them. This will be how to trigger Groggy Status.

How can you prevent Fury Mode or counter it?:

-While it cannot be prevented unless you manage to 1-hit KO the boss (Impossible unless it was a very weak boss). Fury mode will wear off on it?s own over time. However this can be either very short or long depending on the boss.
-A better counter to Fury mode is to inflict Groggy-Status onto the boss.

What is Groggy and How do I inflict it onto a boss?:

-Groggy Status is when a boss is worn out from Fury mode and gets tired. The following happens to a Groggied boss:

  • Stunned for the duration of Groggy.
  • The boss can be Launched, Knockbacked, and Knockdowned fully. Instead of randomly.
  • The boss takes much higher damage.

-Groggy is triggered by filling the bar above a bosses hp during Fury mode. To fill it, go all out and beat the boss up to fill it.
-Don?t avoid a boss in Fury mode, simply fight it like you normally would. Just expect to hit lower and be hit harder at times.
-Certain Skills fill faster than others. To figure out which, go to your skill tree and look at a skill for the following:

  • Effect 1: Stun probability accumulation Lv.?(Level is based on skills entirely)
  • The higher the Level of Stun probability, the more the bar is filled. For instance: Death Stinger, an overlord skill, hits 5 times at most each with?Effect 1: Stun probability accumulation Lv. 9.?Making it my best skill for filling the Groggy Bar with.
  • For a large majority of the classes (Overlords being the only one not able to.), Ultimate Skills (Dragon Rush, Lightning Storm, Multi-Strafe, etc.) often insta-fill a groggy bar except in cases of Black Claw Nest with the Mid-Bosses and Elga?s 2nd phase.

-Elga?s 2nd Phase has a groggy bar which is needed to be filled to deal damage to it. For more info, see a Black Claw Nest guide of sorts.

Hopefully, this guide can better train you heroes into fine monster-hunting, world-saving epic people.

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