Dragon Saga Pathfinder PvE and PvP Guide


Dragon Saga Pathfinder PvE and PvP Guide by ixhikaru

*before reading, this is just a basic build, and do not have to follow it exactly, skills are done to your own preference what best fits you in your game play style*

Archers are Deadly at long range fighting, Archers are masters of the bow and arrow. Specializing in one of the most difficult weapons to wield, Archers utilize bows to deal heavy damage from long distances and can unleash quivers of arrows on unsuspecting targets. Their proficiency in run-and-hit tactics allows them to use guerrilla ambushes and lightning-quick take downs. With sharp reflexes and intuitive combat senses, Archers can be depended on to defend allies from any position on the battlefield.

Table of Contents
1. Pro & Cons
2.Archer Guide/Build
3. Hunter Guide/Build
4. Pathfinder/ Build
5. 4th Class Coming Soon
6. Skill Analysis

Pros & Cons

1. Damange Dealers (DD): Archers are damage dealers when it comes to PVE
2. Easy to Level: they may not be easy to lvl as mages but my personal opinion if you play your cards right leveling with an archer can go by smoothly
3. Ranged: Being ranged doesn?t mean much in pvp but when it comes to mission map bosses ranged makes a huge difference

1. Low Defense you wont really notice this when you reach higher lvls bu from lvl 1-20 your going to see your going to see yourself taking a lot of damage.

Archer Skill Build- (Recommended Build)

Rising Arrow ? 1/5 or 3/5 some people max this skill, depends on your preference, its preferred to leave at one, you won?t use this skill as much when you become a pathfinder but it?s very useful to have.

Shoot Down? 1/1 this skill may not be as useful as others but it comes in handy when a lot of mobs are around you.

Anti Air Shot (AAS
)- 5/5 this will be your main skill from archer to pathfinder, this skill equals instant death if you have a decent graphics card so you?ll get full potential

Multishot 5/5 or 0/5 this depends on your preference this will be the only high damage skill you have against bosses until lvl 27

Other Skills

*note these are not recommended skills to have but they are very useful to have when it comes to pvp

Relaunch? Make sure the enemy falls predictably; either by slowly dropping him to the floor, or by immediately interrupting his aerial-recover. Then as he touches the ground, right before he starts to roll away, use any launch skill that hits fallen

A superior class of Archer, Hunter is the most representing job which can be practiced with bow. They are very good at tracking animals? trace and using traps. They are experts in using bows who can shoot their target from any angle. Hunters can double their power by summoning animals they captured by training the animals. They have been receiving respect for their strong bodies and amazing bow skills. Upon the crisis of the world, Hunters volunteered to join the army. They have upgraded their marksman through cross-firing skill, and marched forward over countless victories in battle.

Hunter Build

Bird Watching? 5/5 great skill to have to increase your damange

Hallucination- 5/5 or 0/5 now this skill is very important in pvp and sometimes in pve it increases your evade rate so you will be hit less , I recommend to max it

Arrow Shower- 3/5 or 5/5 a decent aoe skill to have some people don?t recognize this but when a player or mob is being hit with this attack they are stunned for a short amount a time.

Rocket launch 1/5 or 3/5 or 5/5- this skill was useless to me when I became a pathfinder but

Wolf Rush ? 5/5 Max this skill as soon as possible, does a decent amount ofdamange also launches people or mobs in the air.

Other Useful Skills

*note these are not recommended skills to have but they are very useful to have when it comes to pvp

Net Bind- stop characters movement for a short amount of time, also blocks some skills from being used

Pathfinder Skill Build

Pierce: 1/5 this skill is not very useful in my personal opinion but its your choice to max it or not keep at 1 to unlock the next skill

Aiming: 5/5 This is a very useful skill for both pve and pvp increases your aim rate, so you can hit more successfully the cool down at max is the same as long as you can use the skill so this skill can repeatedly stay on.

Falcon Frenzy? 5/5 a great AOE skill to have in pvp and pve when you are bombarded by mobs or a lot of people.

Blitz? 5/5 Does a decent amount of damange also launches the enemy in the air

Falconly Mastery- 5/5 increases damage of all falcon skill


Note: These skills can be very effective maxed or not I can not tell you the amount of points to put in these because a lot of players raise these skills to their own preference

Claymore? instant bomb that explodes towards from bomb detonates after 10 seconds

Bounce Trap? Launches 3 enemies in the air, blocks dashing and jumping (this is the only trap that is 1/1)

Splash Trap? explodes and damages 2 or more targets when stepped on (this skill has a small launch have to be quick if you want to us aas

Freezing Trap? This skill freezes a enemy for a short period of time
Silence trap- cast silence effect on 3 or more targets 70% chance, this increases when skill is raised

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