Dragon Saga Pathfinder PvP In-Depth Guide

Moonwalk 0/1: Lets you dash backward. Moonwalk Shot 0/1: Lets you shoot a quick, slightly stronger X attack faster moonwalk.

Rising Arrow 1/5: Launches a target into the air upon impact. You do not need it higher than level one because you will get better launches as you level.

Antiair Shot 3/5 or 5/5: The infamous skill! Shoot a bunch of arrows at a launched target. In PvP, the damage reduces to 30% over a short period of time. Damage between level 3 and 5 is miniscule. Hits 4 targets at level 3, and 6 targets at level 5.

Double Strike 0/5: Two quick X attack.

Shootdown 3/3: Cooldown increases (3s, 4s, 5s) as level increases but the difference in damage is insane. Must be in the air to use.

Multishot 0/5 or 5/5: I don?t use this skill personally. It is similar to shootdown but must be used on the ground.

Re-launch 0/1 or 1/1: Relaunches fallen target. Range is melee.

Bow Mastery 0/5: Adds to your physical attack but only affects X attack.

Rapid Step 5/5: Increases movement speed. Passive.

Archer?s Quickness 1/1: Increases movement speed. Active.


Advance Bow Mastery 0/5: Adds to your physical attack but only affects X attack.Bleed 1/5: Shoots a book at the target and does damage over time (DoT).

Acid Arrow 2/5: Shoots an arrow at the target and does DoT. Lowers base defense.

Sharpshooting 0/5: Long range attack. It can hit targets off-screen but the damage is very low and the charge time is high, leaving you vulnerable.

Netbind 5/5: Binds the target to the ground and prevent movements. Duration increases as level increases, 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s, cooldown 7s. It prevents the use of certain skills.

Disruption Web 0/5: Slows and put a DoT on the netted target.

Arrow Shower 2/5: Hits the enemy 8 times and causes flinching.

Rocket Launcher 1/5: Slightly launches the target. Level 3 and up launches the target at maximum height.

Wolf Rush 5/5: Important skill, causes the enemy to flinch and then launches them. Mediocre damage.

Bird Watching 5/5: Buff. Gives you strength, agility, and physical attack.

Hallucination 0/5 ? 5/5: Increases your evade by a percentage of your base evade.

Mesmerize 0/5: Passive for hallucination. A chance to reflect back a percentage of the damage received to the attacker.



Pierce 1/5: Allows your X attack to hit multiple targets (linear).

Aiming 5/5: Increases your aim by a fixed amount.

Weakness Detection 5/5: Passive for aiming. Increases your aim and critical rate by a fixed amount.

Falcon Frenzy 5/5: Launches the enemy. High damage.

Blitz 5/5: Launches the enemy. High damage.

Falconry Mastery 5/5: Passive for Falcon Frenzy and Blitz. Increases damage for falcon frenzy and blitz.

Claymore 1/5: Throws down a claymore, and it explodes after 10 seconds. Number of claymore thrown down is equivalent to the level of the skill.

Bounce Trap 1/1: Launches the target. Disables dash and jump.

Splash Trap 1/5: Slightly launches the target.

Freezing Trap 5/5: Immobilize the target. Unable to move or use any skills while in frozen state.

Silence Trap 5/5: Silences the target. Unable to use and skills while in silence state.

Detonator 0/1: Denotes the claymore so you do not have to wait 10 seconds.

Untouchable 0/1: Self-destruct. Reduces hp and mp to 1 and increase movement speed by 200% after explosion.

Skill AnalysisAntiair Shot (AAS)
Common use:
Archers are known for their AAS. The default hotkey for this skill is Z and will be used repeatedly if Z is held down. AAS will hit any target that is launched or those who have not air recover. It does not require any aiming, the skill will automatically hone in on the target if they are in range. When holding Z to AAS for a long duration, it is considered as an air lock or AAS spam. AAS damage will gradually drop to 30% if it is spammed.

Other use:
This skill allows you to link your relaunch combo (I will talk more about the relaunch combo later in the guide) together and prevent your opponent from an aerial recover. The AAS prevents them from doing an aerial recover. One important thing about AAS is if you plan on relaunching, you cannot use it too early or too late; otherwise, they will be given a chance to escape. Aerial recover is only allowed once per launch and the count resets when the target hits the ground. If you AAS too early (right after a launch or moments before peak height of the launch), they will be given the opportunity to recover as you AAS. If you AAS too late (already started to drop), then they will be able to recover before you can AAS. The general timing you want to AAS is after peak height, when they are about to start falling. Remember that this is just a general timing, you will probably have to adjust according to your opponent because everyone have different recovery timing.

Wolf Rush
Primary launch. Wolf rush has the most utility out of your 3 launches but it is also the weakest. It is the fastest and has the furthest horizontal range out of your 3 launches, and it has a small vertical range. Wolf rush has a flinching effect that can temporary immobilize your opponent before they are launch. The flinching effect has synergy with your traps.

Lowest MP consumption of the three launches and second shortest cooldown.

Common use:
Launch and follow up with AAS, or relaunch combo. Catching your opponent with wolf rush can be a little tricky. It is a great skill for catching opponent at a distance who are moving horizontally (left and right). Mediocre catch for when your opponent is moving vertically (up and down).

Other use:
Using the flinch effect to set off traps underneath the opponent. Most common time is during the relaunch combo.

Primary launch. This launch is your best catch and highest damage launch. Although it has the shortest range of the three launches, it has the widest AOE. It has a vertical, horizontal, and height range. Vertical range means you don?t have to line up with your target to hit them. They can be slightly above or below you. Height range means you can hit target that?s in the air. When your opponent is using a skill such as shootdown or aerial frenzy (which allows them to remain airbourne), blitz will be able to hit them (assuming they?re not extremely high).

Highest MP consumption of the three launches and shortest cooldown.
Note: The height range only work when the target is stationary in the air.

This skill is only used to launch, relaunch, and deal damage.

Falcon Frenzy
Secondary launch. Absolutely the worst launch of the three launches. Wolf rush is superior to this launch in every way possible except for the damage. It has a shorter horizontal range than wolf, and a very small vertical range. What makes this skill the worst is that it has an extremely long delay for the launch to occur. Horrible at catching because of the launch delay.

Second highest MP consumption of the three launches and the longest cooldown.

This skill is used to launch, relaunch, and deal damage.

Rising Arrow
Tertiary launch. Very hard to catch with this skill because you actually have to make direct impact with the arrow. Longest horizontal range out of all your launches. Most pathfinder don?t even use this skill.

skill combinationAAS, Wolf rush, Falcon frenzy and Blitz are the 4 common skills that are used in the relaunch combo. A relaunch combo is when you launch your opponent, AAS, let them drop, and launch them again. For example, wolf rush, AAS, then blitz.?

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