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Dragon Saga Terms Guide by Transcend

I used to be a vet player, played in the original pre beta phases. I made a few guides back in the day, most of them really old (2 years approx). This guide is one of them. My guides were more complete, but I never thought of saving them. The point of this guide is to help populate the FAQ and Guide threads. Hopefully someone else will pick up this project. Cheers!


Well, I was typing out my guides and I felt that I was using a lot of acronyms that many beginners might not know. Although, I explain them in my guides every time the first appear, I?m sure there are others that want to know what a word means without going through guides to find them. CTRL + F to find a specific acronym and its meaning!

DSS: Dark Soul Stones. Used to get into the Chaos Realm.

PvE: Player versus Environment. This refers to grinding/farming aspects of the game, meaning, the player?s capabilities against mobs of creeps.

PvP: Player versus Player. This refers to a player combating another player in the PvP arena. It?s the general reference for a player combating another player, however sometimes it?s only referred to 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 and also FFA.

FFA: Free For All. Meaning that a player is not teamed up with other players in the PvP arena and brawling against every one. This usually refers to 3 and up players in the arena fighting against each other.

GvG: Group versus Group. This refers to multiple players combating other multiple players in a teamed match up. Most of the time this refers to 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5.

EW: No, this doesn?t mean you?re disgusting. Emporium War. This refers to the large scale Guild war. Sometimes mixed up GvG and EW gets mixed up.

Hidden Maps: These are maps that can only be reached via a scroll that only drops from 3/4 star mission map bosses.

Chaos Realm or Map: This is referring to the alternate, and much stronger, counterparts to the normal maps. You reach here via a special scroll that can only obtained by trading DSS? with Elga the dragon. Elga can be located at the middle of towns, except the first one.

Ferral: This refers to the boss of the Sewer dungeon in Port of Winds. Also a hero quest to further your Dragon Saga adventure.

Runs: Basically means ?running? or ?completing? or ?doing? something. Such as, ?I?m going to go do Ferral runs?, as in running the dungeon, or completing the dungeon or doing the dungeon.

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