DragonFable Beginner’s Guide


DragonFable Beginner?s Guide?by San Robin

The things you?ll find in this guide.
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(bgn)For beginners
(bgn01)What is dragonfable??
(bgn02)What is a Dragon amulet??
(bgn02a)What are the benefits?
(bgn03)What are Dragoncoins?
(bgn04)Where do I start?
(bgn04a)Your first quest.
(bgn04b)Your first quest for a weapon
(bgn04e)The priestess? message
(bgn04f)The way to Falconreach
(bgn05)Getting your dragon?
(bgn06)What can I do in Falconreach?
(bgn07)The orb saga AKA Chapter 1
(bgn08)Elemental Dissonance AKA Chapter 2
(bgn09)The end of magic AKA Chapter 3
(bgn10)Side Quests?

(wb)For people coming back:?

(wb1)What happened while I was gone??
(wb2)What is this Doomknight stuff I?ve heard about??
(wb3)What is the levelcap?
(wb4)I heard something about special characters??

(bth)For both of them:
(bth1a)Classes for all and free
(bth1b)DC classes
(bth1c)Seasonal classes
(bth1d)Saving classes and equipment
(bth2)Useful links?

For beginners:

Welcome to Dragonfable!
I hope this guide will help you like the game as much as I do.

What is Dragonfable?

Dragonfable is a flashgame made by Artix Entertainment.
You don?t have to download, just click, make an account and play!
It has a lot of humour and a great community (the forums).

What is a Dragon amulet?

A dragon amulet (DA for short) means you are a paid member of the game.
You can buy one for a one time fee of $19,95 or 6 for a one time fee of $29,95?here

What are the benefits?

There are a lot of benefits for a Dragon Amulet holder:

You can access DA only areas.
You can use stronger weapons, Capes/wings, helmets, rings, necklaces, trinkets, belts and pets.
You can customize your dragon.
You can change the colour of your base armor and some armors you acquire later in game.
You help the game develop and making it even more awesome!
*Note* For $5 extra you get 2000 Dragon coins for?each?character you bought a Dragon Amulet for!

What are Dragoncoins?

So you noticed Dragoncoins? You must like shiny things!
Dragoncoins are a special currency in DragonFable.
You can buy special weapons, pets , accessories and even classes for your character.
Dragoncoins require real money to get.
For more information about the prices go?here?and scroll down.

Where do I start?

A lot of beginners have this problem and wander around aimlessly but have no fear! This will help to prevent that!
I will describe the first stages of the game which includes:


Your first quest.

New players will start with a choice, Book 1&2 or Book 3. I recommend starting with Book 1&2 since book 3 requires knowledge from the previous chapters.
The choice will keep appearing untill you set your hometown for the first time.
With that out of the way, lets begin!

First of enjoy the little scene.
After the scene ended, it?s time to walk around by clicking on the place you want to go to.
In the next frame you?ll see a bag of gold, Get it!
Next frame, a little scene will occur, the little red guy named ?Twilly? will be kicked in your direction and you get the choice to punt him back or help him defeat the monster.
If you choose to help him he will join you as a temporary pet.
*Note* Pets are a kind of equipment that will attack a monster after you attack it.
If you choose to punt him back you?ll still have to fight the monster but without help.
After you defeated the Gorrilaphant you talk to the priestess, she goes her own way and you can finish your quest!
Congratulations you finished your first quest and you leveled up!

Your first quest for a weapon

From the place where you start. (if you have a Dragon Amulet talk to Rolith -the guy on the right- first and invite him as a guest)
Go left and talk to the guy standing next to the catapult and choose ?Sir Jing?s Weapons?.
Keep clicking next and Start Quest.
Defeat all the monsters here and go up the stairs, defeat the monsters here and open the chest.
Choose the weapon that fits your base class. (Staf= Mage, Dagger = Rogue, Sword = Warrior)
Congratulations, you just got your first weapon!
To equip the weapon you can select the bag right of your HP/MP bar, select the weapon you want to equip and click ?equip?.

*Note*If you have trouble beating this quest, try using potions, the health potions (the red potion on the left of your skill bar) heals 100 HP each. The mana potions (the blue potions on the right of your skill bar) heals 100 MP each.


Weapons are important in Dragonfable, they provide an Element and extra stats to your character!
Most of the time the higher level the weapon is the higher the stats and damage output are.
This is not true for Dragon Amulet weapons and Dragon Coin weapons.
For the best weapons for your level and class look?here.
Now for the importance of elements and Resistances?
Most monsters have a weakness and/or resistance to certain elements.
You can see them by clicking on the ??? next to the monster?s HP/MP.
For example:
If a monster has ?-100? water, that means attacks with a water element will do double damage!
But if a monster has ?100 water? your attacks with a water element will do NO damage at all.
*Note* Anything above the 100 resist will heal your enemy!
The resists also count for things like ?stun/sleep/daze? and ?heal/health?
How higher the resist in stun is, how harder it will be to stun an enemy.
How lower the resist in Heal/health is , how more the self healing skills will heal you.


If all the everything went the way I described in the guide you should be level 5 or higher.
Every level you rise you earn 5 stat points.
Rolith can train stat points for you and later on you can also train them in Falconreach (one screen down from starting screen ,go into the right building and talk to the man in the room.)
The more stat points you put into a certain attributes the better you?ll be.
For information on where to put your stat points, look?here.

The priestess? message

Before you can leave Oaklore you have to finish the ?the priestess? message? quest.
Go to Rolith once again and select the quest (second from the top).
*Note* Dragon Amulet holders if you don?t have Rolith in your party anymore, invite him again.

Defeat Drakath and the bandits, it?s possible at level 5 and your new energy weapon but you can do a few other quests and buy a few weapons in Oaklore if you want.
Click?here?to go to the Oaklore page to find out what kind of quests and weapons there are.
*Note* Its handy to defeat the bandits because they only have 6 HP and like that reduce the damage that will be dealt against you. Don?t forget to use your potions!

After you defeated them, watch the cutscene and finish the quest.
You can now leave Oaklore and go to Falconreach.

The way to Falconreach

Let?s get out of here!
First go down from the main screen in Oaklore now go right and follow the road.
Go into the forest, and continue the path now y-AMBUSH! Defeat the bandits one by one.
Keep pressing on. Try to get past the bear, Defeat the bear, hate the Blue Moglin Rat and follow the road again.
Ignore the man trying to give you a quest and pass the bridge.(Unless you have a DA, then you can try this quest)
Use your energy weapon to defeat the hydra heads and continue following the road again.
*Note* Defeat the outer hydra heads first since they have very little HP.
*Note2* you can also use a (fire) weapon you may have bought in Oaklore

After following the road pass through the gate,
Welcome in Falconreach!
The thing you want to do now is save Falconreach as your hometown.
From the gate go right once and enter the left building, talk to the blond girl there, select ?select hometown? and click ?yes?.
Congratulations you set your first hometown!

Getting your dragon

I?m not going to say much about this, talk to Twilly (The red rabbit like thing on the tree stump) to start looking for the Dragon Egg.
This guide?will help with finding it.

What can I do in Falconreach?

In falconreach you can:

Train mana and health potions so they heal more.
Travel to other towns by clicking on the sign and choosing ?Travel??Map with names.
Do lots of other quests!
Dragon Amulet holders can unlock the Archknight character by talking to ash.

and a lot more.

The orb saga AKA Chapter 1

If you want to follow the orb saga in the order they were released.
Here is the order.

Wind Orb ??Osprey cove
Help the Pirates to fight against the Ninja?s and save the Wind orb from evil, you can also unlock the?Pirate armor.
Wind Orb ??Shadow of the Wind Village
Help the Ninjas to fight against the Pirates and save the wind orb from evil, you can train the?ninja armor?here.
Light Orb ??Sandsea?
Help the rebels defeat the evil emperor Sek-Duat, train the?Ranger armor.
Darkness Orb ??Necropolis
Invade the Necropolis, learn Artix and Vayle?s past and save the Darkness orb, you can also train?Paladin,?Necromancer?and?Deathknight.?
Ice Orb ??Dragesvard
Help Galanoth repel an army of evil ice creatures and get the Ice orb, Galanoth will train you in the art of the?Dragonslayer.
Energy Orb ??Popsprocket
Help the Gnomes defeat Balthazar and Sepulchure and retrieve the Energy Orb, You can also train?Technomancer?here.
Fire Orb ??BattleOn?
Fight in one of the biggest wars ever, get a magical ice weapon and try to get the Fire orb.
Water Orb ??The Locker
Go underwater (how? click the link for ?the locker?) meet Aquella, defeat Captain Davey and Kathoo and try to retrieve the Water orb.
Nature Orb ??Willowshire
Defeat evil dragons, learn about the origin of the orbs, meet the Shapeshifter Fae and try to save the Earth orb from evil
Ultimate orb ??Falconreach
The final confrontation with Sepulchure, can you stop him?

*Note* The Wind orb saga takes place in 2 towns but you only have to finish one.
*Note2* You also have to do the Bacon origin saga at?Valencia.
*Note3* Ravenloss is also good to do after the boss fight with Noxus and before meeting with Vayle.

Elemental dissonance AKA chapter 2

This is the next main quest chain in Dragonfable.

The Rift war???The Anomaly AKA atrea.
Mysterious portals appear all over the place, strange creatures come out chased by fire monsters. What are the creatures? What is their story? Time to find it out!

Rising fire???The Anomaly AKA atrea
More monsters are coming from the portals, this time it seems the mastermind behind this all will show himself, will he really? play and find out!

The search for the professor???The Anomaly AKA atrea???Yolande
The professor can help you, unfortunatly he disapeared, its your job to find him

Wrath of Wargoth???The Anomaly AKA atrea
Wargoth?s final and biggest war! Defeat the army of monsters and face Wargoth, but are you strong enough?

*Note* If you have a Dragon Amulet I highly recommend playing the Alexander saga (Check ?(wb4)? for more information as of how to get there) since it has a lot to do with Chapter 2.
*Note 2* New players have trouble unlocking Yolande?s questchain, Check?How to Unlock the Atrea quest chain!?for information how to unlock it.

The end of magic AKA Chapter 3

A hero is thawed?? Quest log > Book 3 > A hero is thawed > Chapter 3.
Witness the hero getting thawed after years of being trapped inside an iceblock, but the world has changed and there?s a mysterious cult hunting magical beings and users of magic.

Help Cinquefoil???Surewould Forest Book3
Help Cinquefoil, a infiltrant in the rose, to find out the Rose?s plans! but who is this mysterious person?

Trouble in the sandsea! (Starting from the ?Life Finds A Way ? quest)???Surewould Forest Book3
After you met Hanza, Cinquefoil now sends you to a place you?ve been before, The sandsea! What has changed?

The wind elf resistance???Sulen?Eska
Join the windelfs in their battle against the rose and bring back people?s faith in magic! But how?

I will add new stuff here when it is released

Side Quests

There are also a lot of sidequests in Dragonfable.
I ordered them in order they were released.

Sir Valance?Oaklore keep
Help Sir Valance study the sneevils
Thursdays quests?Amityvale
Help Thursday by doing things for her.
Warlic Lymcrest Quest Chain?Warlic?s zone
Help Warlic defeat Xan.
Nythera Quest Chain?Warlic?s zone
Help Nythera become one of the greatest mages alive
Sir Ano?Oaklore keep
Help Sir Ano become a Pactognal knight.
Bacon Orgins?That a way (Valencia)
Help Valencia find out the orgins of the Bacon element, meet Zeuster and get the?Evolved chickencow armor
Save Aria who accidentally got into Wanderland.
Lore is losing its color! Find out what is causing it!
Ravenloss Saga?Ravenloss
Help Tomix explore Ravenloss and defeat greed, you can also train the?Soulweaver armor.
Zorbak?s legion?Amityvale
Help Zorbak train his legion of baby dracoliches.
The Clashening?Falconreach
Help Lim prove that Science is superior to magic and see Cysero have fun with Magic in the end, you decide!

Falconreach spy saga?Falconreach
The pets are acting strange, maybe Grams knows why.
Vilmor?s saga (DA only)?Dragonsgrasp
Help inspector Doyle find the escaped criminal Vilmor.
True Mortal?s Saga?Stoneheart Fall
Help True Mortal to stop Nivalis and protect the gates.


Stay away from them! They will try to take over your mind!
Still curious?
Well they are very strong weapons you can obtain at lvl 8 (?!?)
The downside is that they cost a lot of gold (Check?this guide?for good gold farming spots).
You can buy them if from the main screen of Falconreach you go left twice , up once , talk to the orb and select ?*gulp* shop?.
If you want you can give them more power by upgrading them.
Check?this guide?for the information how to do that.

For people coming back

Welcome back to dragonfable!
If you left in an early stage I recommend reading the beginners part.

What happened while I was gone?

Well DF updates every week so probably a lot!
You can look at?this?and?this?guide
They contain every release Dragonfable has had.
If you have trouble with releases always feel free to use the?Dragonfable Q&A forums.

What is this Doomknight stuff I?ve heard about?

Doomknight?is the strongest armor in Dragonfable.
You can buy a piece of equipment, every 6 months you had a Dragon Amulet.
Every piece of equipment (Sword, Helm, Cloak and Armor) costs $19,95 and comes with 10000 Dragon coins EACH!
If you wait 2 years you get a discount, instead of $79,80 you pay $65,00.

What is the levelcap?

The current levelcap is 80 this updates once a year most of the times.
If it?s raised I?ll edit it here.

I heard something about special characters?

In Dragonfable you can unlock 2 characters for special storylines.
This can only be done if you have a Dragon Amulet or in The Archknight saga?s case a?Verified Guardian
One is the Ash Dragonblade saga called ?Arch knight?
You can unlock it by talking to Ash and choosing the ?Archknight? button.
You can now choose Ash in the character selection.
For help check the?Archknight guide

The other is the Alexander saga.
Go to Swordhaven.


When you are at Swordhaven, you have to go to the burned house. To get there, follow these directions.
Go up -> up -> left -> left -> left -> up through the gate -> left -> up ->right -> right and there is the house. Just enter it and go right. There you will find a book. Open it (by walking towards it) and click on the button.

*Took the quote from?Guide to Alexander?s past*

For both of them


Classes for all and free

SoulWeaver: Ravenloss, Tomix (Requires completion of the RavenLoss storyline. Requires 3 shards of the Spirit Loom ) (Recommended)?Pedia Link
Powerful. But mana eating. Famed for the ?Banishment? skill.?

Pirate: Osprey Cove, Captain Rhubarb (Requires the Forged Papers)?Pedia Link

A power class. This class, along with Ninja and DeathKnight, has attacks that are only available for each base class.

Ninja: Shadow of the Wind Village, Thyton (Requires the Itchy Itchy Paradise)?Pedia Link

A defensive class. This class, along with Pirate and DeathKnight, has attacks that are only available for each base class.

DragonLord?(DA only), SunBreeze Grove, Elysia. (Requires to complete a quest for each skill. They are the same quest though) (Recommended)?Guide?

Very defensive. Yet very slow in offense. Are you those who have patience? If yes, this class will help you destroy all the bosses

Technomancer, Popsprocket, Yix (Requires lvl 30 and a Charged Cog) (Recommended)?Guide

Another offensive class. It?s famed for it?s skills: ?Debug? and ?Mana Grenade?

Paladin/DeathKnight/Necromancer: Necropolis, Artix. (Requires completion of the Necropolis storyline Part One, and for the the junk items to unlock/other requirements). (Recommended) Please read the?guide

Paladins for BEATING Undead, of course, Necromancers, you call out minions to fight for you, has a skill that makes the opponent heal you, a skill that has 50/50 chance for either the opponent to attack himself, or gives them a high boost for them to kill you.

DeathKnight is a mixture of both. They can call minions, but their attacks are as ferocious as Paladin?s are.

Ranger: Sandsea, Zhoom (Requires 3 Ancient Treasures)?Guide

A class for ROGUES. That?s because nearly every skill uses DEX.

Base Class: Mage/Rogue/Warrior: You get them from the start of the game. To change them, you have to pay 500 DCs though


Guide: A comparison between the base classes

Dragon Coin classes

Kathool Adept Armour: Cysero?s Shop of Savings (The shop at the furthest left)?Recommended?Guide

A powerhouse, yet has not bad defense

EnTropy: Cysero?s shop of savings (The shop at the furthest left)?Recommended?Guide

A defensive tank, yet has not bad offense

Gnomish Personal SteamTank?(From the weapon shop in Popsprocket)

A near Jack-of-all trades. Has a bit of this, a bit of that

Pyromancer?Cysero?s shop of savings (The shop at the furthest left)

An armor that has great durabillity because of its great healing skills, this is a very good armor for tough bosses.?

ChickenCow Armour/Evolved ChickenCow armour: Quite aLOT of ways to obtain, so you should check the?pedia?for ChickenCow armour.
Evolved ChickenCow Armour?(Reccomended)

Famed for their Attack: Mad ChickenCow Attack. In other words, EXTREME powerhouse

Seasonal Classes

PumpkinLord/Evolved Pumpkin Lord: Mogloween (Requires an amount of candy to train)?Guide

Another Jack-of-all trades. Does nearly everything, but not that good

Frost Moglin Armour?(Recommended) : Frostval, Act three. (Requires 3 Slay Bells)?Guide

An offensive, yet defensive class. (Plus, it?s fat and fluffy, what?s not to like ;)?

Zardbie: Mogloween. When you go into the Resident Sneevil Camp and fight in the War. You will turn into a Zardbie. Any attempts of leaving the war screen will make you go back to your base class.?Pedia Link

DoT monster. Highest DoT can go up to 250+ dmg. OMG

TogSlayer?: Frostval, Act 6, the last chapter. Go left, up left (In a same scene), Then go to the Moglin with a Eye Patch and you can train! (Requires coal) (Recommended)Note: Coal is returning for 1 day in game in a quest filled with Togs in Oaklore on the 29th February for everyone to train it again.

Powerhouse. But it?s not finished yet. Only 7 skills. If the other side is just as good, man, it?s gonna be AWESOME

Saving Classes and equipment

For saving Armour and equipment, the following guide wll be of good use to you:?How to Save Your Armor and Equipment.

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