DragonFable Chronomancer Guide


DragonFable Chronomancer Guide?by Silver Xoven


Hi, I?m Silver Xoven, and this is the?Chronomancer guide. It will tell you about the Chronomancer armor, which is only obtainable by buying it from?www.HeroMart.Com?and buying the Year of the Moglin calendar. I?ll tell you about the armor?s skills, what?s a good build for it, and what are the best strategies to use it for. This is my first armor guide, so feel free to comment and help me with this. If you do, you?ll be added to the credits, naturally. Thanks! Note that all of these builds and strategies are tested, so they should be pretty accurate. Also note that there?may be?(might add some in the future) several different builds, so you can pick one that you prefer.

Chronomancer Skills

From left to right

Blade of Meanwhile?? Deals three, 200% damage hits
Continuum Slash?? Hits the enemy twice for 15% per hit based on monsters hp.
Overclock?? Increases your boost by 40% for 5 turns, then attacks. (This attack counts as turn 1)
Rewind?? Recovers 20% of your maximum HP
Time Bombs?? Attacks the enemy and inflicts Time Bomb, reducing opponents damage by 20% for 4 turns
Multi Strike?? Hits all enemies in battle
Record?? Hits the opponent 3 times, each hit dealing 50% weapons damage
Attack! ? Deals 100% of weapon damage
Chrono Orb?? Inflicts Blind, -50 to hit for 4 turns
Tempus Storm?? Inflicts Wound, a DoT effect that deals 20% of weapons damage over 5 turns
Chronolock?? Stuns the enemy for 3 turns
Chronosphere?? Attacks the enemy and increases Melee, Pierce, and Magic defenses by 140 points
Mana Steal?? Deals 5 hits of 50% weapons damage to your opponents mana and recovers 2% of your maximum mana
Fast Forward?? Resets all cooldown timers
Blink?? Deals 4 hits of 50% damage and has a 70% chance of skipping your opponents turn

Chronomancer Bugs

The biggest problem used to be Blink. It used to be bugged (and still sorta is), it has/had many bugs. The first is that the game freezed whenever you used it. Now Verlyrus and Rolith have fixed it, so it should work properly, granting you another turn after you use it. It is not a bug if you use Blink and the enemy can still attack, the rate is ?only? 70%. The second one is when you kill your opponent with Blink, you?ll still have one turn when the enemy is dead. Just use a skill, and you?ll ?win? the battle (be advised: use a skill that doesn?t use MP, like ?Attack?, so you save some MP ;P). Another one is when you fight a Chronomancer in PvP, and your opponent uses Blink, you get the extra turn. Then, with Time Bombs, you shoot the bombs out of the screen, so you don?t see the explosion. There *should* not be any more bugs with Chronomancer.

Attack Rotations

Note! All are hand tested by me.

Normal Battles?? The enemy should probably have less than 300 HP, sometimes 500 (at level 60). So you could probably use?Record,?Blade of Meanwhile, or?Blink, as these are all powerful skills, they should kill you enemy at once, even at lower levels.

Note?? You can always use?Chronosphere?at first, or?Chronolock, if you want to be sure that the enemy dies, and then use a powerful skill to complete the fight.

PvP???Chronolock,?Overclock,?Blade of Meanwhile,?Blink,?Record. The enemy should be dead by now (or at least low HPed), if he has around 1,600 HP (at level 60). This also works for lower levels. If the enemy?s not dead, you can always use?Fast Forward, and repeat the steps.

Note?? You can always use?Chronosphere?after?Blink, so you won?t get hit.

NOTE!?? It is not advised to use?Fast Forward?in the very first battles in PvP (or in any quests), as Fast Forward?s cooldown will continue after battles, even after quests.

NOTE!?? Yes, another one of these. If you?re fighting against Dragonlords in PvP, it IS recommended to use?Chronosphere?before OR after?Blink, since the Dragonlord AI will always try stun at their second turn.

Boss Fights/Hard Fights?? Basically the same as PvP.?Chronolock,?Overclock,?Blade of Meanwhile,?Blink,?Record. If not dead,?Fast Forward?and repeat the steps. Here you can also use?Chronosphere?when the enemy is about to come out of the stun, ensuring you won?t lose HP.

Builds & Gear

Gearing your awesome Chronomancer is simple. Use the equipment which are close to your level/are the best for your level. You can scroll through accessories at?Accessories by Level?and?High Level Accessories Guide III, and find your weapons at?Best Weapons For Your Level And Class. But some advice I?ll give you. The Chrono?Blade/Dagger/?Staff?fits perfectly with Chronomancer. And the?Chronovisage?and?Chronocape?fits as a helmet and a cape. All of these Chronomancer items were presented to you by True Mortal.

Now, for the stat builds.

At level 70
STR/INT/DEX?? 200*
END?? 70
LUK?? 55
WIS?? 20

The mightiest Chronomancer of all time. Awesome damage, very high HP, good Crits, and good MP.

At level 60
STR/INT/DEX?? 175*
END?? 55
LUK?? 45
WIS?? 20
This one has good damage, good HP, better Crits, and a good amount of MP, as the Chronomancer doesn?t use that much MP.

At level 50
STR/INT/DEX?? 150*
END?? 50
LUK?? 30
WIS?? 15
Again, good damage, good HP, good Crits, and decent MP.

At level 40
STR/INT/DEX?? 120*
END?? 40
LUK?? 20
WIS?? 15
Again, good damage, good HP, good Crits, and decent MP.

At level 30
END?? 30
LUK?? 20
WIS?? 15
And of course, good damage, good HP, good Crits, and decent MP.

At level 20
END?? 30
WIS?? 5
Yet again, good damage, good HP, good Crits, and decent MP.

At level 10
END?? 15
Yes, good damage, good HP, good Crits, and decent MP.

*Depends on your base class: STR for Warrior, INT for Mage, DEX for Rogue.

Final Words

Overally, the Chronomancer armor is pretty good, with its awesome design and powerful skills. We are not unbeatable, but if we?re near you, don?t blink, never blink? 😉

Well, anyway, it was fun making this guide. Hope you can find your stuff here. Please post/PM me if you want to add, criticize, correct, or just thank me. Please, share your opinions before I send this to the approval request thread. Thanks for reading!

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