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DragonFable Leveling and Stats Guide by Doom Zero

Section I: Introduction

So, just so you don?t have some unknown stranger telling you all these things, and also to help you understand me a bit better, I?m going to talk a bit about myself. If you?re not interested at all, you can just skip over this.
So. I?ve been playing DragonFable for? Uhh? Let?s see, about 4 or 5 years now, so I?ve been with the game for quite a while. On the forums, however, it?s a different story; I?ve been on the forums for only a few months, but I like to believe I?ve at least made a small impact on the community. I don?t exactly phrase what I say correctly all the time, so it might come out a biiiiit jumbled. I like to make people laugh a lot, so expect some little silly things through-out the guide. It?s not going to be a big thing, though, so when it comes to the stats and formulas, I will try to be completely serious.
My ?mission statement? is that I want to inform people, while also keeping them interested, without being bored to death with facts. Since I?m pretty good at math, formulas really interest me. On top of that, I like answering people?s questions and helping people always makes me feel good. All of this makes me feel like I?m the best person around to make this guide. If that doesn?t sound arrogant? 😛

A Table of Contents
Section I: Introduction
Section II: Introduction to Stats and Leveling Up
Section III: Leveling up
Section IV: Stats explanations
Section V: Stat formulas
Section VI: Conclusion

Section II: Introduction to the Actual Guide
Now, on to the actual guide. I?ve told you about myself, now it?s time to get started. So you have no idea what stats are. You?re thoroughly confused. Or maybe you just need a bit of explanation on the matter. Then WELCOME! I?m making this guide to tell you about stats. Yes, stats. I?m going to assume you (The general reader) have no idea was stats are, or even how to level up. If you have a basic knowledge of experience points, just bare with me. So, in Dragonfable, your character has a specific level. When you start the game, that level is 1. To level up, you must get the required number of experience points. I?ll cover that in the next section. When you level up, you?ll get this screen.

As you level up, you will be given 20 hp and 5 mp, as well as five stat points. The HP and MP are added automatically, but you must assign the points to one of the 7 stats manually. These stats are: STR, INT, DEX, END, WIS, CHA, and LUK. I will cover those in the stat explanations section. To assign stat points, you must go to one of 3 stat trainers. The stat trainers can be found in Oaklore, FalconReach, and your house.

Oaklore?s trainer is named Rolith is easily identifiable by his hammer and single winged shoulder. It also helps that he has a giant yellow ! over his head and is at the first screen in Oaklore.
FalconReach?s trainer is Sir Render. He can be found in the town hall, which is the building south of the starting screen in falconreach. The building is marked by a coin with a crown.
The trainer found in your character?s house is named Sir Clyde. You must buy Clyde from the Green Orb in order to use him, though. I wouldn?t recommend this, because the other trainers are free, while Clyde costs DragonCoins.

Well, that?s about it for the introductions. Next we have Leveling Up!
Section III: Leveling up
Okay, so, you?ve got the basics down. Level up, get stat points, put points into stats. All good. Now that we know that? How exactly do we level up? That?s easy! All you have to do is go to any quest available, I?d suggest starting with the Dragon Saga, as when you complete it you get your very own dragon! But this is a Leveling and Stats Guide, so I?m going to get back on topic. So, any quest available, and defeat some monsters. Depending on the monsters and your level, you will get various amounts of experience points (EXP). Unfortunately, most quests scale to your level, so the monsters do to. Therefore, we can?t really get a good idea of the range of EXP given by different monsters. One thing we do know, however, is that even though the EXP earned increases as you level up, the amount of EXP needed increases at a larger rate, so as you level up it will take longer and longer before you reach the next level. If you need an exact chart? Here it is.

Experience Needed To Reach The Next Level:
Leveling Formula: Level * Level * 100 Note, however, that the first 5 levels are not calculated by this formula. From level 6 onwards, this formula takes affect.

  • Level 1 to 2 ? 20 EXP
  • Level 2 to 3 ? 100 EXP
  • Level 3 to 4 ? 300 EXP
  • Level 4 to 5 ? 600 EXP
  • Level 5 to 6 ? 1000 EXP
  • Level 6 to 7 ? 3600 EXP
  • Level 7 to 8 ? 4900 EXP
  • Level 8 to 9 ? 6400 EXP
  • Level 9 to 10 ? 8100 EXP
  • Level 10 to 11 ? 10000 EXP
  • Level 11 to 12 ? 12100 EXP
  • Level 12 to 13 ? 14400 EXP
  • Level 13 to 14 ? 16900 EXP
  • Level 14 to 15 ? 19600 EXP
  • Level 15 to 16 ? 22500 EXP
  • Level 16 to 17 ? 25600 EXP
  • Level 17 to 18 ? 28900 EXP
  • Level 18 to 19 ? 32400 EXP
  • Level 19 to 20 ? 36100 EXP
  • Level 20 to 21 ? 40000 EXP
  • Level 21 to 22 ? 44100 EXP
  • Level 22 to 23 ? 48400 EXP
  • Level 23 to 24 ? 52900 EXP
  • Level 24 to 25 ? 57600 EXP
  • Level 25 to 26 ? 62500 EXP
  • Level 26 to 27 ? 67600 EXP
  • Level 27 to 28 ? 72900 EXP
  • Level 28 to 29 ? 78400 EXP
  • Level 29 to 30 ? 84100 EXP
  • Level 30 to 31 ? 90000 EXP
  • Level 31 to 32 ? 96100 EXP
  • Level 32 to 33 ? 102400 EXP
  • Level 33 to 34 ? 108900 EXP
  • Level 34 to 35 ? 115600 EXP
  • Level 35 to 36 ? 122500 EXP
  • Level 36 to 37 ? 129600 EXP
  • Level 37 to 38 ? 136900 EXP
  • Level 38 to 39 ? 144400 EXP
  • Level 39 to 40 ? 152100 EXP
  • Level 40 to 41 ? 160000 EXP
  • Level 41 to 42 ? 168100 EXP
  • Level 42 to 43 ? 176400 EXP
  • Level 43 to 44 ? 184900 EXP
  • Level 44 to 45 ? 193600 EXP
  • Level 45 to 46 ? 202500 EXP
  • Level 46 to 47 ? 216200 EXP
  • Level 47 to 48 ? 220900 EXP
  • Level 48 to 49 ? 230400 EXP
  • Level 49 to 50 ? 240100 EXP
  • Level 50 to 51 ? 250000 EXP
  • Level 51 to 52 ? 261000 EXP
  • Level 52 to 53 ? 272200 EXP
  • Level 53 to 54 ? 283900 EXP
  • Level 54 to 55 ? 296100 EXP
  • Level 55 to 56 ? 308800 EXP
  • Level 56 to 57 ? 322000 EXP
  • Level 57 to 58 ? 335700 EXP
  • Level 58 to 59 ? 349900 EXP
  • Level 59 to 60 ? 364600 EXP
  • Level 60 to 61 ? 9999999999999999999999?.. EXP

Okay, just to mix it up a bit, I?m getting my good friend Hogo to write an explanation of the 50-59 formula, as he pretty much made the entire thing himself. I gave him the information though, so I had some part in it? But seriously, there no way I could come up with this. Now, I?ll let Hogo explain.

At level 51 the formula for finding the exp needed changes and becomes a little more difficult to find. The formula for finding the EXP needed is:
; where x = level #.

This means that if you want to find the EXP needed to level from level 52 to level 53 you do the following:

Step 1:

In this formula x will be replaced by 52 as that is the level we need to find out the ?EXP needed to level up? for.

Step 2:

Here I have gone ahead and added the 52 in all the places that x was present.

Step 3:

52 ? 49 = 3, therefore we replace the ?x ? 49? with 3. Now, since the 52 is squared, we will need to multiply 52 with 52 = 2704.

Step 4:

We now do the equation 3 + 1 which equals 4, everything in the smallest bracket needs to be done first.

Step 5:

3(4) means 3 multiplied by 4 therefore, 3 * 4 = 12. This leaves 12 divided by 2, 12 / 2 = 6.

Step 6:

We then collapse the brackets and we are left with 6 multiplied by 3, 6 * 3 = 18.

Step 7:

We are now at the final step. Collapse the remaining brackets and you should be left with 18 + 2704 = 2722. But we are actually not done yet. Multiply the answer with 100 and you are done. 2722 * 100 = 272200. You therefore need 272200 EXP points in order to level up from level 52 to 53.

Note: The level cap is level 60; you can?t level up any further than 60 yet. That is why when you get to level 60, it will take an infinite amount of EXP to reach the next level. Once the level cap is raised to level 70, the EXP needed will likely be changed to 360000, unless they change the formula again when they release it, which probably won?t be for another few months.

If you?re in need of leveling up quickly, or really want to reach that next level, you should try some of the quests mentioned in another guide, Experience Farming ? How To Do It and Where To Go V3

So? Yeah? Leveling up. Fight monsters, get EXP, level up. That?s easy and simple. Next section, we get a little more complicated? Okay, yeah, there really isn?t anything more complicated than THAT. In the next section, we cover what each stat does. ?

Section IV: Stat Explanations
Now that you know how to get stat points AND where to assign them, you need to know what they do! ?Because this wouldn?t be a good guide if I didn?t tell you.

Strength (STR): Increases Melee damage. Used by Warriors and almost all sub-classes in the game except for two.

Intelligence (INT): Increases Magic damage. Used by Mages and Necromancers.

Dexterity (DEX): Increases Pierce damage. Used by Rogues and Rangers.

Endurance (END): Increases max Health Points (HP)

Wisdom (WIS): Increases max Mana Points (MP)

Charisma (CHA): Increases pet damage. Only noticably works for releases made after the 9.0.0 engine release. Personater is working on that, though. It also affects Baby Dragon specials, along with stat rolls.

Luck (LUK): It ?affects all little things in the game?, as said by the staff. We don?t really know what exactly it does, though. However, we do know it affects every stat roll in the game, critical hit rates and the Baby Dragon?s special attacks. Note: This DOES NOT affect rare item drop rates.

Item Bonuses
Some items (Meaning almost all, at higher levels) give stat bonuses. Those are shown as + blue numbers. If I unequip the items, the bonuses go away. For example, if I equip items and get +8 END, that gives me + 40 HP, until I un-equip the items I have 1035 HP. When I do unequip them, my HP goes down back down to 995.

Okay, now little children miiiiight want to avert their eyes, because there is a complex equation coming? This equation shows the code for how a Dragon does a special attack.

Special Attacks ? When this equation is verified, the baby dragon will use a skill. Otherwise, it will do its normal attack.

R <= 10 + Ceiling[0.1 * Stats + (PlayerCHA + PlayerLUK) / 10]

R is a random integer between 0 and 100 included. (0 <= R <= 100)
Stats is an integer corresponding to the total of baby dragon stat points currently ATTRIBUTED (through training).
Ceiling(value) means that ?value? is always rounded UP, even if it is 0.0001.
Also, LUK and CHA are the same when increasing the dragon?s chance to use it?s special attack more.

Yeah. If you understand that, Congratulations. If you don?t, don?t worry, you aren?t alone in that.

Now, for a more in-depth explanation of certain ones.

Wisdom was released as part of version 9.0.0. See, before 9.0 was released, Intelligence raised Mana Points. Now Intelligence only increases Magic damage, and Wisdom increases Mana Points.

Dexterity was also changed. Instead of doing Range damage it now does Pierce damage, and Range damage has been removed from the game. The reason for this was that daggers used to do Melee damage instead of Range because, well, it made sense.
But daggers are Rogue?s weapons. And DEX was supposed to be the Rogue?s main stat. This made all the Rogues train STR instead of DEX. Well, there?s a problem. So 9.0.0 changed daggers so they would do pierce damage, and the DEX stat now increases Pierce damage.

All good, right? Right. Well, except for the fact that the these two stat changes made pretty much every player have to retrain their stats. Oh no, you?re thinking, that?s terrible! Well, not quite. To combat this, the DF team gave everybody enough gold to retrain their stats COMPLETELY. Yeah. Now, why can?t the real world do this exact thing? But wait, how did they know how much gold to give everybody? Well, that?s easy! I?ll be covering that in Section V: Stat Formulas. Coming soon. Meaning scroll down.

Section V: Stat Formulas

Stat Formulas. Yeah. In this section I will cover all the technical stuff behind stats. This is the section of the guide you NEED if you want to set up your character?s stats properly. If you?re only interested in understanding stats, though, you can ignore this section, as it?s total math complicated gibberish.

Before I launch into the formulas, however, you need to know that I will be using my character as an example. The basic thing you need to know about my character is that my level is 42. Yeah, that?s the only variable in the formulas. Well, and the amount of stat points you have.

Formula 1: Max HP

100 + (20 x (L - 1)) + (5 x S)

Okay, so, that formula is to calculate your max HP. I?ll break it down into steps, and replace them with my level and amount of END.
100 + (20 x (42-1)) + (5 x 15)
100 + (20 x 41) + (5 x 15)
100 + 820 + 75

See, that 100 is because at level 1, you start with 100 HP. The L ? 1 is because you don?t have 20 hp at level 1, and the 5 x S is because 1 END = 5 HP.

Formula 2: Max MP

100 + (5 x (L - 1)) + (10 x S)

Same as before. L = Level, S = amount of points in that stat. This S is WIS instead of END, however.

100 + (5 x (42 ? 1)) + (10 x 40)
100 + (5 x 41) + (10 x 40)
100 + 205 + 400

Exactly as before, just a different stat.

Formula 3: Retraining your stats

Just a side note before I state the formula, this is the one the staff used to determine the gold given to players to retrain. Just for people who are curious about what I said before.

1000 + ((L - 1) x 5) x L

So, this formula is used to determine how much it would cost to retrain your stats. The absolute essential for those economically conscious adventurers out there.

1000 + ((42 ? 1) x 5) x 42
1000 + (41 x 5) x 42
1000 + 205 x 42
1000 + 8610

So, now to explain the formula. See, in the middle of this is the equation to find out how many stat points you have. (L ? 1) x 5.
Then, the x L is to determine the cost, as each stat point costs your level to train.

Formula 4: STR/DEX/INT Stat Effects
This is the thread that contains the formula. It also has a few interesting other things, so check it out, there may be something interesting you didn?t know.

Stat Points 50 and Under -- ROUND(Stat/5) 
Stat Points 150 and Under - ROUND(10+0.1*(Stat-50)) 
Stat Points 151 and Over -- ROUND(20+.075*(Stat-150))

The formula has become a lot more complicated than before, as you can see. So, my INT is 100, so I?ll be using the middle section.
ROUND (10 + 0.1 x (Stat ? 50))
ROUND (10 + 0.1 x (100 ? 50))
ROUND (10 + 0.1 x 50)
ROUND (10 + 5)

What you do is you take which ever formula includes your stat points, 150 and under includes 100, so that?s mine. Then subtract a certain amount from your stat, either 5, 50, or 150. For me, 50. After that, you multiply that by either 0.1 or 0.75, or if you have under 50 stat points, you don?t multiply it by anything, and you can leave it until the last step. Once you do that, you add either 10, or 20. Okay, last step. No matter what formula you?re using, this is all the same. You round your result to the closest whole number. If your result is .49 or lower, you basically lose a point of damage. If it?s .50 or up, you gain a point.
In the example, the result is a whole number, so that?s not that great of an example. See, the 15 means I get an additional 15 points of damage added to my basic damage. If you calculate that even farther, with your max and min damage, you can find your basic average damage.
By the way, credit goes to DragonBlade and the AKs that tested to find that, it must?ve taken a while.

Section VI: Conclusion

Man? What a weirdo. I?m glad they finally left?
Oh! You?re still here? Ohhh right? I forgot to conclude this guide? *Yawn* Well, okay then?

Congratulations! You?ve reached the end of this guide! You now know everything there is to know about stats? Unless I missed something. But I probably didn?t. So almost everything there is to know. Until, of course, the next time stats are updated. And then? I?ll be back?
On an unrelated note, thank you for reading my first guide. I had a lot of fun writing it. If there?s a need for a guide on another DF topic I?m interested, and I have some spare time, I?ll make another guide. Maybe if a lot of people like this guide, I?m still not entirely sure if guides are the right thing for me. Moving on from the maybe-I?ll-make-one-later? -ness? I?d be stupid not to say that I?ve done this by myself. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me with the guide.

Thanks to:
Knavish, the original owner of the guide.
Tag, the second owner of the guide.
Jonaza, the previous owner of the guide.
Armakuny, for sending me the code of this guide.
The Lengendary Hero, for approving my request to update the guide.
Hogo, for helping me out with that massive equation.
Trans21, for the leveling up picture and some guide tips that seem really useful.
SlyCooperFan1 and Sasuke Uchiha1132 for correcting some of my mistakes.
Artix Entertainment, for creating this game.
The DF team, for keeping this game interesting and unique.
You, the reader, for reading my first guide. (I always hate it when guides thank the reader. That?s why I just had to do it myself. But seriously, though, thanks.)

Just because I?ve written the conclusion doesn?t mean I?m done the guide, however. If anybody has anything to add, just PM me, and I?ll be sure to add it.


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