Dragon’s Call 2 Beginner’s Guide


Dragon?s Call 2 Beginner?s Guide by Weeddy888

Hello all I wrote this guide because some of you didn?t got the chance to play on ?CLOSE BETA?, and couldn?t test some of the game features, so enjoy!

Chapter I:?Class

Many of you probably played DC I, where you had only one character, here things are a bit different, you have one main character and other secondary characters(up to 8), and that?s the beauty of the game, because it?s verry balanced. For example if u choose Mage as main, you can choose?sins and?warrios as secondary?s, So be free to choose whatever you want.

Chapter II:?Leveling

The fastest way to lvl is doing quests, but if you are out of quests try to ?Muse?(a?system?that gives?exp?even if you are logged out) all the?time, and sweep the instance that gives you the highest exp. You will need ActionPoints?to get?items?for upgrading gear so try to balance lvling with upgrading.

For the secondary characters you can use ?Altar? to get them at the same lvl as your main char, they can?t have higher lvl, my advice is to unlock 2-3 altar positions if u aren?t using DG and all if you are a DG user.

Chapter III:?Gear

There is only one tipe of gear in the game and it?s universal(no class boundaries), except wepons. At lvl 10, you will get a starters kit with one complete gear set, wich you can refine(the lvl of your gear can?t be higher then your main characther lvl). The refine system is simple you need only?gold??to refine your gear and it has?100% success rate.

When you?ll reach lvl 20, you will be able to upgrade you gear as follows: -lvl 20?Kingdon Equipmen

-lvl 40?Thunderclap Equipment

-lvl 60?Raven Equipment

-lvl 70?Glory Equipment

-lvl 80?Destiny Equipment

To upgrade your equipment you need a?scroll(you can get scrolls by completing Heroic?Instances) and certain?items(you can get them from Normal Instance and from BlackMarket) or if you are a DragonGold user you can craft the scroll automatically. So if you aren?t a DG user follow the BlackMarket items and try to buy them in advance.

Now I?ll?show?how to use scrolls:

Step 1: You got a scroll:

Step 2: Select your character and you?ll see a Up Arrow, click on it!

Step 3: Now you?ll see the ?Combine? menu with the necesary items(If you dont?t have all the items you can click on them and you?ll be directed where you can find them)

Step 4: When you?ll have all the necessary items select ?Combination? and you?ll get the new item, also?100% success rate

Higher lvl equipment gives you better?stats?and also it increases your Attack Speed, wich is essential if u want to start the battle.

Chapter IV:?Stats

When you select yor character you?ll see 4 stats: HP, Strenght, Skill and Intellect:

For Strenght, Skill and Intellect you have 3 options to increase them: ?Potion


?Special Skill(only for main character)


You can use?lvl 1 potions?once you?ll reach?lvl 10, you can use only 2 lvl 1 potion per stat, first one will give you +10 bonus and the second one +5.

Every 10 lvls you will be able to use higher potions:

For potion crafting you?ll need a potion scroll witch you can get from?BlackMarket?or?Medal Mechant(Xufu) and other materials or if you are a DG user and reach Vip7 u can craft potions using DG.

Here is an example how to craft potions:

?Step 1:?Get a scroll

Step 2:?Click on it and select ?Open?

?Step 3:?If u have all required materials select ?Combination? and you?ll get the potion in you?Backpack

Step 4:?Now you have to select the character that you want to use the potion on and select ?Potion?

Step 5:?Click on the plus icon and you?ll increase your stats


You can train all yor characters, the first 3-4 trainings will be ok but after that you?ll get negative stats as well. Here is an example:



Also you can use DG to train but i didn?t notice any difference. If you are a DG user and you reach Vip5 you have better chance to top your stats.

??Special Skill

Only you main character has special?skills, when you?ll reach lvl 40 you?ll have a new menu ?Skill?.

To gain a new special?skill?you?ll need a certain lvl and ?Blood Soul?, you will collect blood soul each time you finish a new instance but only for the first time.

At lvl 41 you?ll be able to?trade?1000 blood soul for your fisrt skill ?+3000hp?

When you?ll reach lvl 50 you?ll gain a new Attack Skill ?Frost Sharp Edge?

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