Dragon’s Call 2 Early Money and Power Guide


Dragon?s Call 2 Early Money and Power Guide by Lokhagos Stormblade

1. Spend bronze tokens you get from daily questing to buy level 3 potion scrolls. Each scroll you can sell for around 17-18k each effectively giving you the advantage of more money in early game.

2. First arena ranking rewards really do count. As much as possible get the highest rank of early arena rewards. Rank 1-20 will offer substantially 700k ? 2M gold getting you a super advantage over other players.

3. Do not rely on luck on boss hunt. When boss is near death, just wait and calculate when to move in order to get the last hit. Last hit kills give 1 million gold, With you getting that kind of money in early game will make a butterfly effect in Arena too. Possibly giving you more than 1 million gold because of your powerup and getting higher rank in Arena.

4. Spend action points in the highest level possible instance and just sweep them. Of course you can do this while farming materials also for recipes.

5. Buy materials in blackmarket, you may see this at first not significant, but as you start farming materials, you will be wasting action points too and getting minimal experience and gold from it. Let the blackmarket provide you materials and spend your action points on the best instance you can find for farming experience and gold.

6. Do not spend gold early game in astrology, at early levels, astrology is like a mini sweepstakes, most of the time you get nothing and a very small chance to get a good one. Spend your gold in upgrading equipments. It will give you more attack speed and overall performance.

7. Be present in boss fights and deathmatches. Each attack on those events give gold. Especially in boss fights, the stronger your damage, the more gold you get. That gold will be crucial for early development.

8. If you plan on using your action points in leveling up, use the instance that drops equipments also. At early game it will save you a lot since your heroes are nude and will save you 12k gold a piece.

9. Participate in game events for extra cash.

10. Always use the free 50 energy at 12 noon and 6PM of the day. Remember that they do not overwrite each other so you need to spend them before the next bonus gets in. More AP = more gold for you.

I guess that?s it folks? My techniques for getting to top 1-10 in Dragon?s Call 2. By the way I am the leader of Legend Guild VIP 0 and I am top 8 right now in Asian Server. See ya!!

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