Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Anthropus Items and Wave Attack Guide


Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Anthropus Items and Wave Attack Guide by Dreddnawt Mettlehead

There are several Item drops you can get from Anthropus (NPC) controlled locations such as Wildernesses and Camps. These range from the 1 Minute Speed Ups to Great Dragon Eggs and Armor. Knowing where and how to find these items is essential to success in DoA.

The first thing you need to know is you have the potential to win an item drop from ANY SUCCESSFUL attack on an NPC territory. It doesnt matter if there are anthro troops there or if you get resources from the raid, all that matters is if your troops survive to bring the loot home.

The second thing you need to know is the only way to increase your odds of getting a drop is to increase the level of the target location you are attacking. So a lvl 10 Camp gives better odds at an Armor drop than a lvl 5 Camp.

Third, Drop Rates are Randomized and are not common. This means you could get lucky and find what you need on your first attack, but mostly likely you will need to hit the target many times, if not hundreds of times, over. You can skip this painful process by simply purchasing the Items with rubies in the shop, or diligently slaughter Anthros for days.

Note: LBMs ARE NOT good units to use vs Anthros, especially when the Bowmen are alone. Using only Bowmen WILL get your troops killed. Any time you use Ranged by themselves there is a chance they will miss attacks and get slaughtered. So every time you send Bowmen to farm a camp youre tossing the dice on whether you will get those troops back. Take my advice or learn your lesson when you lose 50k troops like others have, its up to you.

You can use Bowmen with Minos to raid low level Wilds and Camps until you can build up some Dragons. DO NOT continue to use Bowmen to farm after you have Dragons or suffer the consequences. DO NOT use Bowmen without Melee protection. And DO NOT use Bowmen against a Camp over lvl 3 (Wild 5). You may win this time, maybe 100 times, but you will eventually lose. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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You also need to know WHERE to get the item drops you want:

Speed Ups:
The most common Anthropus drops are small speed boosts such as Blinks, Skips and Hops. These will reduce building, research, training, or marching times by 1, 5, and 15 minutes respectively. These are the easiest drops to get and are a regular sight for those of us Anthro farmers. Level 4 Camps have the best drop rates.

Speed Ups can be found from Anthropus Camps levels 2, 3, and 4. Or, they can be purchased in the Shop.

Dragon Eggs:

Currently, the only Egg available is the Water Dragon Egg that is a requirement to create your 1st Outpost. This is a RARE DROP. The randomization means you could potentially get this from the first Lake you hit, but you most likely will need to hit Lakes a few hundred times before you get this.

The Water Dragon Egg can be found in Lakes level 5 and greater. Or, the Egg can be purchased in the Shop.

Dragon Armor:

This Armor is needed in order to Research Aerial Combat and send your Great Dragon or Water Dragon on attacks. Great Dragon and Water Dragon Armors are separate piece sets but drop from the same locations. These drops are ALL RARE DROPS, so expect to attacks Camps hundreds of times in order to get these items. Also, the more pieces you get, the harder it becomes to find the rest. You will find your last couple Armor drops may take a long long time to find. Only once you have all 4 Armor pieces for a Dragon and have researched lvl 1 of Aerial Combat can you use the Dragon to accompany your troops on attacks. Dragon Armor DOES NOT effect the stats of the Dragon directly, but Aerial Combat research does.

Great Dragon Armor and Water Dragon Armor can be found in Anthropus Camps levels 5 and greater. Or, the Armor can be purchased in the Shop as a set or in Chests.

Fangtooth Respirators:

You can now find the respirators needed to train Fangtooths in your Training Camps by attacking Lakes and Anthropus Camps. These Respirators come in bundles of 100, 500, and 1000. Drop rates as I have seen are roughly 1:25. That is 25 Respirators per attack, on average. Youll never get only 25, but youll get 100 here and 500 there making up for the attacks in which you didnt get any. As expected, Camps have better drop rates then Lakes and higher lvls give better odds to find a drop.

Fangtooth Respirators can be found in Lakes, lvls 7 through 10, and in Anthropus Camps, lvls 7 through 10. Or, Respirators can be purchased in the Shop.

Large Speed Ups:
Once Upon A Time You actually could get bigger speed up items to drop from lvl 5 Camps and higher. You could find Jumps, Leaps, and Bounces (1hr, 2.5hr, 8hr) though they were very rare. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. These items DO NOT drop any more. If they will again in the future, only the Devs know. But I wouldnt go holding my breath if I were you. So to be clear; speed ups no longer drop from lvl 5 to 10 anthro camps.

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Lastly, you need to know HOW to best get the item drops. Due to the slim chances of finding a drop and the amount of attacks it takes to get one, the following strategies have been found to work best.

Spam Attacks:
~ IF attacking a wilderness: Capture all the wilds you can so you have no empty wilderness slots. The number of wilds you can conquer at once is equal to your Fort level (or Fort + Outpost Plain lvl, but you probably dont have an outpost yet if youre attacking wilds for the Egg). Open your Wilderness tab in the lower right to see what you have and what is still open.

~ Find a target as close to your city as possible. Make sure it is low enough level that you can defeat it without losses. Higher levels give better chance at drops so push the envelope.

~ Send most your army, enough to defeat it without loss, to clear it of anthros. Avoid sending slow troops like ATs and Giants. Be sure to keep 20 or so troops at home for the waves. You want these to be your fastest troops, Dragons work best.

~ Time your next attack on the target to hit just seconds AFTER your main army clears it. Pay attention to differences in marching times, your waves should move much faster then your main army.

~ Spam the target location with as many attacks as you possibly can, sending 1-2 dragons per attack to hit it repeatedly until the defending anthro troops start to respawn. Max out the amount of marches you can send at once and keep them maxed. If you start to take losses, stop attacking and recall all troops.

~ Wilds and Camps take a few minutes to respawn but the time is randomized and they dont respawn all at once. Watch how many troops are returning and pull back as soon as you see losses.You should be able to get in 12-20 attacks if your target isnt more then 1:30 away.

~ Wait a few minutes for it to fully respawn, then start again. Clear it, spam it, give it a rest.

EACH attack has a chance to gain an item, even when there are no defending troops or resources available. It doesnt matter if the attack has 1 troop or 100k, a single attack has a single chance for the drop. The above method maximizes your chances by simply increasing the number of attempts.

Wave Attacks:
You also have the option to continuously send waves if you have enough troops. You do pretty much the same as above but you instead make sure you have 20-30k Dragons left behind when your army goes to clear it.

You then send waves of 2000-3000 Dragons and dont let up at all (youll need more for higher level Camps). What this does is kill the respawning anthro before they can build up enough to be a threat. Only a few hundred will appear between the attacks as long as your waves arent more than 10-15 seconds apart. This way, you dont have to stop attacking and you dont have to keep clearing a full Wild/Camp.

This method requires more troops, constant attention, and has the risk factor to lose more troops if respawns build up too much before being killed. If you do miss some attacks or see losses, stop attacking and start again after it has fully respawned (give it 5min or so). Waiting a few minutes is better then losing troops needlessly.

Good Luck.

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