Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Troop Training Calculation


Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Troop Training Calculation by Arick

I?ve posted the Formula for build times on Wiki (troop page right under the table listing all troop stats/pop/power etc). Base times in the table above the formula have been updated so you can calculate how long it takes and see the exact formula used to calculate training time in relation to number of garrison, garrison upgrades, and rookery level.

Troop training speed calculation formula-excel format.
4 level 9 garrison(sum 36 upgrades).Building 1000 LBM(basetime 343 seconds).
excel format

Dragon speed calculation formula(excel format).
4 level 9 garrison(sum 36 upgrades).Level 5 Rookery. building 1000 SSD(basetime 498 seconds)
excel format

Again all base times needed for calculations are in the table on Wiki under troops.

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There seem some possible rounding anomolies. Maybe some oddities with conscripts.. possibly due to mucking around with formulas for training glitch. Here is a more basic rough explaination of how the game calculates training time.

Training time is DIRECTLY divided by the number of garrison. you train twice as fast with 20 garrison as you do with 10. (I have 19 garrison and all caculations are accurate).

After that is considered. The bonus for your garrison upgrades is taken into effect at 10% per level starting at lvl 2 (no bonus for lvl 1).

Garrison lvl
1 ?
2 10%
3 20%
4 30%
5 40%
6 50%
7 60%
8 70%
9 80%
10 90%

To do the math another way, and to more clearly show the diminishing returns. If you have 10 garrisons and train 1000 units. Pretend each garrison trains 100 of the units and adds its own upgrade bonus to just that 100 units its training. This explains why adding more garrison has diminishing returns (obviously adding 1 garrison when you only have 1 divides the work by half because you double the number of garrisons.. but when you add 1 and already have 10, you only get 10%).

Also the returns diminish for upgrades, because as shown when you divide the work load by say 10 and each garrison only trains 1/10th of the units(100), than if you had 2 garrisons and the upgrade was effecting half of the units vs the 1/10th if you had 10 garrison.

Please go ahead and spread the information where ever you please. Long as you credit me I?m cool with it

And Rookery reduces dragon training times by 1% per level up to 10% at lvl 10.

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