Dragon’s Prophet Masteries Guide


Dragon?s Prophet Masteries Guide?by Serdra

All the information in this Thread will be aimed towards what i consider ?useful? masteries, i wont be covering every master because there are a fair few that are either useless or self explanatory ? ill simply be covering those which are optimal/have scaling factors you should know about.

This is a guideline and not a ?build? for sorcerers sorc builds will come once end game itemisation is understood and we start to PvE/PvP properly.

Tier 1: Shield Masteries ? Tier one : Life Shield and Tenacious Shield


?Life shield? adds a burst heal to your Terran shield which is activated imediately after you have taken enough damage to break through the shield.

?Tenacious Shield??greatly increases the base absoption amount of your Terra shield, although yo do not benefit from the burst heal you get almost double the shield amount which is more valuable whenever life shields heal is not utilised.

In reality you gain only around ?264? active mitigation from taking tenacious shield over life shield.

Shield Scaling:

Both shields and the heal component of life shield scale directly with your Magic Damage Stat which is increased by intelligence but mainly via your weapons ?magic Damage? stat.

This gives even more reason to stay ontop of your weapon not only upgrading with new weapons where possible but also by modifing the weapon via yhe enhancement screen (default y)

Elemental Activation ? our 30% Damage buff will also affect the scaling of the shields due to the fact it directly modifies your characters Magic Damage stat for 10 seconds, maing it most usefulto shield before a burst sequence.

Tier 1: Intelligence Aria ? Static and % Based Intelligence Buff


Simple straight forward passive which gives you 5 intelligence and 2% of your overall intelligence as bonuses, this does factor in the bunos from the talent before the % is added.

Scaling factors:

At first glance this is a mastery you would expect to be a must have for sorcs but in reality it doesnt scale too well with your character at all.

at 5/5 you gain a bonus of?25?intelligence and?10%?bonus Intelligence, at level 34 with 2 point into intelligence per level this is only working out as roughly??100??bonus magic damage.

As a sorcerer you get the majority of your Magic Damage from your weapon, the Majority of your HP from Dragon Shards and as a result i would expect most sorceres to respec all talent points to Ferocity or Dragon Afinity (for magic penetration) and as a result this Mastery should become near to useless in end game unless gear is present with high intelligence values or they re add the int gems for gear.

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Tier 2 Masteries and Why I dont use them:?As a whole i dont value Tier 3 talents too highly so ive just given a brief overview on why i dont value them.

Instant Ground Fissure???Taken this off my action bar and i dont see myseldf using it until end game PvP if i have issues with gap closing Melee or want to interupt a specific combo. So dont saee this Mastery being useful at all.

Rapid Flame ??This i can see being amazing for kiting in PvP but while leveling to be honest there is little no to point because you dont use the Hurricane combo for anything but regen and AoE the speed is just trivial at this point.

Meteroite ??I know allot of people are using this but in all honesty i prefer going into Tier 3 for Scorching flame in terms of AoE its just overall a stronger mastery to invest points in.

Also i dont like being resticted to a weapon type while leveling, perhaps in end game if i restrict down to as weapon type i will pick this up but will etst once i get there.

Lightning Strike ??I dont see the point in this at all you need to take thunder summoning in Tier 1 to even get this and due to how it scales it is inferior in every way to Fiery Dragons Breath (which gets even stronger with masteries) and Zero Dimension is still a stronger AoE.

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Tier 3: Scorching Flame


Teaches you the scorching flame which is a straight line nuke with a DoT (damage over time) component, the interesting thing about this ability is that it passes through any targets it hits and inflicts the damage and burn onto all targets in its path.

This is one of the first DoT abilities you will be able to learn (other than the DoT compoenent of Fiery Dragons breath) and is great for a single target build or any build utilising DoT abilities.

Scaling factors:

Scorching Flame scales of two components ? the initial Damage comes from both your Magic Damage and Dragon afinity.

The majority of the damage comes from your Magic Damage stat however Dragon afinity will add aditional damage before the reduction in magic resist is taken into account.

The DoT portion of the Ability scales off just Magic Damage making this a great skill to use with Elemental Activation.

Tier 3: Laser Mastery/Ability


Teaches you the ability Laser, spawns a small orb that fires on the closest target every 3 seconds.

Each Laser lasts roughly ?22? seconds and with a 5 second cooldown it is possible to maintain 3 lasers up at all times providing you weave in left/right button combos for regen.

Scaling factors:

Laser scales directly off your Magic damage and out scales your left/right button combos.

Due to scaling off magic dmage directly it also scales well with the use of Elemental Activation, this is one of the first DoT (damage over time) abilities you will be able to learn as a sorcerer and is fantastic in a single target build.

Tier 3 : Magic Source


This mastery is almost identical to Aria from tier 1, the difference being Dragon Afinity. it maxes at out 10% and 25 Dragon Afinity.

Scaling Factors:

Jury is still out on if Dragon Affinity will be a useful stat in PvE however for PvP this will be amazing once we get a feel for the % of Magic Defense players have.

The reason being that Dragon affinity reduces Magic Defense by a scaling % (number to be clarified at max) and may in fact surpass Intellect as a stat priority from your attribute points once max level is reached.

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