BEST talent tree setup for Spellweavers | Drakensang Online


Hey everyone velveteen duck here: let’s take a look at the talent tree set up for spell weavers. This particular setup requires that you have the scorn of the dragon set to activate the master of fire, so you can invest 10 points into master poison for dual mastery play magic missile with at least one point in it to proc.

The healing effect is a must. You’Ll want to use all of these skills from the fire branch of the talent tree. Singularity is a must for armor break and slowing effect, while teleport will be needed to save you from a sticky situation. You can choose to go without mind control when playing in a good group, but when solo, it’s pretty much a necessity. Here’S a quick look at the wisdom tree in case. You want to copy the setup max out your mana passives first followed by crit, then one-handed attack, speed and damage and remember if this guide has helped, you out be sure to leave a like and subscribe while playing.

You want to use your meteor fire blast and guardian to help apply the fire debuff, so you can focus using magic missiles to stack poison debuff on a single target in cases of dealing with large groups of enemies. You may want to opt for spamming some fireball. First, to whittle down the crowd before going back to stacking poison in short, use fire skills to attack a crowd and poison skills, to focus down a single target, use the two of them wisely and watch the monsters vaporize

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