DEFEAT the UNDEFEATABLES | Event guide for Drakensang Online


Hello, everyone velveteen duck here. This video is going to cover the defeat, the undefeatables event that is supposed to run from november 13th to the 22nd. Remember if you enjoyed this guide, please remember to leave a like subscribe and share to start. This event. Go to kings hill and talk to queen antonia, who will send you to purchase a realm path to the circus month, storm from fabo. There’S literally only one quest this entire event. So prepare yourself for the endless grind. Entry to the circus monster will cost a different amount of realm pass, depending on the difficulty level selected, which will scale the amount of progress and loot quality.

Speaking of scaling, even the number of event, progress bars will scale depending on both player level and the amount of achievement points you have upon entry to the circus month. Storm you’ll see four shrines, three of which are shrouded in fog and one will be lit up. You’Ll have to click the one available shrine to summon a boss defeated then you’re allowed to summon another bosses use their normal world skills in the monster, not their parallel world equivalents event. Bosses are identical to their event versions, i’ll, be putting links in the description below to relevant bosses, for which i have guides. The first shrine has two possible bosses, herator and blood beige. Second, one has three possible bosses: negatina, carabasa and arapna.

The third can be either asar or barak, and the fourth one is either nefertari or medusa. After killing. These bosses pick up your loot quickly. A doorway to the second map will open, but this portal closes after a while on the first map. There are also four chesses: these chesses must be opened using keys of the fearless which could be obtained as event progress, rewards or purchase from the shop, the quality of the chest and the number of keys required to open it will depend on the level you play On, for example, normal mode only has wooden chests, but going up one difficulty, the painful will change it to copper chests. You can only open each chest once these chests have a chance of dropping items such as the adornment of the vanquisher, the executor of the great plague set and completed boss pets. The boss you get on the second map will vary depending on the level of the players on the map, the higher the level, the more bosses you have available to you.

Possible bosses are callus, dragan, benfara, harold sigrismar, grimag, mortis, gorga, destructor valor, and the gin. The bosses on the second map are their parallel world variant and will drop material fragments. So i have links in the description below to relevant guides. Interestingly enough, the event bosses, dragan and gwenfara can drop their event uniques. After defeating the bosses, chesses will spawn near the entranceway. The number of chesses you get will depend on the difficulty level on which you play. You have a choice of the regular chess that causes one key of defeat to open or the golden chest, which requires 10

As far as i can tell those two chesses have the same possible item drops, but the golden chests probably have a slightly higher drop rate of their rare items. That said, drop rate is a pretty nebulous thing to try and bet on. So you can open whichever chest you want. In addition to the chest, you may notice that you get an entryway to a secret layer. The secret layers of this event only have eight platforms, which means you’ll be stopped by a protector with a force field. At some point, but there’s an extra shrine that you can click somewhere on the map when clicked the shrine will spawn a random circus monster, emboss upon defeating it, you will get some clovers as well as the all-important event progress as such the secret layers. In this event are actually somewhat worth entering back on the subject of boss, pets which i touched on earlier.

You’Ll need a dull body part which can either be purchased from the shop or obtained as a random drop from the appropriate boss in the circus monster. They’Ll. Also need 30 feathers of a gryphon, 16 newborn hearts and 40 flames of a phoenix. The feathers are obtained, as drops from the second map parts from the chests on the second map and the flames from the first map. Go to the workbench and you’ll be able to assemble all the parts to form the pet you need for most new players. The arachna doll is probably the most valuable one. While for more advanced players, the pets that reduce elemental resistances of a boss will be a better choice, so with all that said, good luck to everyone. In the event, if you have advice or information that wasn’t included in this guide, leave it in the comments below

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