DRAGAN | Guide for tackling the boss fight


Hi everyone, and welcome to the Velveteen Duck. Today?s video is covering an important boss of the current event ? Dragan. As the event is available for a limited time, I decided to add an extra video outside of my weekly release schedule to cover the subject. To access Dragan?s Refuge, you need an Empowered Cursed Pearl, which can either be farmed from the four maps bordering Castle Ravencaw, event progress bars, daily quests, or purchased from the shop with Andermants. Place the pearl in the Offering Brazier and kill the Dark Death Knights and Humfrye the Wrathful that appear.

Once they?re dead, pick up the loot quickly and enter the map! Otherwise the entrance will close in 60 seconds. Dragan?s HP bar is relatively simplified as he has no elemental alignment and for phase 1 only has the armor break immunity icon. For phase 2, he has increased armor that can be broken, and for phase 3, he regains the armor break immunity. Let?s now take a look at Dragan?s skills. His basic attack is to swing his giant polearm at you. If you are really lacking in HP, it is possible to either run slightly left or right to dodge the swipe. However, Dragonknights may find it more beneficial to take the swipe to gain Rage. Dragan also has a groundbreaker skill. If you are hit by this, it can deal substantial damage and stun you. If you have difficulty dodging this skill, consider having a stun or debuff removal talent ready for use. Dragan also has four circular plates dotting his refuge. He can activate these to create lasers. The lasers always spawn pointing towards the centre and rotate in a counterclockwise direction.

As such, if you need to kite Dragan, it?s best to move in a counterclockwise direction to minimize how many times you need to cross paths with a laser beam. As well, at intervals, Dragan will blow a ?bubble? that resembles his head. Pull that bubble to the plate and detonate it by getting hit with the bubble and the laser will shut off. Back off as soon as you?ve detonated the bubble to avoid getting hit by the blast! Dragan can also summon four Savage Black Knights. If you kill one off, he will replace it. These Knights have random enchantments and skills, so good luck getting a decent combo. However! They do have a few things in common. First is that they can be Mind Controlled by Spellweavers.

Also, they have a freezing attack that is impossible to dodge as the animation is impossibly quick. As such, while the Knights aren?t a priority, if you notice one with enchantments that give you trouble, you can try to focus it down first. Lastly, Dragan has a berserk mode. When this is activated, his damage increases, and he ignores all taunts except the Dragonknight?s Outburst. He will leap to whichever target has aggro and if he lands on you, he will stun you. If you don?t have enough defenses to withstand his attacks in berserk mode, consider a strategy where you disengage and run counterclockwise till the berserk mode expires before re-engaging. Now that I?ve reviewed all the skills, let?s see this in action. I?ll stop talking so you can hear the original voice communication. There will be supplementary text on the screen to explain some of the key skill usages and combo moments.

You have to be a little closer. Yeah, there you go. I lagged backwards, was not supposed to be there. I got the buff. I put out Mind Control. I need to know that [Mind Control use] in advance ’cause otherwise I’m like… Can I have the aggro again? Ok, yeah, it’s all yours. He’s on me. Groundbreak ok Armor broken Ok He’s on you Mind control? I put out mind control yup Healing the dude – uh, ok Well he died anyways, so… Careful, he went enraged. He’s gonna jump. Oh, just dodged it. You can dodge that. Careful there. Charge. He’s on you. That’s ok. I moved. He’s doing Ground breaker. I still have the aggro. Ok. He snapped out of his, uh, berserk state. I have the aggro.

Ok, good. Oh, crud. Hah. Trapped in the corner here. I have the aggro. Gonna heal up. I need to turn off this laser beam. Good. I still have the aggro. Ok. This will make it a little easier. How about the group momentum? Uh, it is ready. Oh, he just went berserk, let’s wait till after. Careful there. I’m healing up. Banner of War. I didn’t, uh – That’s ok. Couldn’t avoid it in time I am back to the bottom. Ok. Ground breaker. I don’t have the aggro. Can you run upwards? No worries. I just put out Guardian. Ok. Ok, he’s following me. On my way! on my way back. Ok. Banner of War Perfect. There you go. Did you find this video informative? If you did, leave a like and subscribe! I hope to see you again during my regular release this Thursday ? it?s going to be on Arachna.

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