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DRAGONKNIGHT poison build (1H + 2H compatible!) | Drakensang Online


Hello: everyone velveteen doc here today. Let’S talk about dragon knights using a poison mastery build now, please note here: i don’t actually play dragonite. This information here is courtesy of tear and he will be the one answering any hard questions in the comment. This build is flexible enough for any dragonite. It doesn’t matter if you’re, playing, one-handed or two-handed. Let’S take a look at the experience.

Skill tree you’ll want to invest your points into poison mastery and points into quick striker to help with faster rage, regeneration from the first column that focuses on offense. You only need smash for damage which will pair nicely with poison mastery from the second column that focuses on group attacks. You’Ll need rage, full swing for the rage, regeneration, cooldown reduction and applying poison from the mastery.

Bloody wild swing is used with a b debuff innate to the skill, as well as the poison debuff from your mastery banner of war allows you to spam the previous two skills, as well as increase their damage output and from the third column which focuses on defense. You’Ll need mighty wild swing to help maintain aggro dragon hide for defenses and healing groundbreaker for stuns and armor break and spike shield for taunt as well as healing here is a quick look at the wisdom tree in case you want to copy tier. There are three items of priority importance, attack, speed, health and critical value and remember if this video has helped you out be sure to leave a like and subscribe.

When you approach a group of monsters, engage by dropping a banner war in the midst of the mob spam rageful swing and bloody wild swing, as the ladder has a cool down, you use the rageful swing to reduce cooldown when it’s not available when the banner is On cooldown switch to mighty wild swing then go back to alternating between rageful swing and bloody wild swing until spike shield is ready to be used again, use spikeshield to regenerate hp from monsters hitting you and use dragon hide. If you need some extra healing, because you’re taking too much damage, groundbreaker can be used to stun and break armor, while smash can be peppered in when you’re no longer surrounded by monsters as the attack area is much smaller and with that happy farming. My fellow dragonites.

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