Drakensang Online | Athena Mage(Spellweaver) Guide | 2021 (Dark Legacy) [English Subtitles]


Hi Everyone Welcome to my channel Today, im gon na make video about it. Mages like guide I did before in 2019, but its not it’s not up to date anymore. Firstly, game is really so much changed with new dark legacy patch and you was wanting from me new mage guide. Now I think I have enough knowledge to make this video btw. This guide is just explaining endgame mage.

I want to say that now, but if you want temporary items & build for mages, As you can see, this builds are enough for temporary mage build. So let’s start endgame mage build video Im gon na start from items. As you can see, my mage is like this Designed for a mage guide Im suggesting you medusa amulet, for using cuz. This amulet gives 4 talent point to frost wind, and this 4 points is very useful for us. Im gon na show you in this video with mage pve combos part.

As you can see, medusa amulet, good critic base value, gems are critic and enchanmetns are critic as well.

We are getting huge critic from here after the amulet, its cloak from im using king’s set cloak. We are using attack speed here. If you ask “ why you are using attack speed in cloak ?” 0_O.

This account is full ofensive ( attack, ) mode. If you look stats, you will see, def is really low, but the attack is really good. In my opinion, mage can’t make def build cuz after this release. Mage’S health points are really low. If they want to make def build, it will be not op like it was
Now the mages need to make their accounts for just offensive cuz.

They can reach best values for attack, so the cloak is attack speed for getting buff from after 4.00 attack speed. If, after 4.00 attack speed, buff wasn’t been ever, maybe we can use again critic or damage it can be for our choice.

But its needs to be like that, so king’s set cloak attack, speed, enchantments attack, speed, gems, so belt.

Now the best belt in the game is belt of zeal: Im, not seeing better belt than belt of zeal. All of other belts are destroying our mage build. So we can’t use belt from sets. We can use just unique items, so im suggesting you belt of zeal, But you can’t get this belt without premium day. So im telling you use what you have got best for belt.

The best belt is this: now

We are using damage here for enchantments and put damage gems. We are getting huge damage as well cuz of unique value. It gives more damage in this item. It makes perfect our damage. So belt is like that now the rings rings are both of them.

Balor rings both of them has damage enchanments damage, gems high base damage values, its gives really good damage. Let’S calculates we got 610k damage now im gon na. Take it off. As you can see, i lost damage more than 125k, so rings are gives as huge damage and we are doing attack mage so its perfect for us, so both of them balor ring so weapon adornments from sigrismarr. So maybe you can wonder why i’m not using memory.

Adornment, its really good after all, so as you can see, memory adornment gives on unique value, $ ,365 increased critic on this item. Its really good. I can make my critic more that with this adornment, but Im gon na show that with mage combos part soon, this adornments gives 5 point to ice missile talent. We are using ice, build on mage with dark legacy, update and our basic skill is ice missile.

Now it deals damage 7,5, now, im gon na take it off.

As you can see, it is now 0
00, if this skill gives more damage, is better for us cuz. Our new basic attack is this skill. So therefore we are using sigrismarr, adornment and enchantments are critic. Gems are critic high critic base value. As i told this guide is for endgame mage.

We are using 2 hand weapon. Normally, if you didn’t reach end game im not suggesting you 2 hand build. If you want 1 hand build, you can use arachna weapon, ( its really op ), and if you want little bit being defensive, you can use riddle but im not suggesting, as i said so. I can suggest you gwenfera book cuz. It has critic value on base and unique values.

You can get good critic from there so for 1 hand, arachna weapon and gwenfera book now keep it up with 2 hand. As you can see, the best 2 hand in the game is bearch weapon cuz. It gives huge damage in base values, not bad critic and in unique values, as well, so 13k from base and 2.700 from unique it make 15.700, and if we use damage gems and enchantments here we will get top damage.

So this is the best item for attack. ( offensive ) mage. It supports us well, therefore, im suggesting you bearch weapon weapon. If you reach endgame, just find this weapon and use it so right side of the items all of them are from king’s set cuz. This is the best set in the game.

For now, Let’s read the set bonusses ( reading ) this set gives really good hp and dmg. It little bit supports you, while you playing against monsters,

If i say this set best, it could be not wrong. In my opinion, im using now boots from this set with normal stuff ( everything movement, speed ). Now the gloves are same ( full atttack, speed ), as you can see, account isn’t 1 hand. We need attack, speed and we cant get other stuff ( hp, dmg ) cuz of this so im using like this now the torso is also from king’s set.

We can’t use damage gems here, cuz it has 50 gems per using in account so im using opal gems and im buffing them with damage enchantments. But, as you can see in the old guide videos we weren’t using attack, speed on opal gems, but now we must use cuz with 2 hand build. You really need attack speed for buff afer than 4.00 attack, speed, buff, so everything it needs to be like this and the now shoulders, also from king’s set
Its not giving critic from base value, but if it even not giving critic from base value, we must use critic, stones and enchantmens here cuz. We need more critic, for example, now im gon na take it of my critic is now 320k its not enough.

Therefore, im using shoulders like this – and the last item is also from king’s set helmet full of damage items are finished, use this all items now the skills as you can see, mages can use 3 master build. If you ask which element is best the best one is ice, build others aren’t enough im not suggesting just use ice, build in my opinion, but im gon na show you anyways other builds fire lightining. If you want to try them just stop the video and look the skills now lem me explain you ice build now. The first skill is ice. Missille, give here 10/10 from your points and we are giving 10 point also rising vigor (, I ) for it.

So we are increasing the damage for our basic skill: ( ice missile ), we are buffing ice missile with this 2nd skill is frost. Charge. Give this skill 10 points as well. Cuz. This skill makes you more mobil (, i mean more chance to move ) and it gives you lifesteal other points like singularity 10 points, ( reading description, ), frost, wind, frost, wind has new thing now.

If you use this skill against monsters, it gives you stack per monster. The maximum stack is 20. If you reach 20 stack, it will increase your ice missile damage and frost nova damage. Soon, im gon na show you with mage pve combos. Now, just give 10 points to here.

Its really op, now, after with last points, give full to frost nova, it gon na increase damage and ice resistence breaking of frost nova. We must use guardian of flames. This skill has good damage and it can help you. As supporter, and we need to use piercing nova, skill for increase of frost nova and all skills are done, the last thing is, we will give 10 points to master of ice and it gon na buff your whole build and the ice build is done like that. New wisdom system is almost same with old one, so i don’t need to explain im just gon na show and you can stop the video and look at it.

Group system is sam as well. Just give 50 critic and 21 mana others are whatever you want. You can stop here, video as well im gon na give you seconds for it, and the last thing is honor. Honor is compliacted than others cuz. It depends for your play style im using normal time.

25 attack 25 def 5 antisun, but you can prefer your points. Whatever you want it, and the talents are finished now, im gon na show you mage pve combos now lets look at it, especially mage has so strong combos with new ice, build for example. First combo is: you need to use, frost, wind and stack to 20 after use the ice misille it makes to ice missile deals more damage than before. Now, im gon na show you now ice missile is 1m. Now im gon na show how to increase that.

We need to stack frost wind until its 20 13 stack now 20 stack. Now its done right now watch the damage it gives 00 more damage now. My ice missiles are deals, 4m damage its really increased to much, and this is for valid frost nova as well. Use this tactic for dealing more damage, its really useful. Don’T you remember, i said from the beginning of video “ im gon na show you why medusa amulet is so important” now im gon na show you im gon na take it of medusa amulet.

Now i started to collecting stack okat, its done 20 stack now: let’s look damage buffs, “, 0 frost, wind and G2 ice missile, now im gon na use medusa amulet and we will see damage difference owing to medusa amulet. Now again, i started to collecting stacks 20. Its done now, frost wind is 00 and ice missile is Y0, so this amulet gives more than 0 damage to ice missile and it increases frost, wind buff as well. Therefore, its best for mages medusa amulet is op with ice build. Maybe it looks bad for just looking, but if you examine carefully, you can understand its best for mages now and last tactic is use, always frost, nova against monsters, ice missiles are 1m again.

Now lets try and the now ice missile’s damage, it gives 1.8m cuz, frost, nova, breaks, ice, resistence of monsters, and you can deal more damage with that and the best combo is singularity, frost, nova and the ice missiles, as you can see, miniboss dead in 1. Second, very easy: with this best tactic and this tactics mage best attack character in game, i mean mage skills gives really huge damages. Yes, Guys. I explained all pve combos of mages.

I can finish the video. If You want to say something about mages. You can tell your ideas in comment section. I didn’t make mage guide like this since 2019 btw. That guide is not up date anymore.

Now I did make this video for giving new informations & everything about mage, with new dark legacy. Update Thanks for watching. If you liked pls, like video and subscribe to my channel for support to me, Take care yourself See you Bye, ^^ SUBTITLE BY ATHENA.

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