Drakensang Online Oyununa Ba?lamadan ?nce ?zleyin (Yeni Oyunculara Tavsiyeler) English Subtitle


Hi Everyone Welcome to my channel If you are beginner in drakensang online … or if you thinking start to play drakensang online, I will give you informations about this game. Firstly, Drakensang online is MMORPG game. We got 4 character class in this game. I will show you all characters by the way this character is ranger. I am playing ranger Now, let’s look other characters Now we can see all characters in this scene. This one is DragonKnight.

This one is Spellweaver. This one is my character. Ranger, This one is steam. Mechanicus, but we are saying dwarf to this character Now, Let’s begin from DK Dk is weak on normal monsters in pve, The most slow character in normal monsters in bosses better than against normal monsters, but also not good. In this release, DK is weak in PvE, ( Farm ), but DK is MOST strong class in PvP ( esspecially 1vs1 ), therefore isn’t strong in pve for balance. But If you want to be just pvp player, you want to do just pvp. I advice to you. Dk, but for me im not advising dk for beginners, I think best character for beginner is ….

Mage Now I will explain: mage Mage is strong on normal monsters. Mage is strong on bosses too. Mage is strong in pvp too Everywhere. This character is strong. Therefore, im advising mage to every beginner Because be sure that every mage player feels less regret for they playing mage than other characters. Cuz mage can easily kill every normal monster. Cuz mage can easily kill every boss in pvp. Mage got very high damage with ice sphere. Only trouble is you need to use your teleport wisely. Cuz mage got just 1 teleport skill. If someone catch you, after than your teleport, you probably dead.

If you use your teleport wisely, you can do so good playz in pvp. If you start this game, after than video, I advice to you this character. This class is perfect for beginners. I recommend this, even though I play ranger btw, let’s skip to ranger. This class is strong too. Ranger has less than other character classes, but as well as more Ranger in fastest class in normal monsters. If you collect important sets ( items, ) …,

Btw in description section in this video, you can see ranger guide, watch it and you can learn what you need to get do on ranger. If you do that sets Nobody can’t catch you, while you killing normal monsters But worst character in bosses, ( Ranger will kill every boss slowly than other classes. ( dk is little bit better than ranger ), but ranger can catching up because he kills the map so fast. I think not bad. In pve in pvp ranger is so strong character. You can deal really so high damage, but mage is more comfortable. Ranger is the hardest character to play in pvp cuz.

You need to alway combos, for example. Other classes deals 5-6k damage, but if you play very well ranger and know every combos to you can deal, maybe over than 15-20k damage. If you want to play ranger, be ready, cuz, you need to so many practice and your brain need to more tired when you play than other classes ). But if you learn everything you will be savage very strong class, but only trouble is very hard to play. I am getting tired while playing ranger cuz, you need to always combo. You need to think always what skill should i use now now, let’s look last one is Dwarf guys.

This character can kill fast, normal monsters, cant’t catch ranger, of course, but this character is fast too better than dk, maybe equal with mage ( on normal monsters, ), But the most powerful side of this character class isn’t the normal monsters. Its of course, kills very fast bosses. This character is best character. On bosses, for example, in bosses ranger can kill in 3, munites mage can kill in 2, munites dragonknight can kill in 2.5, munites dwarf can kill in 1. Munite dwarf is so strong in pve, strong on normal monsters best on bosses, but the bad thing is..

Every characters uses 1 hand build in pvp, but dwarfs got small range without 2 hand, so they got small range in pvp and this thing is bad for dwarfs, but this character is STRONGEST in pve, so we can call this character. The opposite of DK Dk is weak in pve strongest in pvp, and the dwarf is weak in pvp strongest in pve btw you can do pvp to ofc, but dwarf is almost support character in pvp (, especially team fights ), but be sure if you play pve With dwarf, you will not play pve with other characters: anymore xd. Yes, guys, characters are finished, so we are in game again.

As i told you, we got 4 characters in this game. ( counting 1,2,3,4 … ). If you play pve ( 2 hand build ), you will use 12 items, but if you play pvp ( 1 hand build ), you will use 13 items, ( shield, ) (, I am showing 2 hand and 1 hand builds ) and other classes. Mage will use staff, dk will use axe, dwarf, will use weapon, for example. I think you got it xd btw description, section of this video. You can see all characters guide, video watch it and you can learn which items do you need which runes you need to use on? Which item which gems you need to use on which items which sets do you need? You can find everything. Mage guide is little old, but others are still correct. If you like that videos after you watch it, I will be glad Now. I will speak about game. This game exists since 9 years, so this game isn’t new game and I guess this game got 5 or 6 servers. This game got 2 big server, Heredur and Grimmag Servers, and so many player are in that servers. But If you are turkish, I advice to you.

Werian server and im playing in werian server too, why im advising werian server, because it’s most big 3rd server and over than ` -p is turkish people? If you want to play on other server, you shoul know english language. You can’t communicate with other players. If you don’t know english and you will be alone, therefore, I advising you werian server. If you don’t know english or you want to play with turks, But if you know english and you want more players, you can choose heredur grimmag too (, as you wish. ) werian is just most population of turks, So I almost explained everything its done, So I can advice this game. I am playing since 8-9 years, especially after than 24 november 2020. Almost everything will change. This video is valid before 24 november 2020. If you watch this video after 24 november 2020, I will make this kind video again after I guess, watch new video. I think everything is changed D, But if you watch before than 24 november 2020, its okay Thanks for watching. If you like this video and subscribe my channel, I will be glad Cya, Take care yourself, Byeee ^^, SUBTITLES BY ATHENA.

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