FREEZE the WORLD – Master of Ice Spellweaver build | Drakensang Online


Tired of spamming fireballs, there are definitely alternative ways to play your spell weaver. This setup is compatible with any equipment. Let’S take a look at the skill tree here. I’Ve picked the more normal variation of this build, but if you want to play the extreme variation, you can put two full points into the mastery and pick blood mage instead of arcane concentration and get lots of icy explosions everywhere. Just be warned, the path of the extreme build will be much harder to play. Equip all the ice skills put at least one point into frost charge for the healing abilities, maxi out, frost wind is a must, as the skill is the raison d’etre for this build.

The bonus damage it gives to ice missiles and, more importantly, frost nova stacks. It’S not written in the tool tip, but it seems to cap out at 20. Stacks frost. Nova, of course, is the all-in-one skills that breaks ice, resistance, freezes and deals. Tons of damage frozen sphere is sadly a shadow of its former glory, but will still be a source of additional aoe ice damage. To add to the combo, for the last three slots, i’ve opted for a singularity for armor break mind, control, take aggro and destruction because of its synergy with the previous two skills and to provide additional aoe damage. Here is a look at the wisdom tree for this build. You need crit damage, mana and hp.

Yes, you heard me right. You need hp, because frost charge heals based on a percentage of your hp. You also probably want some attack speed unless you enjoy being a complete, slow potato. Remember if this video has helped you out be sure to leave a like and subscribe in, combat large groups of monsters. Are your forte round up a bunch of them and cast frost spin to trigger a five second buff to frost nova and ice missile? If you’re playing solo, you may need to cast mind control here before using frost charge to get in amongst the groups of monsters. If you aren’t, there already put down your singularity and frost nova into it to stack your ice resistance, debuffs follow up with a smack for frozen sphere, then ice missiles to regenerate mana if things start looking ugly or you’re running out of time. On your mind, control use, frost charge to now escape while simultaneously healing.

Alternatively, you can engage with mind control, followed up by singularity to break armor destruction, deal tons of damage and apply a mixture of debuffs to the targets, preferably if they’re, in a straight line before following up with the regular frosty combo i previously described, and with that Best of luck to all my spell wavers out there

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