MORTIS | Q6 boss guide for Drakensang Online


Hello, everyone velveteen duck here today we’re taking a look at mortis, the boss of the sixth parallel world of drakensang online. Remember if you like what you see be sure to leave a like and subscribe to access. Mortis you’ll need to go through the ocean of bones. This parallel world is a bit different from all the other ones. There is no corresponding normal world equivalent. There is also no automated quest that appears nor a chess that appears at the end.

You’Ll have to zip through the ocean of bones and head into the halls of the dead. Here you need to kill the five death knights of the inquisition and murat the high priest. Once you kill these six critters the door to mortis courtroom will appear from the doorway to mortis courtroom. We see that he is supposed to be immune to all debuffs. This is mostly true, depending on how you want to define a debuff he’s immune to things like slow frost, burn, poison, armor, break, etc, etc, but when it comes to taunts things get a bit messy here. Mortise and skiller dragon are immune to weaker level taunts from minions, such as guardian or mind controlled critters. However, he is not immune to the dragonite’s taunt. Some of you might want to argue: that’s not a debuff, okay, whatever just letting you know, taunts are selective and which ones work and which ones don’t.

The fight against mortis has two phases. In the first phase, you actually fight his mount. The skele dragon skillet dragon has only three skills. It will swipe at you with a bony wing puff out a breath, attack that can be deadly and it summons knights. A typical formation for playing this stage is a dragonite taunting, the scala dragon in one direction, with all the damage dealers tucked under the skeleton’s bump. To avoid getting hit the moment the skeletdragon’s hp drops to zero. He flies off and goes to get his master mortis, which leads us to the second phase. In the second phase, a soul counter appears in the upper right hand corner. If this counter fills up to a full 1000 souls, everyone on the map will die in order to fill up the soul. Counter souls will spawn from the four corners of the map and move towards the seal in the center. If the souls enter the seal, they will add up to the soul count.

There are two different types of souls: malicious souls which move quickly and have a greenish tinge to them and malevolent souls which move slower and have a bluish tinge to them. They are both worth six points now before you think it’s a great idea to stand in the middle and fire in all directions. It’S not the seal in the center deals continuous damage to whoever is standing in it. So you probably don’t want to do that at the same time that you’ve got souls to worry about. Mortis now joins the scalar dragon in the fray. Scalar dragon still has the same skill kit from the first phase. Mortise brings to the table an explosion that is preceded by a loud roaring sound from the skeletal i suggest moving out of range as this explosion does a fair bit of damage as well.

Mortise will place down pools that silence the player. This pool will always appear on whoever does the most damage, regardless of who actually has the aggro at that particular moment in time. In the ideal world there would be four damage dealers in the party, along with one person acting as a tank, the tank would hold the aggro of mortise while the four damage dealers would each occupy one corner, alternating between killing souls, to keep the counter from reaching 1000 and damaging mortise it’s important for damage dealers to hit mortis and not solely focus on the souls, as otherwise the boss fight will never end as well. Damage dealers hitting mortise means the silencing pools will not land on the tank, which means aggro can be consistently held, and no one will have to die due to mortise running off to attack damage dealers. Now most parties that go to morris will not be a full party or you might even want to try going to mortis solo. In those cases you have different strategies to decide on. If there is sufficient damage in the party, everyone can just focus fire on mortis and ignore the souls.

If there is not sufficient damage in the party, then you will have to decide if some players alternate between two or more corners to keep the soul counter down. Remember souls can be both stunned and slowed, so even the tank can use skills to help slow down souls, even if they can’t kill them once mortis is dead. There is no chest to open, but a passageway to a 12 platform secret lair will open. He is one of the rare few bosses that can spawn a passageway to all six different types of secret layers. Of course, if you can’t get enough of mortise, you can always equip the mortise set. So it’ll chase you down wherever you go.

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