PURCHASE GUIDE | Planning for the Dark Legacy content expansion of Drakensang Online


Let’S talk about changes that will occur with each type of currency, in-game and, more importantly, what you should be doing now to maximize your gains after the update. Please remember the prices i show in this video are from the test server, which means they are still subject to change gold wisdom.

Runes will no longer be available from emilia post update. You can purchase them now for direct use or opt to turn them into dust to upgrade your other runes either way. Nothing wasted, potions, elixirs physics and tonics are increasing in price same with their component parts. Bottles, vials, flashes and filter paper buy now or regret later. Don’T spend all your gold, however. You’Ll still need a lot of it to reset skill points in your skill. Tree endermans do not buy gems before the update prices, take a drastic cut and there’s more variety than before, so it’d be foolish to make those purchases now glyphs of power. If you haven’t already collect these as you’ll need it for crafting on the workbench altered, cress rights turn spare pets into crestrites.

Now, with the dark legacy, update, you’ll need to buy a teleport cage. If you want to refine them into altered, cresserites drakens prices are going up in terms of fruits. So if there’s something you like or need buy, now the cherry fragments, if you’re, really fond of the old ammon set as skins or just a collector for the sake of collecting, buy now because prices increase with the content expansion. However, there will be so many more uses for material fragments, namely you’re, probably going to spend them on potions, elixirs, tonics and physics, not to mention bottles, vials, flasks and filter paper, to make more of the aforementioned items.

As for community coins, clovers and badges of honor, i have not seen any seismic shifts so do as you would right now. If this video has helped, you out be sure to leave a like and subscribe. If you have additional advice for players not included in this video leave it in the comments below.

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