PW Bearach | A guide from Painful to Infernal III difficulty for Drakensang Online


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Velveteenduck! Today’s video is the fourth of a series covering the Parallel World bosses. We’re going to take a look at Bearach, Champion of the Wilds. First, an overview of the basics. The doorway to Bearach states that he is immune to lightning debuffs. However, at the time I’m making this video, it’s bugged and he’s not immune to lightning debuffs. He is also considered a lightning elemental boss, so he is naturally more vulnerable to poison based attacks, and particularly resistant to fire based attacks. Let’s take a quick look at the icons below Bearach’s hp bar. During phase one, the icons from left to right mean that he is immune to armor break, immune to lightning debuffs, and a lightning elemental. During phase two, he loses the immunity to armor break, and gains a new icon which indicates he now has increased armor but it can be broken.

During the third and final phase, he now has both increased armor as well as armor break immunity. Taking a look now at Bearach’s inventory of skills, Bearach has a basic attack in which he swings his beehive on a stick like a polearm at you. I highly suggest you steer clear of his basic attacks unless you’re a melee class. On higher difficulties, it applies a bleed effect that can be very deadly. One of Bearach’s summons is a pack of wolves that can spit lightning. The bigger the party, the more wolves are summoned. Important: the wolves are a priority to kill because they have stun attacks and can easily immobilize the entire party and get everyone killed. Important note here, the wolves can be stunned but a Spellweaver cannot Mind Control them. In addition to the wolves, Bearach also summons Boars with random enchantments. These summons can be Mind Controlled by a Spellweaver. Lightning Strikes with a large cross are also summoned from time to time, again dependent on the number of summons and party members on the map. Even if you can’t dodge this attack perfectly, if you can move off center you have already decreased how much damage you will take, as long as you don’t stand on the large cross.

The cross always explodes outward in the same direction. Here’s a still so you can see clearly where it goes. You have four different directions to side step to, to avoid it Bearach can also wave his arm and call a shield, as if dealing tons of damage isn’t annoying enough. This bubble can increase his armor, resistances, and make him immune to stuns. If your party doesn’t have a ton of damage, consider using skills that force aggro to pull him outside of his bubble, so you don’t have to waste time or essences. Bearach also has a skill where he pauses and does a twirl that causes him to travel across the map and stun anyone in his path. Unfortunately, there is no way to interrupt this skill because by the time the animation starts to play Bearach has actually relocated to the end point, he is no longer at the start point.

It’s best not to get hit by this by dodging to the side, but if you have difficulty avoiding it, have a stun removal talent or stun immunity handy. Bearach’s ultimate skill is where he twirls his beehive on his stick and summons three swarms of bees. The swarms will chase you for a few seconds before disappearing. You can use a summon skill to block the swarm, but try not to use your fellow teammates as a shield. They aren’t going to appreciate dying because of your bee swarm. The other option is of course to back off and wait until the bees expire. To top it off, Bearach has a berserk mode where he spams all of his skills on a reduced cooldowns, deals more damage, and also has an increased attack speed.

Now that I’ve covered all the basic info and skills of Bearach, let’s take a look at an actual run in action. I’ll stop talking to let the original voice communication play, and there will be supplementary text across the screen to help highlight key moments. VD: You might want to put your shield on before you die. Tyr: Yes, thank you for reminding me that. VD: Otherwise it’d be a disaster. Tyr: Um yeah, I have everything on. I have my essences, my buffs, everything so I’m gonna head into the PIGGIE DUDE. Okay, piggy dude. Lighting, I see the lightning. VD: He’s sliding. Everything’s brighter. Okay I’m on my way He’s gonna summon so I’m gonna get some free rage. I got the aggro. VD: Okay. Tyr: You know what, I’m gonna, I’m gonna stay… VD: He’s beserk! Beserk! Beserk! I’m trying to kill the wolves, trying to kill the wolves. Keep an eye on him. Both: Lightning! Both: Bees! Bees! VD: Bees! Bees, back off back off. VD: He’s still berserk. Tyr: I don’t have any rage.

VD: He is still beserk. Tyr: Yeah, I can see it this time. VD: Alright, he’s out of it. Lightning. VD: Went for a little dance-y twirl Tyr: I have the aggro. VD: Okay. Tyr: Summoning! VD: He is-shield! Tyr: Oh, the bubble. Yeah, the bubble. Both: Bees! VD: I have nothing Mind Controlled, so just back off. Tyr: Okay, the aggro is on me. Lightning. VD: All right, oh. Tyr: He’s just sliding onto me. Tyr: Attacking me, attacking me, attacking me. Tyr: Okay there’s a piggy dude. VD: He’s summoning something. VD: He’s summoning again. Okay watch out there’s wolves and he’s also, um, enraged. Super enraged Bees! Run! Don’t get stunned. Tyr: I’m just jumping onto the wolves. Tyr: Ok, they’re all on me. VD: He went for a twirl. VD: He’s summoning.

He’s summoning lightning. Tyr: I have the aggro. VD: Shield! Okay. Tyr: Okay, he’s out of the bubble. Heading in. VD: Good. Tyr: Stunned. VD: Oh, bees! Back off, I don’t have anything to Mind Control. VD: I don’t know what he’s trying to do now but we’ll see it soon. Oh he’s summoned piggy dudes. Lightning. Tyr: He’s sliding! Tyr: Getting rage. Tyr: I got the aggro. VD: Ok. Tyr: I’m gonna just get the aggro. VD: Bubble. Tyr: Reduce my cooldowns so if you have Mind Control again, use it. VD: All right, okay. Tyr: The aggro should be on the piggy dude. Tyr: Can you cast the Guardian now? VD: Careful, he’s enraged. VD: He’s doing bees! Back off, back off. Nothing under Mind Control. Back off. VD: Okay I’m trying to kill the wolves.

He went for dance. Tyr: He’s sliding. Tyr: Okay, he’s out of the berserk mode. Both: Lightning. Tyr: The aggro is on the piggy dude. Tyr: Sliding. VD: Some ballet moves there. Tyr: Aggro on me. VD: Bees! Run! I have nothing to Mind Control. VD: Okay, he called more piggies. Tyr: I’m lagging a lot… I have the rage.. VD: Watch out, lightning! VD: This piggy is very low hp, he’s gonna die real soon. The one under Mind Control, I mean, okay he’s dead.

Tyr: I got the aggro here VD: Okay. Tyr: Summoning wolves. VD: Uh, enraged. Tyr: I have the aggro. VD: Bees! Tyr: I might be… okay, no I’m not dead. VD: Went for a dance Tyr: I got the aggro. VD: Lighting! Tyr: He’s on the piggy dude. VD: Yup, he’s on the piggy dude. Okay I think I killed all the wolves. Finally. Tyr: Banner of War. I have all the aggro now. VD: Okay I just Mind Controlled the new pig. Both: Bees bees bees bees! VD: Careful careful careful! Tyr: I have the aggro. Tyr: Gonna get behind so he cannot slide. There we go. Tyr: Healing up. VD: Mind Controlled one. VD: He’s summoning again. VD: Oh geez, I fucked up that… Tyr: I’m healing the piggy. Tyr: Lightning VD: I need out! Tyr: I got the aggro.

Tyr: I have the aggro. Wolves. VD: Are there more wolves? Enraged! He’s enraged! VD: He’s gonna do bees. Back off! Tyr: I don’t have the aggro. VD: Okay there’s one more– there’s a few more wolves so I have to kill those. VD: Okay, Guardian’s out. Tyr: Healing the Guardian up. Lighting. I have the aggro. Tyr: I still have the aggro. Tyr: Summoning bees! Both: Bees! Bees! Tyr: Ok the piggy dude withstands everything! Piggy dude OP VD: Sliding.

Tyr: Lightning. I got the aggro again. VD: My cooldowns are a little off right now. Tyr: I got the aggro. I’m going to help you with Banner of War. Okay I need to get him out of the bubble. So I’m gonna stand here, he should slide towards me any time. VD: Ok. VD: Watch out! He’s berserk! Bees bees! back off back off! VD: Run. Tyr: I’m immune to stuns, I protected you. VD: Oh, good. Okay, I’m gonna try and kill the wolves. Tyr: Lightning. Lightning. Tyr: I got the aggro. He slid through me. VD: I was like, he must be on the final phase if he’s going berserk like that. Tyr: I got him. VD: Bubble. Both: Bees bees bees! Tyr: I’m gonna go get him. VD: Okay, careful, he’s sliding towards you. Tyr: He slid through me. I got the aggro.

Both: Lightning. Tyr: I got him, he’s with me. Banner of War. VD: Watch out, he’s berserk he’s berserk. Tyr: I am immune to stuns. VD: He’s sliding. I only have Guardian, I have nothing to Mind Control. Tyr: Bees bees bees! VD: Bees are coming, back off. There’s still bees following us, I think. VD: Okay he’s now doing his lightning storm it looks like.

Tyr: Bees. He slid through me. He should be focused on the Mind Controlled dude. Yeah. VD: Uh, he’s calling bubble. Tyr: I got him. He’s on me. VD: We cancelled it. Lightning! Tyr: He should be focused on the piggy dude. VD: Okay. Both: Bees bees bees. VD: Dude’s dead. Run! Tyr: All stunned. Did you get the-the group momentum??? VD: I did. VD: I did. Tyr: There’s still two more wolves over here. Tyr: He’s in, uh, berserk mode! VD: Okay. Tyr: Lightning! Tyr: Lightning! Both: Bees! Bees! Tyr: I’m gonna get close to him.

He’s out of the berserk mode. VD: Oh, he’s sliding over this side. Lightning. Tyr: Banner of War! I have all the aggro. VD: Okay. Tyr: Bubble! Healing the Guardian. VD: Okay, I just Mind Controlled the dude. Tyr: Healing the Guardian and the Mind Controlled dude. he’s going to He’s gonna summon the wolves, I think. VD: He went berserk. He went for a dance. He’s probably summoning bees, I can’t — Tyr: BEESBEESBEES Tyr: There is the one wolf, I’m gonna– I’m gonna head into it. VD: Okay. Tyr: I got him. VD: Lightning. Tyr: Okay I’m stunned. I have nothing to free myself VD: That’s fine. Tyr: Ok, lightning. VD: We got this. Tyr: Lightning. We’ve got it! VD: [huge sigh of relief] VD: Finally! Tyr: We GOT it! Did this video help you in fighting Bearach? If it did, leave a like and subscribe to get more content like this. The next video will be on Khalys and will be published next week Thursday. But what I really wanted to know, is what other topics related to Drakensang Online would you guys like to see on my channel.

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