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PW Heredur | A guide from Painful to Infernal III


Hi everyone and welcome to the Velveteen Duck! Today?s video is the third instalment in the series covering the Parallel World bosses. In this video, we are going to tackle King Heredur. Starting off with the basics, Heredur is considered an ice-based boss and thus immune to ice debuffs such as slows. He is resistant to poison based attacks and weak to fire based attacks. Looking at his HP bar and the icons below it, from 100% to 60% HP is the first phase. From left to right, the icons mean he is immune to armor break, he is immune to ice debuffs, and he is an ice elemental.

Below 60% HP all the way till 30% HP, he loses the immunity to armor break and gains a new icon indicated he has increased armor ? but it can be broken. Then in the third and final phase which is when his HP drops below 30%, he now has both increased armor as well as armor break immunity. Now let?s take a look at his skills. Heredur actually has two different basic attacks. His first one is a swipe from a single direction. You can dodge this attack by sidestepping slightly left or right. His second type of basic attack deals more damage and he swings in one direction then back. Important! He deals a substantial amount of damage with this attack. If you play a Dragonknight, you may want to increase your defenses via a skill such as Rage Jump, or if you play a ranged character, stay at a distance. Staying close to Heredur is important for whoever or whatever has Heredur?s aggro, especially on higher difficulties.

The reason for that is that he will teleport on top of whoever has the aggro if they are too far away, and cause a triple ice explosion in the process. This ice explosion is deadly as it covers a large area and deals a lot of damage. Heredur also has two different types of summons. The more players on the map, the more summons he calls. He can call archers, which can teleport and shoot ice arrows that slow down your movement and attack speed. He can also call skeletons which follow you around and attack. Depending on your party dynamics, you can either choose to kill these summons to prevent them from blocking your path, or you can leave them if you have a Dragonknight who can use them as a source of free rage and to heal the party using Bloody Wild Swing. Heredur also has a skill that chains ice explosions across the map.

Each player will have their own chain of explosions so it?s important if you choose to flee the explosions not to accidentally run into each other. However, if you have enough ice resistance and health, it is possible to survive the explosions without running away. A neat little feature of the explosion is that if you are already frozen, you won?t take further damage from the next explosion. And the final and most deadly skill Heredur has is an oversized ground breaker where he winds up his Morningstar and hurls 5 large icy projectiles. Important! The direction the 5 projectiles will travel in is NOT determined at the start of the windup animation, but about halfway through it. This means if you choose to sidestep the projectile, you must be very careful with your timing or you can still get hit. On the other hand, you can do as we chose to do in our runs ? we let the guardian take the aggro and sacrifice the Guardian. Now that I?ve covered all the basic info and skills of Heredur, let?s take a look at an actual run in action.

I?ll stop talking to let the original voice communication play, and there will be supplementary text across the screen to help highlight key moments. Ok. Ok, I’m ready. Alright. First summoning… second summoning… Guardian’s out. Guardian’s out. K, Guardian’s out. Guardian’s out. Oh, gonna move so I don’t die. Guardian’s out. Uh oh. Guardian’s out. Shit. Armor broken. Ok. Sorry, cooldowns are a little messed up right now. Just give me one sec. Armor broken. Guardian’s out. Armor broken. Got it. I’m gonna get frozen here. Oops. Probably bad timing on the Guardian. Just be careful, I don’t know who has aggro. I do.

Alright, that works. Good job. Guardian taunt always takes priority over Dragonknight’s Banner. Banner of War taunt and normal taunt. Really? Hah. Gonna put Guardian out. I’m frozen but alive. Think my timing is out of sync now with when he swings… that oversized ground breaker. Ok, um. Guardian’s out. That was a really good job. And I got frozen. Did this video help you out with fighting King Heredur? If it did, leave a like and subscribe! The next video of the series covering Bearach will be published next Thursday..

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