RIOT of the ROCKETMEN event guide | Drakensang Online


Hello everyone velveteen duck here. Let’S talk about the new year’s event for this year, the riot of the rocketmen start this event off by going to kings hill, to have a chat with professor jellov in the event fairgrounds. Remember that at the end of your questline, you will receive a three-hour event attire and the timer on this attire starts to tick. When you obtain the item and not when you start using it he’ll send you questing with several choices of maps, eternal grove, fortress tegan’s wall, eternal watch, temple, sector, gleaming, mountains, frog, river delta or spiky valley.

You can go to any of these maps in any difficulty and you’ll see red cross hairs popping up all over the mini-map kill the rocketman located at the crosshairs marked on the maps to get quest items as well as professor jolov’s oil tastic mixture to enter professor Jolov’S laboratory, of course, if you don’t want to farm for this mixture, you can always purchase it from jesse, with community coins or from the shop with andermans.

You need 24 mixtures for each entry into the lab. You may also want to keep some additional mixtures on hand when entering the map, as they can be used elsewhere inside the laboratory inside the laboratory. There are four corners that can spawn the machine baby sentinel. I would strongly advise playing this event in a group, as it can be fairly challenging to do it solo. There will be waves of rocketman falling out of the sky, along with huge fireworks that deal a ton of damage. If you get hit, you will want to kill or control these critters to prevent them from damaging your fireworks and getting in the way.

The gear icons on the map mark trap levers that can activate a sea of fire nearby to help roast the monsters. However, keep in mind that activating one trap lever requires one oil tastic mixture once one player in the group has activated it. No one else will be able to activate the same trap lever. Personally, i don’t recommend using these trap lovers. If possible, it’s going to make each run exceedingly expensive. The machine baby is marked with a red skull on the map. They start by printing out bombinators. These things cannot be debuffed and even essences do not work on them. If you fail to protect your box of fireworks, the machine baby will switch to printing out justin’s grantinators, just to be more annoying after a certain amount of time.

Another machine baby will activate, even if you haven’t finished, destroying the previous machine baby. Once all the waves are complete go to the center of the map. There is a pile of royal fireworks in the middle that you can click for some drops in progress. If you successfully defended your creative fireworks, you can also click on these for extra progress. As for suggestions for those who want to complete this event quickly, the fastest way is, of course, with a credit card, but for those who want to play and not just buy progress, there is a repeatable quest with a decent chunk of progress and some drakkens. You should definitely be doing so with that best of luck with this new year’s event, and hopefully you’ll get something that you want from the progress bar.

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