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Morning, folks how’s everybody doing been a week since i last streamed. I know i actually stream for two weeks in a row. What a shocker for somebody like me, i hope, everybody’s doing well. Um plan for today is very, very simple uh. We have my amazing transmog, which you guys actually decided for me about two and a half, no three, three and a half weeks ago.

Now i think it is and uh i’m still wearing it. It’S horrible by the way and um we’re gon na go. Do some farming? That’S that’s pretty much what it is, but uh, if you guys have questions or whatever feel free to ask it’s pretty pretty chill we’re just gon na chat, hello, there, andrea russo good morning. How are you guys doing?

Okay, i’m gon na show you guys what the transmog looks like. So, if you want to see it up close and personal here, it is. I i really i’m just gon na say it more than once when i logged in – and i this is. This is what i see when i go on teagan. My response was holy [ __ ], somebody hacked my account.

The transmog is so bad. I thought somebody hacked my account, but no no nobody hacked me. It was just you guys decided. This is what i’m wearing. This is what i’m wearing it’s terrible by the moment when my friends select transmog, you got hello there sakubi good morning by the way, tauren.

These were the best looking pauldrons terrible terrible. I tell you and hello there. Haas hoss00312 welcome to the velveteen duck hello angel of death. I guess it is hey. Martin, hello, medcastom good morning, dania, okay, i just went this thing is like eye pollution.

I can’t i can’t look at it too long, it’s like horrible kind of logging. By the way, i i don’t know if it looks better or worse, because i’m using the event attire right now. I think it looks worse because it’s like the event attire looks pretty good and then you got oh what the [ __ ] is this. No morning rv hello, there hello, there see it, but don’t hear it yeah. I don’t know.

What’S up with my alerts a little wacky? What is this equipment you even have to ask. This is what you guys gave me when i said: hey i’ll, let you pick a transmog. My eyes have been on fire for, like the last three and a half weeks. Every time i log in i feel like somebody must have hacked my account how’s the anniversary event going for everybody going well for everybody.

I hope i made a very nice item. Last night, by slightly off topic, but i made a very nice item last night: that’s actually, i think the first time the workbench actually gave me something really good there. It is arachnas vigor, the spider. I was like hey. This is the first half gotten like a double plat and a gold on a crafted item.

It doesn’t happen usually, usually this is what i get like three white lines around 50 or so that’s my normal. This is like record. Breaking [ Music ] still haven’t dropped. The weapon uh, yes, i heard it’s pretty hard to get and i mean i didn’t get it on the test server, i’m not done yet by the way, i’m still in kaiser oops what a slacker. Actually, i was planning to finish it, but here’s the thing.

Ah, i did the event last year and i think i might have gone overkill so for some event bars. I actually finished it without doing any runs at all this year. I literally just went right click open chesses event done you know, so i haven’t really haven’t really done much event wise. I figure i’ll procrastinate a little bit longer, uh, maybe another another. Few days before i actually uh pursue the weapon and everything by the way.

In case you guys haven’t heard the news, i think some of you guys might already have so this weapon from the event uh. The display window is bugged. Okay display window is bugged. The amount of damage on it is actually double that of the normal two-hand weapon and support it’s supposed to be intended. That’S straight out of most of luke who’s, one of them discord mods.

I wasn’t there when it was decided, it’s not fair, [, Music, ]. Well, we’re not we’re not re-rolling this. My eyes are already polluted enough. We’Re not gon na make it worse. Hello.

There shirley, and i am currently on the tegan server, which is my home server by surprise. It is a bug, that’s just showing it’s level. 100. That’S! I don’t know, base damage it’s supposed to be double the base, damage that it normally is.

I think, like the uh, whatever it is, that’s what you got to remember. It’S supposed to be intended. Anyways, i’m gon na put my new amulet because i’m actually uh i’m actually using lightning films, and i don’t have a party. That’S a lot of joy. Anybody!

Anybody here on teagan doesn’t even server want to join me. If you have um, what do you call it? Steam course: yes, that’s what they’re called yeah steam core is that you’re on the keegan server. If you would like to join me, carry me sorry uh. That would be fantastic.

Otherwise, i will just have to use this amulet because i don’t really have too many other options. If you want to play lightning build by yourself as a spell weaver, you can’t get a hundred percent lightning resistance break. So i’m just getting as close as i can, because that’s the next best thing we got architect dropped his third round lucky lucky, lucky hello, there scooters skulltures! Is that how you say it? Sorry, yes, 25k is supposed to be like the damage.

Yes, i’m still debating which pet do you, i think i’ll use this guy first and then we’ll swap pets. Halfway, let’s go to andrew cash. Give him a visit there, what monsters you smack them? Well, i thought i might do a few runs of something i normally never do on stream, which is kings, hill and former glory. I don’t think i’ve ever farmed this map ever on livestream you have to forgive me.

This character is a lot slower and weaker. So for those of you who are not familiar with this map um in andra cash, there is a repeatable quest which i’ve forgotten the name of it. Here it is called energy source. You have to collect 50 rotation orbs from protectors in any secret layer. I pick this up from this lady here and basically every time you kill a boss.

There’S that gigantic hand that’s holding the orb that orb. If you open, it will lead to a secret lair if you’re bucky unlucky, depending on your point of view, you will get protectors. So protectors are those big guys that drop swords down on your head. If you kill them, they drop one orb each and, of course, if you collect 50, you turn in the quest and you get steam cores. They are right here: okay, oh steam, cores are what you use to enter this map.

This map does have some slightly different sargon uniques than the sargon event. These are actually the old sargon uniques. I actually don’t mind the damage from this one damage is not bad, actually, all right, not that one. This one damage from this set is actually not bad. It’S too bad that it uses up three very important slots, so i’m not keen on it, but actually this book has all three base values, so i can’t really complain actually got three different base values on it.

Anyways we’ll pay this guy a little visit here for today, workforce hello, there matt flow good morning, edith hello, eat coffee. I swear that set is actually good yeah. I actually think it’s not bad. I don’t have it myself, so i don’t get to play with it, but i don’t think it’s bad at all. I’M not sure if there’s actually a point in me clearing the whole map.

I don’t believe there is somebody correct me. If i’m wrong, is there a point to clear the whole map? I don’t think so right just doing it out of habit. [ Music ] request is a pain to farm. Without the 2x side quest cape, you got it, it is a major pain.

I cast my mind control the wrong guy. Oh no, all right now i got it on the right side. There we go and i dropped dead from the explosion. Anyways, lovely, okay, we’re off to a good start this morning, dying from fiery explosions. By the way i have been thinking of a new build.

This is also partly why i decided to craft the arachna amulet last night, thinking of a new build and um. I haven’t finished thinking about it, but basically it might not have block other than like the 20 that you get from your wisdom. It might not have blocked still in the thought process because i don’t really like playing without walk, but it might end up that way. So we’ll see about the old debuffing yeah. I know i actually used to use the old sargon adornment as a spell weaver that one was like.

Was it minus armor or minus hp? I can’t remember, but i distinctly recall, i used it because it had better crit and uh yeah. It was actually really good back then like if you didn’t, have the old low-level legendaries. That was the way to get [ __ ] kind of correct back in the day. That was how i did it going.

What was minus 35 good memory yeah? I remember with fats. It was a bit of a joke because in my guild i was the person with the lowest armor i played with 20 20 armor uh. I distinctly recall one guy who was playing a dragonite when he asked me how much armor i had. I said the number and he’s like you have as much armor as what i have in a pair of boots.

That was the uh. That was the comparison i got and i have remembered it to this day. It’S the boss, all right, i’m still gon na clear. The path, i don’t think i want to walk back if i drop dead, i do have, i think, maybe one or two more veteran revives left can’t remember uh, just in case plus i get stacks of two festo’s to go, not that i need them when i Have two thousand: these are interesting days that uh your total armor gets compared to somebody else pair of boots. Hello, there orbito long time, no see.

Are you still playing man? Have you weren’t you? I think you were the one who uh migrated to was a grimag server or somebody or something you’re, not antigua. Alright orbeez 75 manic supplies i’m so used to playing with over like 200 mana back in the day, you guys, i tried so hard to break that habit of just picking up everything off the ground, and then here i am still doing it. It’S a very bad habit.

I know i thought there’d be a little dude here, but i guess not: okay, whatever i’ll go, have a chat with mr dark force over here: [, Music ]. So, by the way, there’s that jewel that you get from the event progress bar the anniversary, one, the one that triggers extra damage whenever you step on a healing orb, nothing isn’t very useful versus monsters, but against bosses. It’S probably the only place where you can actually use it with some degree of consistency because they will drop health orbs at specific intervals, remember or know exactly i’m actually debating here. If uh, i should have swapped my belt, i have barack’s instinct. Actually, what do you mean, and yes, i do see the messages popping.

I will read them when my eyes are annoying. Oh no. What do you mean? What do you mean run forward? Grab the health orb damage.

What do you mean nice part about being able to slow down bosses a lot easier for me to deal with them all right? You know what i just realized. I forgot i’m literally rolling in these buffs that i have run out of inventory space to hold on to, and then i forget there we go. I was like i’m forgetting something this is taking a while. What am i forgetting?

Ah, yes, pops, i actually crafted a whole stack of those things and then i just keep forgetting there’s no point in keeping things forever might as well use it. Now i find a little stun effect from 50 stacks of lightning pretty darn useless. What do you mean? It doesn’t really do much. That’S what i mean.

It’S like this half a second of being stunned and then the problem with it is there are longer stunts like i have a longer stunt. It’S called my frost, nova and then because he’s now i’m stunning me next little bit, i can’t even stun the guy all right. Let’S see um okay gems, i guess not the worst, but not the best, all right! Let’S catch up a little here in the chat! Hello there marek welcome to the velveteen doc, come back welcome good morning, lair balant, dr jeremy and eugene good morning.

Folks, ah hello, there thank you phase d e, hello, yousef, 1632, hello, mantros, 612,

Hey there momento mori good morning, man, [, Music, ], hello, max 2002. Maybe you can kill the boss with q2 amulet unless you’re using it. Yes, i am, i literally just crafted that last night and just transferred 10 channels over uh. Like 20 minutes ago, hey there typefish uh. I hope you have an amazing stream.

Thank you. Thank you. Uh awesome website you created, maybe uh. You can explain it more in depth, yeah sure thing so for those of you guys who are unfamiliar with it. I think it’s easier if i just show, rather than just tell so i launched a new website, it’s called velveteen.

om and i keep changing it. I’M sorry i i i enjoy playing around with it too much. So this is my latest background and for those of you who have a browser that can support it, the background is animated. I’M sorry! I spent so much time on this thing.

Okay, so there’s an animated background. Um there’s the latest news, and usually that’s just about you know what else is new on the website. The bottom part here this is actually my personal blog. You guys can have some fun reading that stuff. Those are usually some pretty bad stories.

The same stuff is what i like to tell on stream, but there’s also new ones and then down here just the usual now. The important part that you guys are all excited about is, of course, the dso database, so dso database there’s over a thousand items. Now it literally just hit a thousand items inside here. You’Ll find all kinds of items, so uniques and set items are what are included at this time. Only equipment, i’m thinking to include other items, but they will not fit into the database because of the way it was built.

They’Ll end up on a separate page somewhere um. But basically you can select different items and you will see what their base values, what their unique values are and, of course, every single thing is tagged with which class. Now, let’s say you know you, you don’t know the item you’re looking for you’re, just like i’m new, i’m playing ranger class, i’m looking for a two-hand weapon and of course i want to have some damage in it. Okay, there you go, you have sorted for all the ranger two hands that have damage in the base values. Okay, in case you are wondering yes, there actually is a weapon out there that doesn’t have damage in the base values.

That is actually a thing not too hand. I’M pretty sure. It’S a one hand you can also sort by unique value. So, for example, let’s say i really i’m looking for, i don’t know hips, i guess so that would be a belt, i’m looking for something with uh. Let’S see, if there’s anything with damage on it, there’s damage.

I want damage. Okay, i guess belt of zeal. That’S my choice right. If you don’t want that, you can also search by set bonuses. So, for example, i want a set with block, there’s ya, chuck right, that’s your choice and then for those who are, you know, maybe you’re a little more well versed in the game.

You don’t need as much sorting you can just sort by. I just want to see set items or i just want to see uniques for my class kind of thing lots of options. I don’t have everything in here yet i want to say i have over 80 of the equipment in the game. Now main things i’m missing is some of the regional sets the balor pauldrons for ranger, because it’s still broken the last time i looked on the workbench, it’s still broken, i can’t craft it. So i’m like how am i supposed to get a picture of a thing?

I can’t craft, so that’s missing uh. What else is missing? There’S a few more missing things. If you guys find any missing things, there’s literally a form here, okay report: it please just skip these ones, okay, these ones, i know about them. I either have them or will be able to get those images.

I just have time to add it yet so these on skip, but anything else. If you find that they’re missing, please hit the submit report. Send me something. Let me know that green helmet looks very serious. Yes, balance, it’s the best transmog!

You guys gave me an awesome, transmog and pollute my eyes with it. Every every hour of the day, hey there old fire long time, no see thanks balance yeah. It took quite a lot of effort to get it going, but it works well now, hello, douglas hello, leonardo ice is really the best for this yeah. I guess so. I just didn’t feel like playing ice build today and yes, material one hand that is the one with no um damage base stats.

What’S that website, where we can see what sounds we can use, i mean my loyalty shop. That’S the one! Yes, nice to be streaming again by the way guys. I know it’s very small right now, but there’s a guide section as well, so right now, there’s just twisted woods and other cool projects, but i have a few other things i have in mind. Crafting is one of them.

Uh skill builds is the other which will go under guides. I just need more time. I don’t have enough time guys 24 hours and a day is not enough and then there’s my fun stuff. So you guys, you guys, should check this out. I’M actually right.

I’Ve been trying very hard to write one story every day. Funny stuff in here. Don’T worry. I kept them all safe for uh reading on stream, so you don’t have to worry they’re bad, but not that kind of bad hello. There neoc89 welcome to the velveteen duck.

Now i just realized something: i’m i’m having my dumb moments it’s it’s morning, there’s not enough. Caffeine in my system, yet i’ve been sitting on this pile of like lightning herbs and lightning acids, and i haven’t used it. Oh my god. Oh my god, i should just. I should just put it to you.

I have nothing else to do. Anyways. Okay, that’s a little more expensive than i thought it would be, but sure go ahead and craft it. This thing was the element: oh look, the one who doesn’t actually collect achievements. It’S the funniest thing, because i will pay attention to achievements on a test server, but on my server i i don’t have by the way question for you guys is the achievement for the pinatas broken for you guys it is broken for me.

I didn’t report this because i just i don’t really care, but i’m just curious. If it’s open for other people, let me find it anniversary check. That’S one check. That’S two check. That’S three check.

That’S four: five! Six and then i come here. Pinata party open all the normal anniversary pinatas and i’m at five out of six, and i’m like, i think it’s broken – is this happening to anybody else? Anybody anybody else have this too, not too mobile friendly did something get changed, because i feel like there’s something like that. Actually uh.

Yes, i did some changes, so you may, let me know which page it is that’s having issues. I did change it. Generally speaking, i try because i do have a very cheap phone. I try to check it out on my phone. I get like family and friends to go check it out on their devices.

Everybody literally everybody, i know, has a better phone than i do i’ll check it out online. That’S like my base standard, it seems to work, but database is a little laggy, probably because it’s so massive, but the site works. So let me know if you run into any issues whether it’s pc or or tablet or mobile, and let me know what the issue is because i have had you guys know how wide my screen is. It’S massive okay, i designed the web page. I look at it and then my sister opens it on the cell phone and she’s like this thing’s like distorted.

I’M like. Let me go fix that so yeah, please. Let me know if you did run into any issue. I check on an emulator you up to you. Martin, our red elemental essence is better than normal red.

Oh boy. Okay, that’s a lengthy discussion, but we can talk about that. Okay, so normal red essences. Maybe we have to talk about how damage works, ability, weapon beamer? I heard no, i heard it’s intended double bass.

Damage is intended by the way. Did you know that long forgotten bone dragon is uh 75 000 euros if you want to buy it with andermans? Yes, i do yes, please buy it go on with anderman. I mean if you’re rich, i spent seventy thousand and by my white wings, and now i don’t even need some so whatever okay, so damage uh. So if i should, i expect okay, you have let’s, let’s start with a very basic item: okay, let’s pretend this was got your damage lines right, plus, 1 700, something damage plus all my rubies, plus the unique value, all right, that’s how the ballers ring works.

This is all multiplied by four lines of damage on this item. Then, if i have any which i don’t believe it exists anymore, it would be percent two hand damage on top of this. Okay, so items first two hand or one hand damage depending on your weapon. That still exists. I can’t remember, and then, on top of that layer, stacks percent damage, okay, any percent damage items set so, for example, uh delta zeal, for example, that has a percent damage that stacks that stacks at a higher level.

That’S the same level that your regular red essence actually stacks on your regular red essence stacks onto your percent damage. We call it relative modifier here, that’s where it stacks. This type of uh lightning essence actually stacks above that, so it actually ends up giving you a little bit more damage. I think somebody who is a little more talented in math can explain this better, but that’s my understanding is just stacks at a different level. Friendly 50 off discount sounds good ultra.

Where do we uh? Where do we contact you for that hello, there assault teemo, i’m doing very well. Thank you for asking. How are you hello there danny dan welcome to the velvetina okay? I should stop trying to clear the whole map just about to have it like have it the moment i see a map like oh got, ta do a full clear.

This is probably why i, because i’m like automatic my brain, goes into automatic need to clear the map. Okay, i want to chop the bits by this guy. I’M not liking these berserkers. These stop pumping on me ouch all right, berserk, dudes, okay, so hey pal! All right sounds good as long as i don’t understand what damage the element essence amplifies [, Music ].

Oh, i don’t quite understand what you don’t understand. Ducky is life and life is ducky. It is a great philosophy, hello there to another martin over on youtube side. Hello, hello, hey roman how’s life going over there. Ah yeah that part, i’m not totally sure, because, since they’ve modified, how we can we can modify our own damage.

I don’t know i would need to uh either bother some of those folks numbers, but i don’t know because it used to be like you know you do your physical damage and then you do the additional fire again. That’S how it used to. I don’t know about now, i feel like it might be modified. Don’T quote me on that one, this i’ll look into it. Yes, i’ll ask somebody to look into it.

That’S probably a little more goes here. We go yeah, i don’t know um i mean back then some of these other things – machine, gun, hey, velveteen, duck great content, keep it up, love ampurian, hey there, i’m carry on. Thank you so much! Please small donation dollars. It’S actually very helpful.

You guys, because this is helping me maintain the website. Thank you, emperor. By the way in case you guys, don’t know who amperion is. He actually runs imperion’s, almanac and uh. For those of you who speak czech language, i like it, it’s a great resource, but we’ve actually partnered up and he’s been providing me with subtitles on.

My videos. He’S only done one so far, but he’s got the other ones and uh we’ll return and help him do some of his guide stuff on his video right on his website, where’s that purple orb. Okay, this, like never happens. I just got two units: [ Music ], see if there’s a little boot here at last last time there was not – and there is not sometimes there’s a guy right here, which i don’t kill, because i can use this guy to mind, control free meat shield. He doesn’t want to be there, so i’m sad, i can’t remember how far you can kill this guy, but i think you can pull him too far.

Right, yes, [, Music, ] wow. That was that was a great aim like singularity was at nothing. I aim impressive. I kind of wish there was a pet that broke. That’S there’s lightning, a fire one, a poison one, an iceland lightning’s like for me.

I was about to teleport away and i’m just sad, i’m bad. It’S me. I also never reported this bug, but for some reason, once in a while i’ll get this locale text thing underneath here, i don’t even know what causes it. I think it’s me hitting control by accident. Five party members use predator, no, they snap; no, they won’t only one herod or pet will be happening.

You could snap different things so like say, singularity, herder, pet uh, ranger using net or something everybody uses heritage. And if your next question is what, if i combine a herder pet and say like you’re, a boss doll, i actually don’t know, i’ve never tried it, they are different, so they might snack. I don’t know anybody, know the answer to that. One. A lot like the same as like two singularities staff, the iron brows yeah.

I don’t know if two different pets, if that you get from lightning strike, once you’re slightly off-center. This is why i wanted the little dude that i said spawned once, because if i can have a meat shield, where i can find conclusions, this guy will move around a lot less of a lot faster of a fight. Of course, the other option is, i just filled in. I saw the health orb great want to move closer to that one thirty case you guys didn’t know singularity the effect tapers off if you only catch them at the edge you’re actually getting way less. Does this hammer break that you could be getting you want them snappers funny because they never?

Actually they never remove that feature, but they remove the description. That’S gone from the tilted, but it still exists in the game. It’S a percent of stunning mobs with lightning. It’S! No longer a percent, you have to reach 50 stacks now, [, Music ] do the lightning fields stack on top of each other with lightning.

I don’t think so because i believe they’re the same field, my trans vlog, oh nightmare. You guys uh hello there gregor first time you see me live, i’m only ever live on like sundays. Nowadays, uh you can enter this map with a group you can or can’t yeah. I noticed it took a lot longer too. That’S a surprise because it didn’t used to take longer maximum group size one there you go [ Music ].

It literally says it right here. I realized it’s like barely above my camera, so i don’t know if i see it, but maximum group size one. It actually says it, so i don’t think it’s a bug. I think it’s intentional. There are a few maps in this game that are solo only and this is apparently one of them.

Ah, these items aren’t very good. I will end up selling them by the way you guys remember how there was like a surprise premium day last week. Surprise for me, i didn’t see it on the test server, probably because i was at work or sleeping anyways uh in order to get the level 145 belt of zeal to purchase, which i actually got not bad one. Okay, i actually had to go, kill mortis, because i was missing one last quest and i was kill border. So i said okay, whatever, so i went and killed morris first round.

I got the dark side and i’m like don’t kill me you guys it’s only level. 110

So at some point, uh you’re gon na find me wasting time to go farm 999 elites. In order to get the shiny version of this, you can group, i did it with a friend okay, then that should be a bug because it says max group size of one some people can enter in a group interesting. Okay. I did not know that.

I just read this thing and it says max group size one. So i’m guessing it’s a bug. What server am i on? I’M currently on the tegan server, i’m actually playing on live servers. I feel like uh yeah.

The lightning essence was actually a lot slower because uh his shield popped up three times and last time it only popped up twice. So that’s sad yeah better than that. Yes, i think i need a bathroom there’s. Somebody who’s got an electrical attack. I don’t want to stand up close and get applied in the durian form.

Is an item i haven’t added yet to the dso database. I know some of you guys are probably going like. Why do you even bother adding these regional sets and whatever and like somebody might want to use them? I’M just going to add it for completeness sake. Are you already over 18

I thought you guys all knew i’m 12, at least according to youtube.

I live in an apartment kind of there’s no room for a hot tub yeah. No, it’s not guys. There will not ever be not here. [ Music ] stand in the corner here and not get exploded on lola map, also elysium yeah and then elysium still needs um fragments of infernal passages to enter right. I don’t think they ever change that.

I think it still costs this fragment center. It’S the skin routine of your mage too old for you. Why am i doing full map? I don’t know habit. I guess i mean i could just run straight there, but literally have it?

Oh okay! You guys really want to see what skins are on there. Please don’t copy this transmog, actually, no copy it. All you want go, pollute everybody’s eyes copy and propagate this transmog across all servers, guys. Let’S go and uh pollute everybody’s eyes, so we got here helmets deep sands died, light and green ammons wings died.

Cerulean ghost robes died, jade inner circle gloves, dyed, sunflower, yellow and frigid spider. Sub boots died, dusky sky, ah the eye pollution lucky’s influencer nature has evolved. Yes, everybody should wear this translog on every server. It’S gon na. Do this and uh.

Everybody will be like why. Why is this horrible, looking transmog suddenly in fashion you’ll, know exactly who to blink they’ll be like oh, the duck started it she’s the one who popularized this this thing and i’ll just be safely on teagan’s server laughing. My ass off are even a safe spot to stand. Okay, i guess over here. Oh, i haven’t gotten any sargon pieces yet, but i’ve just gotten a bucket load of those uh area pieces.

This isn’t terribly useful: okay, they’re a nude here, [ Music ]! Oh wait! Why did i? Why did i do that? I just put my guardian right in the path: [ Music, ], oh low, for ice, okay, okay, i get it.

I like my lightning build, but everybody’s telling me to go ice today. I know it would be better. This was the last build ever [, Music, ], oh fairly, politically case. You guys are wondering why i want to stand so close to him, because i saw a healthboard. I was picking it up hey.

I didn’t expect this time to go through what you did. Hmm, you walk out of my singularity get back in here. Yes, yes, that is where you belong and there stand there and uh. Let me finish: electrifying you. I’Ve got a nice 10 seconds.

Stunning. Are we using ice filled for the next run? Is that what you guys want to see, i’ve literally been playing ice, build for so long? That’S why i ended up on lightning – and i’m just too lazy to swap that, but you guys want me to swap back to ice. We can do that.

Hey christopher [, Music, ], okay, are we doing? Are we doing ice build? We can do ice i’ll need to swap my amulet back, though i’m sad because i literally just crafted this amulet last night. Oh, no, are you typically fighting herder and all his cheap copies in a ring around the rosie faster to use rotate around keeping him in place? Actually i did but didn’t they change it.

Doesn’T he have a 360 attack now martin orton solo map, yeah uh, it doesn’t exist, his 360

Uh he can still be easily dodged with no welcome kept in place. Use your second chance. I really want me to use second chance. I actually don’t have. Second now all right.

Let’S just swap the ice build first thing you guys can stop telling me to use ice. I’M like i know i know, but i don’t feel like it. Okay, here’s ice, build. I’Ve got a new change. Do you change anything uh other than amulet?

I think. That’S all i need to change right. Yes, answer is my own question: okay, rip amulet that i just crafted last night. I am so sorry you’re going back in the storage bin for a bit. Where did my other amulet go?

Where did i put it? The other problem with switching equipment – i never remember where i leave things. Oh here it is hello there amulet of the kraken, that was a very short break in the in the uh storage bin. Welcome back, i have not melted items in a while, so i don’t even know how many clips i have all right back in business, we’re doing a ice build. Apparently i spilled by popular request.

Uh complete with the matching amount that you guys picked for me by the way: hey there. It is, i don’t know man, you guys have you guys, are really creative with picking this one, but my eyes, man, you have block mage, no second chance needed yeah. Where are you that you can dress yourself so open, stupid, cold? Where i am? It is uh, canada.

Let me see what temperature it is today. It says it’s 17 degrees, but my window is shut, so it’s like a nice toasty, 23 or so in here uh. Yes, yes, you do. I don’t have that much damage army. Really, i don’t know, let’s maybe uh use regular red essence: fancy lightning, fancy lightning!

My fancy ice one! Now: [ Music, ], hello, there sargon dso good morning, hello, there aguilos hello from canada. I guess i should answer you: okay uh, i haven’t played ice in a couple of weeks. I think i’ve been playing just lightning. Let’S see, if i remember what to do, i guess i should just run for it.

Ow ouch, i didn’t realize it bleeds hi, hey. Why am i using error think ah actually lightning build worked really? Well, when i was kiting on uh, oh yeah challenge arena challenger arena works well there, because i was just by myself but yeah. I guess it wins here. I’M sad i’d do that.

I had to abandon my newly made amulets: what’s up getting wrecked, lucky reds. Yes, yes, that helps! Oh right! Reds! Oh you mean!

Oh you mean i’m running out. Why do i even have any extra? I do? Thank goodness i don’t usually buy reds on my me very rarely. Thanks for the warning, you know me, i don’t notice.

When i run out of essences, i keep going. You know. I realize that uh as soon as you spawn in these guys can actually see you. So they just start nibbling on you that actually hurts and they’re all blocked hello guys. I would just like to open a passage please pass through here.

I just i just want to get to the other side. Why did the duck cross? The road just wanted to get to the other side, guys, please, okay, here we go, we made it try and bring a couple guys along with us. It was very nice having some mind control targets. I don’t know how far these guys.

Okay, fine, fine, great, hiding, fantastic wow. You guys can laugh while you this does uh. That was a great great kiting on my part, not even gon na comment. No, i got hit [ Music ]. Actually, i don’t really know why i’m farming, because the amulet comes in uh suits neither of my two builds.

It only builds oh hold on. I have been saying maybe like three or four months ago, that i wanted to make a fire build guide and i haven’t done it yet it would fit in there. Okay, sorry, it would fit in there. I guess if i don’t didn’t want to use [ Music ], why did i just? Why?

Did i miss that [, Music ]? I think i should just i’m gon na take like [, Music, ], uh, [, Music ]. I think this guy resets, if i’m gon na leave something, is that right. I remember right. I think i still have those mighty shield guards.

I guess [ Music, ], [, Music ] and stops [ Music ]. Okay, all right! We need more, we need more. Actually it’s funny, so i went to work yesterday and uh. It was not at my usual store so guys i forgot.

When i first started working in march, i was actually a float which meant i didn’t. I wasn’t tied to a specific pharmacy. I would just basically go wherever they needed me. Think of me almost like you know how you had substitute teachers that would come cover for your regular teachers back in like elementary school or whatever. I was like that person.

So, whenever somebody’s on vacation or they’re, sick or whatever, i’m that substitute, that goes i’ve stopped. Since then, i am now at a fixed store, but once in a while, if i’m in a mood, i’ll pick up a shift and help out right yesterday was one of those and uh. I had no coffee, no coffee. Yesterday morning, oh boy, you know how hard it is for me to stay awake when there’s like zero caffeine, hey, i just got this costume nice. I didn’t expect that okay cool i’m not allowed to wear it, though, apparently, because i have to wear this uh amazing transmog that you guys made for me [ Music ].

I i think in the future. I will not agree to let you guys choose my transmog, because it’s reached the point where i’ve kind of forgotten what my original appearance was. So that’s why i haven’t switched back because i’ve forgotten what it looks like so we’re just gon na live with it. This is what i figure man, what an eyesore. Yes, i know a lot of you guys have way more powerful characters than i do gregor and thank you.

Fezzo13 welcome. Welcome, defenses, even matter it feels like you get hit. You die uh on bloodshed. It does not. I don’t have enough of anything to survive.

That is actually why i’ve decided. Well, i’m thinking about abandoning block mage. I haven’t gotten there yet, though, because i don’t have the right items on this character. If i did, elsa’s belt of zeal would come out to play and then it would either be terror gloves or else um there’s another one. I was thinking of oh yeah, the poison extinguisher set so three pieces helmets gloves and boots.

I can’t wear that right now. On the on the live server, even if i had it, i just i don’t have enough crit to pull that off. I need to eat the researchers boots, otherwise my credit sucks. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that’s because i have off on right now. If i didn’t have a buff, it would suck majorly.

I warned you i’m forgetting yeah yeah. I know i like procrastinating on events and then and then they events over and then i can’t i can’t get it anymore, so ouch, okay, i didn’t. I wasn’t expecting to get nibbled to death as i ran there. Okay, it actually helped me. I have a sheep, don’t bleed to death.

Hey a little dude followed me up here. Nice meat shield, meat shield found each other located. I thought the meat shield was doomed because you got hit by the ground rangers, but apparently not okay, good. I just killed my field. I think oh well, it’ll work.

I actually should play this character a little bit more because uh i actually can make quite a few advancements very soon. If i just get one more thing, i just need one more thing. I need one more jewel aka, i need a form, but i’m. Finally, at 9 out of 10

I’M like yay, oh boy, i need to stop slacking hello. There uh norbetusa.

I got the amulet from screw. You screw you, you lucky bastard, but congrats man, good job, nine 99 damage on your first one. Are you serious? Oh, my god that is, like god, level luck, wow, so lucky, i’m jealous i’m jealous got it in one run with 99 down unbelievable with my luck, i probably will not get it even after i finish, all 45 runs. Actually i used one up last night.

So 46 runs after 46 times. I probably still will not get it. Oh no can you can you share some of your luck with everybody? Maybe just shake it well. Okay, maybe we shouldn’t do that.

It’S cool this time. Sorry uh elbow bump everybody you’re, not shaking hands here bubble bubble, and then everybody can just sanitize their elbows. But it’s actually really funny, because every time like okay, when i applied for my job, you go for an interview and when i met my current manager and we were interviewing, you normally would shake hands with the person and she’s like oh yeah. We should be hand shaking, so we did this really awkward elbow bump and, let’s not forget, like she’s, my manager’s like what maybe in her 40s, so quite a bit older than me, so there’s awkward elbow bumps between two furnaces. That’S weird [, Music, ]!

That’S how we did it. It was really weird, no hand shaking you can send a screenshot if you want that’s okay, i trust you 99 damage, i’m sure it happens. Sure it does. I’M doing a fist, an elbow bump with me. So i can uh steal some of your good luck: man, [, Music ], i’m having a really good time, getting all these splendid durian pieces that i don’t need or want, and uh yeah.

That’S about it. What do you mean? You know what i should be doing. I should be using up my group, okay, let’s make a quick, very, very, very quick visit to his face this place. I remember my name, hello.

There axe met at 19 welcome to the velveteen deck. Martin is just busy checking all of his features, ready to like screw me over by scaring the crap out of me. Okay, this is the place for those of you who don’t know. Please don’t go on bloodshed, go on normal mode, apparently the drop rate of the jewel, which is what everybody’s here for, is supposed to be the same, regardless of which difficulty you go into so there you have it. Please don’t go in bloodshed, going normal.

It’S just 50 of those thingamabobbits [ Music ]. I should have asked to do the elbow bump. Yeah, [, Music, ], oh wow, that’s great lag all right. I don’t actually need these plant things pretty sure i got all the achievements hold on. Let me check because i don’t remember this – is what happens when you play too many characters?

Uh yeah. I should be good yeah. I don’t think i need. I don’t need white color, [, Music ]. If it was a rock one, i’d still take it leaves and plant sap.

Sorry, no, not interested [ Music ] to pick in general [, Music, ] rv here scent [, Music ], so felicia’s mystic, quiver, nice, nice nice. You almost yeah almost got the right, but not quite oh, my god. Oh my god, you got this on your first run, my god, i’m so jealous a platinum and two gold lines. Oh my god, i am so jealous that 3 000 multi tools got boss. One tire: nothing!

That’S! Okay, man! That’S my that’s! My kind of luck, too. They’Re the same high, five!

Well, no high fives elbow bumps we’re not doing high fives, either. Okay, great fantastic luck! All right! That’S it wow! I only have 48

Right, yes, i have 48 now, so i can’t uh can’t do another run yet dad i’ll save it for another day, damn it for a rainy day.

It’S not raining today. Maybe that’s why i will go back to andrew cash. [, Music ] on enter blowing cave in bloodshed. Only two frost charged everyone right in the face: martin you’re setting a bad example. Oh, is this a raffle winner?

I think this is a raffle winner. Dang, you guys are so lucky getting these awesome things, and i was so happy with my uh, my amulet craft, the one that i literally used for about an hour before. I put it back in storage that one okay, this one [ Music, ], [, Music, ]. Well, at least he survived the groundbreaker. I can’t really complain about that part.

I swear mind. Control is the best i mean not only i had to pick my favorite spell weaver skill. It still goes to that one. After all, shield the meat shield died. Nice.

All i’m getting is. I can’t really complain it’s not like no drops, but not what i’m looking for q4 weapon. Double plaque: hey, okay! I actually got that amulet that i showed you guys the q2 one, this one white item craft guys, so you might get lucky with white item craft. I actually, i don’t think i’ve ever done a craft with legendary zero, because i just i’m just lazy hold on.

Let me check yeah, i’m pretty sure i’ve never done. How else would i have that much uh welcome aboard, not sure i should read that out loud, but anyways, that’s actually a pretty cute name. It’S funny. It reminds me of a guy that i knew once uh who used to work on subscribers. He was on he’s on my he was on my server.

He doesn’t like what do you mean and uh? He was actually in my guild and you would rename people who had interpol written. What do you mean funny stuff? I’M pretty sure i still see the results of some of his renamings here on tegan server once in a while. I’M pretty sure, there’s one that says something like i heart eso or i heartbeat.

I think that one’s from him there’s like a mom’s cuddle bug that was also from him. Oh, i thought it was a 360 attack, not bad. I’M just going to use my mighty spirit guard, so he doesn’t reset his oh hello. There you guys my meat shields all came running. I like this thanks for coming back shields appreciated.

That was a fantastic. So off center – oh my god, [ __ ], he’s questionable, amen at work. Hello, there sotas, eight hello, gone cha. Is that how you say it welcome to the velvet team duck which pet is better for the new anniversary or mortise? What rule of gem fortune?

It is there, don’t you see it? Martin, it’s right. There, yeah uh cake media, isn’t bad yeah. I think mortis is better, but it depends on what you’re missing right. I think i will end up getting the cake media on my live server character.

If i ever farm enough crystals of truth, which, as you can see, i’m sitting on 7000 and i’m still not doing the event so master of procrastination here, i don’t know yes, yes, martin, i have it on both wait. Do i have it on kermag? Was it grooming? It was grim man right? Yes, yes, i have it on both, don’t kill me.

I have it on both. Yes, i do have it here. I don’t have it on. Do i have my test server, i’m not sure if i have it on tester there i feel, like the the jewel of boss. Fortune is like it is like the freeloader’s dream.

You know you you, you get more with less. It is the freeloader’s dream which is kind of my dream, so i can’t really can’t complain it’s actually fantastic. It’S wonderful! I’M casting frost wind towards the meat shields, as i call them, because there’s three of those dudes and only one of the dark ones so get more stats. That way, i could try to group them up, but it’s a little hard depending on what angle i’m standing at.

I just came at the beam at the more rather less. I really killed myself so and i went pretty smooth just getting what i wanted come on. Darf forest give me amulets what i’m here for ouch and yes, i’m currently on teagan three duplicates from a total of eight joule chesses ouch. I mean good dust, but ouch that’s got ta hurt is the anniversary weapon buggy? Yes, but maybe not the way that you think it’s buggy.

Oh, this is uh, quoting luke here, because i didn’t know this myself. Luke is one of the discord. Mods i’d, probably trust him um. So he the said, damage of the anniversary weapon is two times the base that, like the regular base damage of other items that is intended. Okay, what the bug is is that uh, sometimes the gold lines are actually displaying as a higher as if it’s higher than the flat lines.

But it’s not that’s the only bug with the anniversary and i’m quoting luke for that. Even if you don’t trust me, if you want to trust the mods, oh my god, what was that aim that frost, wind, wow skill with like a humongous area of effect, like massive, completely missed? Okay? Oh, i didn’t teleport away fast enough, damn it second and third. Pent-Up power jewels.

Now i actually went that’s the block one right: [ __ ], one yeah that one’s pretty lame. I have it on touchdown. Are you lame? You know the one place, the one place where i actually tried to make it useful was during the summer solstice festival. You know how there’s that one map, where it completely silences you and you can’t use any skills, it doesn’t even work there.

I was like. Oh, my god, this is oh. This is sad. The one use that this jet sorry this jewel could have had jungle, crawler costume, hey. Did you guys know that i actually played a role in making that one?

This is like way way back like who was cm batman. Was it like greg? I think greg and uh aruki kind of thing. Where is that one wrong women? I think nope fighters travelers, i don’t even know which this one dragon main costume, played a role in making this one i can’t draw.

So obviously i didn’t do the drawing clearly that wasn’t me. It doesn’t use gem pets. What do you mean? I have the jackpot right here. I still need crit come on my character.

Is a weak ass character on tegan, yes, trust, the mods roman. That is right! Okay, let’s, let’s wish over. I don’t think i’m getting all right. I know you said the whole thing about like dancing right below his uh right next to him.

I could do that, but i’m out of practice doing it pretty hard for me to do when i’m out of practice. I guess i can try. What do you mean? Okay, that went a lot better than i thought it would because yeah i have not uh done the whole below just below his attacks thing. In a long time, hello, there nick sktv, welcome to the velveteen doc.

Collecting gems after boss is defeated one by one and not swapping to the pet for a sec. If fine all right, we can do it that way. I actually very rarely use that gem pet – i’m just i’m used to clicking habits, are hard to break. It’S like me, picking up all the junk off the floor, such as trinkets ouch that earth oh i’ll, have a meat shield. I have to be careful that i don’t uh, don’t get body blocked to death, because if i felt around hmm i’ll just now, i’ve interrupted his movement so many times i don’t even know what he’s trying to do anymore.

[, Music, ] machine gun, turret enrollment. You should check how many points you have you’ve been uh. You’Ve been watching quite a few of my streams. What’S with all these people, all right, i forgot to use my again do it? Is it possible to put a pet on [, Music ] here?

Okay, i guess i answered my question. No, hang it man, it was just one key away. I might actually remember no meat shields to trip over this run. All right, imagine not using second hotkey bar for pets. I don’t even use like i don’t even have it set up, swap hotkeys uh.

Actually, you know what would be hilarious if i set it up, so my stream jack was the one controlling it. Oh boy, that would be hilarious yeah. I could do that. You know what i could totally set it up. I don’t even know how many hotkeys bars i own on this character.

I should check. I should actually find out what he’s trying to do. It’S so slow. It’S like um um, hey goodbye. I have to wait two seconds right.

Um. Let me see, i don’t actually use my extra hotkey bars they’re not set up. I remember right, yeah, no key. I don’t bother binding them, [, Music ]. So how many do i own?

That’S a good question. [, Music! ], wait. Wait! Oh yeah!

Remember this one, you guys! Okay! Apparently i own all of them. The question mark because i can go up to 10

I didn’t know that okay, cool didn’t know that i actually only used like the first four inventory’s fault. I have learned from you guys.

I no longer use wisdom shop, we don’t need wisdom shop. We have grimace shop still trying to keep all of my cloaks for uh yarn release. This that’s a sort. You make sure i don’t accidentally sell the items that i want, i’m not before, and sometimes i don’t even notice. So then, it’s too late, [, Music, ] yeah, i use four, but none of them are mapped to my hotkeys.

So let me think how would i suck this up? Oops wrong guy? I want here, okay, excluding this one, which clearly is not an actual belt. This is you guys, okay uh. I guess i’ll put my actually useful pets here.

Oh hello! Yes, okay, these guys, i use this one. I do use too once in a while. I actually don’t use dragon doll right now and i don’t use him. Let’S leave that alone.

Some of the pets are good, but i don’t actually use them right now, because they just don’t suit what i what my current stats are rip best build yeah whoosh gone, okay, replace it with the second best. It’S called pets. What doesn’t this mean that you guys have to set it up so that it jumps between all of the bars? This is the part i don’t like you have to set it up for every single hotkey bar, and i am not going to remember all of these extra buttons uh. I don’t know what should i set up?

Okay, i have to be careful. I don’t accidentally set it up as something that’s already being used somewhere else, because there are certain keys on my keyboard that are already remapped for other things. I guess, if i put it down as a f5 or something that should be safe, hope it doesn’t blow up my stream, i’m gon na give it five seconds here. Oh stream didn’t blow up good. Okay, i know f1 is already being used.

I can’t use f1 for this unless i remap that on discord to something else, but f1 is already being used. So um is it f2? Maybe sorry, i’m forgetting which hotkey bar my ice build is on three wow, hey settings. We can use f3, i’m pretty sure. F3 is not being used right now.

I will set up the rest at another time. I know i can’t use f1, not right now, anyways, it’s already used use numpad keys. I guess so. I actually do use my numpad keys. I only use the arrows to navigate between bars one to three or two to three yeah yeah yeah mister only has three left hand.

What a bummer hello there kapino112 good morning, busy farming medusa to improve my tune, actually owning more hotkey bars. Just causes me more confusion because i keep scrolling through. Is this the one? Is this the one? No, i got it here.

Ah, i’m dying, i’m dying. Okay, i’m not dying anymore; okay, i’m dying. Okay, we got some meat shields following me here there we go get to work meat shields. Do your thing hold that i should aggro healing myself before i drop dead from my [ __ ]? Actually, your own blood mage can’t kill you anymore, but uh.

You only have one hp, you’re, probably dying. Moving over to that health forum, god really got whacked 360 degree attack all right f5. I guess oh look at that. I picked up all of my gems. I still keep calling them the same thing.

I know they’re not the same thing, but i still do bad bad habits, set the pets to bar three and have all the other builds around it. I guess i actually, even though i had say i use four bars. I actually only have three useful builds one two and three. A four is four: is a joke or, as a joke, sorry do not copy this build. It’S the worst build we’re gon na pick, price fall and blood mage.

You know like this is this: is the best build we got this. I just realized my camera moved. I think i think i may need to change where i put some of the hot keys, then otherwise they’ll mess with me onto a list of things to do. Yeah face cam moved. I think that must have been f3 right.

Yeah, that’s f3! That’S f5 i’ll need to change that because actually i have a stream deck. Now i don’t need the hotkeys anymore, totally [ __ ] up my pet, this guy! I’M sorry! I need my pet back watching my face.

Cam whizz around we’re gon na need to change that i actually originally had it set up, so this was before before i bought a screen pack, i had it set up to the various uh keys on my keyboard. Do different things on stream and then, when i got the stream deck i forgot to disable it. That’S why it is the way it is yes, additional effects when ducky changes her hot key bars. Her camera goes whizzing across the screen. It’S like a hidden bonus effect.

You know how to get this cape, which cape, my actual cave or the attire, because my actual tape is uh. Was it something of terror, merciless terror? Oh, what you’re seeing is actually the event fire up. I could totally see that coming too. That was the worst part, because the dude was slowed down wow.

What do you mean? Hey, okay, we’re not gon na sign my face wizard, not this time, nope, not this time back here, [, Music, ]! Oh stop nibbling on me up up way and yes, that is actually how i use my mind, control to send things away from me. Uh does ender world event arena give brigavik uniques. I haven’t heard anything about that.

If anybody knows otherwise, please let me know, i know that you can get the iron will set which nobody wants. I haven’t heard anything about that [ Music ]. I don’t even know which song is playing right now, guys uh for the event bonus. Oh okay, um that one under here. Ah yes, here, we are you’ll have to purchase it.

The only reason i have it was actually as a thank you gift uh far. It’S not a secret for uh being one of their partners. That’S helped create content for their uh 10th year anniversary stream. That’S why i have it, but uh. If you guys want to get one you’ll have to whoops you’ll have to purchase it from the shop there.

It is top ash offers specials uh, i think there’s different ones. There’S like the three hour, one which is super cheap. I think the one i have is like a 30 day one. So it would be this one. Do this one hello, there zimcio welcome to the velveteen duck hello.

Do you know how i get the twisted woods class? I’M lost, don’t worry my friend. I am lost too uh. No, so how to get there or how to finish it. I think you mean how to finish it right.

As far as how to finish it goes twisted woods, i literally have a guide on my youtube channel you’re on the youtube side, so there it’s easier for you how to get okay, sorry got ta, get there. Okay, you need to do all the classes around the suburbs of cardone. So what level are you? Are you like level 55? Yet because you need to be level 55 and you need to finish main quests of the kaiser region and you go to kings hill and you talk to john son, lair he’ll, give you a quest and then from there you’ll continue through the underworld.

That’S what this new region is called the underworld and, as you go through the ander world, you’ll basically go through one by one and you’ll unlock the twisted woods in there. At some point, can i show stats? Please? Yes, nothing! Impressive, get rid of the red essence!

Very often nothing impressive, okay, it’s very normal and in case you guys are wondering why i let my characters sit at 3.996 attack speed. It’S because i’m counting on a duel of rage to kick in. That’S it. It’S the only reason it’s sitting at 3
9 and i haven’t freaked out, you have to finish all cues first, no, you don’t fuse as in parallel world cues.

No, you don’t! So you need to be at least level 55 right and then in order to get there. If you haven’t already start off with your murdoch region classes, you need to unlock gosh, go to kaiser finish the main classes there and then in kaiser you finish off and then you go to kings hill, and you talk to john sun lair. Johnson lair gives you a bunch of classes that will unlock suburbs of cardone and everything else around it. Okay, that’s called the ander world.

So that’s what you need to do. Hello there. I’M mitz yahoo, welcome to the velveteen duck use from 100 yeah. There are 12 plus. No, i don’t think it’s that i don’t remember, but basically you you have to make sure you finish the regional classes, that’s what you have to do: [, Music, ], geez man.

How many runs of this place? Have i done now? Uh yikes? That’S uh, 17, plus one from last night, 18 runs nothing, nothing good whoops did i do that. I did not mean to cast my artwork, so he’s not the whole farm.

I watched that 360 attack and remember to dodge this time there we go that pickup thing. The pickup thing right: okay, oh, look somebody who actually reads the compendium. You know, martin. I actually can’t remember when’s the last time i actually read the compendium. Probably never.

I don’t read the compendium they added it years ago, and i just i have no idea. What’S going on in there, so i just never read it. I wouldn’t be surprised if i ended up with a lot of unfinished classes as a result. Now you got me curious now i got ta check. This is my companion, oh ouch, three out of six six sunday night, um, yeah, uh, really really bad at doing quests nice to know.

I think it’s act, eight right, yeah act, eight is what you need to finish. Oh actually, this is not bad luck. 135. Out of 140

That’S pretty good, considering considering it’s me, it’s a terror. I don’t know every detail, but you’ve got some errors, things allura siri, oh boy, sure no problem.

I will give you editor rights on my website and you can go right up on all the lore that you want. I have no idea what’s going on in this game when it comes to lore. Oh hello, i have uh, i have a lot of meat shields. I have three all right before i put control on anybody want me to stab at what kind of roots i got. I’M pretty sure, i’m pretty sure it’s gon na be durian splendid, durian right, there’s, no way it could be roshan, blended, durian.

I knew it splendid. Durian, damn it oh boy and durian here we go. I think i might have collected nearly the whole set as of today. I think i’ve already gotten like four or five pieces. Ah, yes, shadows of the past 11 out of 12 is currently bugged.

Don’T want to contact support, i think they can fix it for you. I’Ve been reading a couple of different things for different people, and it looks like 11 out of 12 right now is plugged as of uh 252 underscore 10. Whatever now the current version, it’s bugged right now so contact support for that one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed until they fix it. Who knows when they’ll be [?

Music, ], yeah, 11 out of 12 is currently bugged. [, Music ], oh wow, great guardian placements. We got this off center on the single area missing out on potential damage. Hey yay. At this rate, i’m gon na do like 45 consecutive runs.

Nothing, nothing to show for it. Top chance of the amulet is really bad. You got it: oh lucky people norbeduzza here on the stream. He just he came in a while ago and he commented he got the amulet on his first run and he got it with 99 max damage and the other two lines were golden too, and i was like really and lucky. How many runs am i into now?

I had 46 last night, i’m down to 26 steam course. That’S still nothing. I haven’t even gotten a single piece of the other sargon items either. So this is sad or tier, yeah. Tier level.

Luck. We don’t have that. Am i planning to open a k-pop band in dso other than the fact that i don’t know any korean sure we can do that [, Music ]? Maybe we can open a c-pop. Man, though, could at least pull off a few words, not very many, but a few.

So i asked for a k-pop man, though of all things all right. Now you got my now. You got my interest why a k-pop fan? Why not something else? Much good drops likeness right.

These drops are so good is the other time i got predator during my first callous run back in the days wow. That’S actually pretty lucky of you, roman, because uh yeah, i remember people would like farm for ages and they’d be like. I never got the predator kind of thing. Actually, it’s funny, you know the uh. The spell weaver equivalent to predator is starlight right.

I never used it ever used it back in, like the level 45 days, which is like when i started playing. Starlight was like everybody’s crazy about starlight predator, which was the ranger version. I actually never got it to drop. I was like okay, i guess i will go handed so i was two hand before two hand was popular wow. That was a great crosswind fantastic.

You know the drop rate of uh, uniques and said items here at garfield is inspiring. I’Ve gone absolutely not a single line so far, so uh yeah, i’m jealous of you, bought it on the first run. So, oh hey at this rate, i might actually run out of passages to enter this map if or before i get. Even that would be bad, really really bad, oh god, that mage is ugly. Yes, yes, yes, it is i’m korean.

No i’m not i’m not korean! I’M chinese ethnically chinese, but uh canadian. I immediately got the boss unique every time. Lucky lucky one hand was much funnier yeah, remember, remember when it used to be possible to get hurt or shield on the first kill like guaranteed. I remember that.

Did i farm 50 course i had 46

I started the stream with 45 because i used one last night. I didn’t remember what the hell this map looked like, so i was like uh. Maybe i should check what this map looks like before i go in tomorrow morning i had 45 at the start of my stream 45 and uh we’re down to 20 something and still no unique snow set items. I mean fantastic luck. Oh no!

Oh wow! I just automatically plop the guy down and then and then my brain registers, hey that’s a bad spot to put him in like yo. Let me finish the quest 46 times pretty much pretty much. I still have hundreds of those secret lair passes those things uh. I get way more of them.

I think i might have about 700 layer passes still, maybe maybe more hey there. Mr dark horse, hey there cows, i mean at least there’s gem drops. I can’t complain about that part. That’S jack, 744 yikes. I should use up stop check my bag space here.

Okay, we’re still doing good no way your chinese is your pronounced beard. Growth says otherwise, really. Definitely chinese. I remember to put my guardian off the side this time you guys proud. Oh my god.

Oh wow great great time i teleported, but i still died max gems and everything. I can believe that i don’t usually play with max gems here. Okay, i guess i guess my test server character is on the verge of being axed. That’S about it. Hey i’m like seeing the exact same drops every run, some gems, a couple of cubes few items uh there.

There is no luck. There is no luck, it seems with me and um and uh getting an actual, unique or sad item roman’s talking about all these movies, and i’m like i don’t know what those are [ Music ] that doesn’t reset unless every member of the party goes out found Out the sideway ouch, i might have some meat shields. That’S wrong! Oh yeah! I will better for work.

I think the spider is like running away and it’s pulling the other guy with it. That’S too funny spiders, like i’m gon na, beat a steady retreat here, i’ll out and the other guy’s like wait for me. Oh, i might control both oh goodbye, spider, nice, it’s nice beating you! So! Oh i got something wasn’t what i wanted hello there riddle um!

Okay, then, or are we i’ll take it? I guess see if it’s any good, i don’t remember if i even have a 140 version one. What level is mine on here? That’S 140

Which one’s better um more hp, yeah we want more hp yeah. I guess i got a new riddle.

Throw the new one in bust. The old one out got to switch pets. Didn’T i yes, i did still can’t believe he’s maxed out yeah. If people farm enough, they will be maps, though i’m pretty sure i’ve already seen quite a few people talking about being maxed out on the official dso discord server. I don’t farm anywhere close to enough in case you guys are wondering what gems i’m sitting at i’m.

Mostly mostly at some form of trapezoid, probably the lowest or the second lowest one so yeah right faster than their anniversary ouch. The only comparable factors are the desperation for the drop wanted great one. Martin wait: do you have a buff on, though, because i do i’m cheating, i got ta buff one, i’m not cheating, i’m! Just using up my stuff, i’m doing inventory clear. There is sale working hard on clearing my inventory, full of crap wow, wow, [, Music ].

All right we got jammed, that’s what we got. I’M like trying to convince myself that it’s not such a bad drop. We have gems got this, not working [, Music, ], i’m like i’m, not here for the gems. I know i know i can get gems elsewhere. Oh no magic tonic for damage really important.

My base damage is 110k without the ramp from of zeal. Ah, yes, okay, what do you mean i’m using two crit ones so and they’re both legendary, because i think i crafted a whole bunch. Basically, i used up all of my ingredients for that, whatever the heck it was, and then i haven’t crafted since because i keep forgetting to use them and hello there hi i’m inori, welcome to the velveteen duck beep across. I don’t think i really need meat shields anymore. All right spider go back.

Oh there goes one of my things, my buffs. Do i pop a new honor. No oh [, __ ]. I think i will i got too many. I actually need to do spring cleaning and, and then i died, as i attempted to activate buffs real smart okay got the tonic in and i got the physique i’ll be fine, and how far did you get with the anniversary event like?

Are you actually done the progress bars, unlike me, you’re still in kaiser, oh boy, no gems, ah inventory’s, full, okay, we’ll whip up the uh doggy hello, grima, i’m gon na, say hello. As i uh sell you all my junk [ Music ]. But here let’s go ahead clean that out. Wait! Oh right, achievement!

Okay! So i got the level 100 sorry gun amulet. I guess i can keep it as a memento of my desperation to get the level 140 version, the sadness of it all. Well, at least at least, i got an achievement in there somewhere, [ Music ] right there, achievements yeah, oh boy, i don’t really need a level 100. It doesn’t really.

Uh doesn’t really do much for me. Okay, i’ll take it zero progress, it’s all stored as forfeit chests nice complete seven of the bars, while the other one requires one to four more runs to get up nice i mean you might as well save it for next year, assuming there’s a next year, hello. There snake gaming very well, thank you for asking. How are you [, Music ], good, it’s good to hear so hi? Is it hard to get these sargon parts even on bloodshed?

Hearts, give me my parts: hey. Are you talking about the boss ingredient? Are you talking about actual unique? What are we talking about so address? I wasn’t around last anniversary, don’t know if i will be next time either uh yeah nobody, nobody can predict the future.

I don’t have a crystal ball for that. If you mean the unique from this guy that i’m fighting today, this dark force, fellow okay, some people are lucky, we got it on their first run with 99 damage, and meanwhile i am at uh how many now it’s 45 minus 18

Nearly 30 runs 20 20. Something runs 30, something 30, whatever you know, uh still nothing. I’Ve just gotten gems, not zero, but it’s not great either a dear dark force. If you would just kindly drop excellent amulet for me, i will stop killing you just too late.

He’S gon na drop one for me and i’ll be like zero percent. All the base values. That’S great wow, [, Music, ] rip rip guardian; no god exploded, [, Music, ], okay, uh, gems, yep. They got this [ Music ]. I have a feeling that, at the end of at the end of my 45 well 46 steam course all i’ll be able to say is well.

That was a lot of gems. Where was i playing at that time? Yeah one month into 45 yeah see, i don’t even remember the level 40 times because i literally just started the game like i was so new. I was still learning what was going on, but yeah technically. I started during level 40 days, but i don’t remember anything about it: [, Music, ] oops nearly got trapped and killed there close holy crap.

How come there’s so many five of them? Oh, that’s way too many i mean i can collect stats. Real fast can’t really complain. Ask my mom. Well i mean i am also getting a lot of wisdom trying so hard to convince myself that it’s okay, [ Music ], i’m level 100 with his 2
7 attack speed very bad for my level of really trying to pass my wisdom levels like 20

Yes, uh have those bonus codes expired, i don’t remember, but if they haven’t, you need to claim them.

Do they expire anybody remember. All codes are valid until the fifth okay, so they may or may not still be valid. But if you haven’t yet stimpy, there are like 10 bonus codes or something because of the 10th year anniversary, make sure you claim those pretty sure. There’S wisdom, at least one of the codes watch. My attack speed guide, but it’s so hard to understand here i’ll just uh here you can see it right.

These are all the bonus codes by guild master or whoever very nicely put them all in there. So they’re right there. Those are all the bonuses they might have expired, i’m not sure, try it leave it open for now. In case you didn’t see it. I try them out if they don’t work, that’s a little too bad, but if they do work, that’s great just because there were a lot of good free things in there like wisdom, i think there might have been gem bags too.

I don’t remember – and in case you guys are wondering i did remember – to claim all the bonus codes on my grimage character. So uh i haven’t abandoned it, it’s lazy. What happens? Is i get in the mood for doing a certain project like this dark horse thing and then that’s all i will be focused on until i uh finish or grow up or whatever i haven’t forgotten the grim egg character. It’S there uh i need any gem drops.

Can i show them again there you go funny story, i don’t know anything about crafting, haven’t crafted a single item too. There is literally a whole entire event. Sorry a whole entire crafting guide series on that. I’M still planning it for my website to actually like translate, because i know some people they prefer to read. Other people prefer to watch a video.

I’M strange because i make videos, but i actually prefer to read so i will i’m intending to make a slightly different version for the website for crafting. It will be there eventually, one day, one day, one day, he’ll be there [ Music ]. Second, veteran bonus just gave me some shitty stuff yeah. Well, it is what it is. You might be more of a kinetic learner than stimpy like you may just have to try it out where to get steam cores.

There’S a quest from this lady over here. You pick up this quest and then you have to go: kill 50 protectors in any secret lair, which is a real pain in the butt you collect. 50. You turn it in once you get one steam core, so you guys can uh yeah. You guys can go.

Imagine how long it took to get 45 we’re down to 15

Still haven’t gotten anything still have not gotten anything from uh from mr dark horse here, not being very generous today, i don’t want to bleed to death. So what do you mean? Ouch ouch that hurt so bad and this time that one the sun would have opened. I don’t know yes such such lovely gem drops all i’m seeing today is gems. So what things talents and skills you use, [, Music, ] there.

It is [ Music, ], balance items, uh, sorry stats! I guess skills right here. Currently using ice, build uh, hello. There wizard welcome to the velveteen deck codes. Do work.

That is fantastic good to hear. Did i get the new weapon i did not. I haven’t actually set foot in the arena yet on this character on the test server, i didn’t get it. It is what it is uh. I am a game developer this year and i’m going to make a clone of this game’s old version.


Do you think people would play it on mobile? We don’t have much of an advertisement budget, oof, um question here, for you, aren’t you going to run into uh the whole intellectual property, lawsuit type of thing, like i’m, pretty sure, that’s going to be an issue for you guys, and you might want to think about That, even even if you say like it’s free, you know i’m i’m whatever, i’m not making any money off it, because it’s a violation of bp’s intellectual property copyright infringement. Whatever you want to call it, you might be forced to take it now. Just a warning about that, but i mean: are people going to be interested?

I’M not sure. Do you say it’s mobile right, that’s tricky! I don’t play mobile games because my phone is crap. I think there will be some interest in that. I’M not sure it’s enough to keep it sustainable necessarily like.

Are you guys going to try and buy the right from bitcoin? Is that how you’re going to do it, or are you just going to run away with the code you’re running away with a code? I can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to get you in trouble. Ah, yes, gems. We love gems here, [, Music, ] gems are not that many to be happy with what you’re getting yeah.

I know i know more serious personal question. You don’t need to answer. If you don’t want, but since you’re chinese, you experience any asian hate in your real life with corona and all it’s, sadly, nothing rare um. I’Ll be quite honest here i haven’t personally experienced any, which i am grateful. What do you mean?

I have heard that in some parts like i know we we tend to stereotype canadians as being very tolerant people. You know we try to be welcoming and all that stuff, but uh. There has been instances of that kind of hate, stuff being directed towards asians here. In canada too, which is quite unfortunate um, i guess i’m lucky in a way, because i i do wear a white coat at work on a pharmacist, so i don’t get that, but what i do get instead is. I will get the uh, the odd patient, who will spew some nasty things, not quite directed at me, but just in general, and i would be like excuse me.

This is not the place for this because i’m asian too okay, like we did not intend to bring it here. Hello, thanks and i’m like literally born and raised in canada. You know so yeah. I do get the occasional person who does spew some things but they’re not directed at me it’s directly in general, at asians. I guess, and i do tell them it’s electrified there.

This little dude is gon na trip, never mind. I tripped myself up first rip. Do i still have the plus uh 150? Yes, i do. I do.

I still have it on because i don’t know what to replace those runes with. Quite yet, on this character i haven’t made up my mind. I think it’ll probably be hp regen. I want to go hp, regen and then reduce the amount of block i have it should be, it should be uh viable. I also need more hp period.

That’S odd! One run! You get a stack of 350 next round. You get 115

I i don’t know i did notice quite a wide range. I don’t know at some.

I’M gon na be bothered about it. Basically, at level 200 wisdom, i really don’t need to wow. That was a great dodge. There ducky great dodge, oh yeah, i level 200 wisdom. I really don’t need wisdom.

Runes anymore, i haven’t figured out what to replace it with on this character, so i just leave it. It probably will be hp. What do you mean it’s my most likely i just screwed up my staffs. Oh man, 360 wisdom. Okay, hello.

There dante long time, no see mobile games are huge in asia. There’S a big market for it there yeah. Actually, yes, so did you guys know that dso actually launched a southeast asia server years ago? They launched it with autopilot. They launched the asian version with autopilot and then it ended up dead.

So i don’t know uh hello there stimpy welcome to the velveteen doc, of course, we’ll change the name and model, so it won’t be 100 copy of the game, but it will look pretty similar. I think you might, you might be able to pull it off. Then, honestly, like there’s a huge market for mobile games. I haven’t said this, but i was like if i was a mobile gamer, i’d, probably stream on like facebook, i haven’t cause uh. My phone is crap and i don’t really care to play it on there, but yeah get all the codes.

That’S great glad that they’re still working actually hey larkitec. How are you doing man? I heard you got a weapon, a weapon. You know that one i’m jealous man how many runs of this place have – i done. I still haven’t even seen the amulet, except for the level 100, one from the achievement.

It’S sad and he did get the weapon nice i’m jealous. I didn’t get it on the test server. I haven’t tried yet on the live server i’ll get there eventually, which difficulty did you go for it? I’M doing very well, though, thanks for asking hello there hilvin, oh bennett, sorry, i might not be saying your name right, but hello, there mercy yeah! I was thinking.

I don’t think i want to do parallel world bloodshed. I did parallel bloodshed on the test, server character. Oh boy, i don’t know how many times i died, but it was a lot. So i uh, if that character is stronger than this one and i was dying lots. I think i would just go at most parallel world ursula’s, but no higher than that.

When you get a when to go right when to go, that was terrible, hmm well at least i’m getting nice i had problems at palo were merciless like was able to do it, but really problematic. Yeah wendigo is terrible. I got the windigo on parallel world bloodshed and it was like. Oh, i regret i regret doing this hello. You are pro in this game nah i am.

I am normal totally normal, maybe okay, maybe not normal. Maybe the worst should be a few loose screws, because i do some crazy [ __ ] once in a while. You have any tips on how i can improve my attack. Speed. Yes, give me one second here to clean up my uh non-cloak items here: [ Music, ] folks cloaks we’ll leave the cloaks all right, so attack speed left this one back on so best attack, speed pet is, and of course i don’t have them on my front Page because i stopped using the little guy uh, where is he he’s the little lizard one, this fella little raptor, all right apparently need premium for it.

I didn’t even remember that, but okay, this is the best attack speed pet. There is, i think you can get that um attack speed equipment, so you see here this is my pauldrons there’s no attack speed and the base values right, which is up top, but there’s attack speed on the unique value. Okay, so i put there’s attack speed on the unique value i put all zircons in there and then i drop enchantments all attack speed. Basically, you want to synchronize everything right, there’s attack, speed, and these are the base values of the unique value and you put attack, speed, gems and attack speed enchantments put all of that together. Okay, they all stack same goes with this other one.

So the best items i think martin mentioned it earlier best items and games for attack. Speed, are um ring of mor mortis mortis’s ring of death holy crap. What is this ring of death? The destructor-plated torso? So robes in this case for spell weaver masters pauldrons, which is the name of it in spellweaver, but it has different names for every class.

This one’s a world drop so you’ll, probably look at the world drop pauldrons very quickly, and then you want to do your main classes, because that’s how you unlock the halls of the dead and that’s how you get the mortises ring of death, which i’m not using Right now, i i still have one somewhere, i’m not sure i do right there, so yeah those are attack, speed items you have a maximum of three attack: speed items: okay, three, i’m currently using three. I think on this character. Yes, three on this character, two on my test server one. I probably will keep it at two max. Ideally, chances are as a brand new character.

You will want to play as a one-hand weapon. So you see here i’m using a two-hand weapon. Please don’t use a two-hand weapon if your brand’s spanking you that’s a really bad idea, use a one-hand weapon, so good! Well, i shouldn’t say good easy to obtain one hand. Weapon is actually the world drop called starlight for spell weavers a predator if you’re playing ranger cloaked wrath if you’re playing dragon night – and i have no idea what it’s called.

I’M sorry i should know, but i don’t anyways, that’s an easy to obtain one. I think i have one somewhere. I don’t know where. Oh here it is, that’s the one that’s an easy one to get. It has nice attacks, but you can use that or really any other one-hand weapon like dragon wing scepter.

Even um use a one-hand weapon because you can get better attack, speed, maybe desert weapon yeah easy to obtain just use a one-hand weapon. That’S your first one! How do i get your shoulders? They are. A world drop, just farm they’ll fall anywhere, they drop anywhere.

I think it was avenger yeah. I think so. That sounds right. I should know this after entering like a thousand items into my dso database, and i love me – i can’t remember it. Oh, my god, i’m memory you can also so you yo.

If you get a one-hand weapon, you probably want to put attack speed on it. The amount of attack speed you can get on a one-hand weapon is much much higher, so you’ll probably want to do that. For starters, afterwards, if you want to put your attack speed on some other things, do whatever and hello there escape s, welcome to the velveteen doc, hey! How many runs have i done? Oh, my god, i’ve done like 30-something, runs still nothing wow we’re having a really lucky day today, fantastically lucky.

Okay. Can you guys give me like five minutes? I’M gon na be right back all right. I don’t have anything exciting put it on okay, you guys got ta stare at other people. There, i’m gon na be right back.

Okay, give me like five minutes. My leg has gone numb from me sitting on it cross-legged, so that doesn’t help. So give me five minutes i’ll be right! Back uh, okay, i’m back it wasn’t! Even uh wasn’t even five minutes right: hair stream!

Oh hey there! Oh oh! I like how you pop in right as i go. Oh chair stream. Okay, how do i apply the attack?

Speed enchantment so uh you need to unlock enchantment transfer crafting so start kings. Hill right. Do your green colored quests! Those are your crafting. Quests you’ll unlock the very basic crafting.

Then you need to finish this one there’s a whole series, so you need to finish all of these. This recipe called enchantment transfer and you go to the workbench right. Let’S pretend pretend that this was the item and you go. Oh there’s a really great attack, speed line on here. It’S not great.

Let’S pretend it’s great right. You throw that on there throw your other item on there and then you use this and this to basically move all your enchantments together onto one item, which will eventually be this item. Yeah. That’S how you do it oh and uh yeah. I would encourage you if you haven’t already watch that guide, because uh there’s a couple tricks like basically, some items only have three enchantments by default, so you’ll want to collect it on a junk, legendary first and then drop it onto the item that you want.

You get four lines: hey there. Oh, oh, how have you been doing? I haven’t seen you in a while. I don’t stream that often so i haven’t seen most people in a while. Unless you guys are active on discord.

Oh crap, i stood too close. I misjudged the distance misjudge the distance of the swipe. I actually think that having one of these little guys to mind, control is tripping me up more than what i do, maybe maybe never mind. 1. 000 years later, [ Music, ] hello, there is zameku.

I seem to have forgotten what does the red aura that doesn’t enrage guys depends on which one, i think, there’s a few there’s one. That’S a healing aura! There’S one! That’S in your rage, aura! I don’t remember if there’s another one [ Music, ], [, Music, ], one that the mini boss had a minute ago.

I don’t remember what the boss i like how all i get are world drops. I haven’t seen any of the actual uh things that this guy is supposed to drop and i think they don’t exist. My story is on something is hilarious, i’m a little concerned. What is what is being censored here? I even want to know [ Music ].

I have difficulty with edges. What are we at ten yeah we’ve done. 35 runs 36. If you want to include the one i did last night, because i don’t remember what this map was looking like, oh boy, and there has not been a single, actual, unique or set item that belongs to this dude wow stay over there fight amongst yourselves, so my Stream has been less than officially renamed hey. I will i will check, and you know me if i end up liking my unofficial names.

I actually keep all right. Let’S go see what the [ __ ] you guys do is that in general you guys are talking about a lot of items there. Okay hold on how far down do i need to scroll general general? I don’t know. Definitely not no, we’re not we’re not renaming.

This stream to smacking moms – absolutely not oh, no, 25k base damage 1150. Apparently it’s intended. How am i supposed to farm entries for this map, as in the one i’m doing this one’s a painted? But let me tell you that okay, so pick up the quest from this little gal over here or grusha. Okay and then you have to go: do secret, lairs and kill protectors, one protector one orb, so you’re gon na be at this forever and then every single one orb well basically traded in for a steam core and then one steam core allows you to do.

One run of this place: [, Music ]. I don’t know why. I always do that to my poor guardian, good guardian, just stand in the line of fire. Take this hit. Oh sorry, [, Music, ]!

I might be wrong, but i don’t think this guy actually has a 360 attack. It still gives me a small heart attack, though, because i’m used to it being a 360 attack nowadays. Ah, yes, um, it’s nice uh. What is the set bonus from this boss? Actually, the sets are okay.

I actually think the sets aren’t too bad, but most people are here for the amulet, which i only have the level 100 version from the uh from the achievement. This is it, but the level 140 version is a lot better. You get more damage, let’s put it that way. Oh look! It’S three hours in and ducky is not tired.

What is this last build review? Hey boy powered powered by coffee. We still got coffee away. Actually, if you want to check it out, um, oh boy, the link is in the in the description or youtube side. The velveteenduct
Com, there’s now an item database on there, so you can just look it up.

All the items are there post items? Are there more than 80 of items in this game? Are there you know, i’m beginning to think the drop of runes here is actually higher than uh the drop of the items i mean, i mean hey, yeah, oh yeah, it’s supposed to be 25. I have since photoshopped the uh the thing entry in the dso database to reflect that update. This doesn’t show that way on the event window.

No unique, yes, you’re right been here nearly three three hours now and uh. Still no unique yay. I mean i’ve gotten world unique that doesn’t count. I can get them anywhere – hmm, okay, nice, more gems. I have a feeling that i’m just not gon na get it not today.

How many are we at six ooh? This is bad. I was shocked when jesse and three others left the game yeah. I didn’t get a chance to watch that stream because uh i was sleeping for the first half of it because it started at 6am for me, which i’m still sleeping guys, and then i had to go to work. So i missed the second half actually most of it, so yeah yeah they seem to have deleted it.

I don’t know what to say about that part. I guess we wait and see. We wait and see. There’S nothing else. We can really do [ Music.

] my mind controlled the wrong guy. Well, i’m going to run away he’ll leave that behind ah trip hazards – um – hey you pay attention to these guys. Oh this one. I mean this one um. I think this one might be speeding things.

I actually have no idea because they removed, you know how we used to have those old icons ones. That would actually tell you what the skill does yeah. I don’t know if that i don’t know if that page still exists, but if it still exists, it’s either. On the forums or the mickey, we might go figure it out, but otherwise i don’t know i don’t actually know what this guy’s so [, Music ]. So what do you mean?

[, Music, ] we’re getting a lot of gems. I guess this is sad. [ Music, ] where’s, my amulet nowhere to be found. That’S the answer. [ Music ] hold on me now duck uh.

What what do you mean? I said on the stream that they would delete it afterwards. Oh okay, that’s sad because i didn’t get a chance to watch it. Does that work remote for a vote, yeah two-thirds, i think of the street, because i was working morning that day, [ Music ] and thank you. There lunar owns witch welcome to the velveteen duck.

[ Music ], i’m going to run out of steam course here real darn. Soon now we still haven’t seen hide nor hair of a single one of these side items [, Music, ], that’s a great mind control. I don’t actually need it. [, Music, ]! Well, hey gems, i feel like uh those sargon uniques and me we’re not gon na have any feet together.

It’S been over, 40 runs and nothing. Oh, my god. Yes, you can have pets on skill bars, but not in your potion slots, which is actually where i prefer it to be yet, and i guess it’s free frost wait. Did i just get the fearsome explorer helmet again? Oh my god um.

I feel like i feel, like i just got trolled so hard, i’m like yes, a unique! Oh, it’s a ramen’s battle, harness okay, all right argon! All i wanted was amulet man, oh no, i’m so sad. I thought i thought it was actually something useful and nope. Never mind hyperbind, don’t worry, you’ll get it on the last run, with good stats, i hope so leviathan, because the last run is coming up.

Pretty quick here see if they’re, even any good. Okay, that wasn’t the worst one. I’Ve seen the helmet sucks. My inventory, oh, not a good roshan belt, pretty sure my current one’s better, hey, okay! This is gon na make it hard for me to sell without accidentally selling things i don’t want to sell, which one i was keeping one of these.

Not this one. There we go, i don’t know if i should change pets until right now i mean i do kind of have a lot of gold good. I would never believe it or gold never could get a cute doggy from darren right sure. I think i have used up all my luck last night when i crafted that uh q2 amulet and actually got three good lines on it. I think my luck got used up.

[, Music, ] ouch ouch. I misjudged the distance bad [ Music ]. I have to recollect all my crossman’s taxes, so ah after usual, [ Music ] – i don’t have too many – runs left. Let’S hope the leviathan was right, otherwise. Otherwise i’m going to be very disappointed.

Good question i haven’t unlocked rarity upgrade magic, yet it says a man walk by doing schematic basic one crafting yes, but i don’t have that quest uh. Did you check kings hill kings hill? It’S a chain quest, so you got ta start by talking to what’s his face matthew, all things, that’s the first guy you talk to and then he sends you to petjacks and i think petjacks is the one who ultimately gives you that schematic and then once you Actually get it, i can’t remember if that’s the one that you have to right, click on like it ends up in your inventory, and then you have to right click on it. I think that’s the one. It’S sad!

I’Ve done that quest, like literally a gazillion times on a gazillion tunes at this point, and i still can’t remember, i’ve talked to him already. Okay, we’ve talked to matthew. All things. Did you try talking to petjacks cause? That’S the next fellow kingsville.

Yes, he’s a [, __, ], uh, sorry, a dwarf and king’s helmet foreign foreign [, Music, ] [, Music ]. I think i should just kind of lower my expectations down into somewhere around zero. I think i think that would go better, let’s just let’s just lower our expectations for the next remaining. However, many runs down to zero one one run we got one run left that moment of truth walk item. Instead of closing your sargon gloves instead and ruin the whole texture that yeah that’s actually a pretty nice belt, uh.

Sorry, a new, pretty nice cloak that you got there harvey’s just showing me the duplicitous trophy [, Music ]. I actually haven’t thought about putting block on there because i was thinking of the king’s hell ring which actually has really great block on it. Okay last run here we go this. Is it smaller? Nothing and it’s probably gon na, be nothing.

Oh man, you’re already on stage five of traumatic experiences, acceptance first phases, one to four. I don’t know. I think i just i just kind of skipped. It just came up scammed up, hey, not even a scam drop, it just doesn’t exist. Oh, i’m pretty sure it’s movement speed by the way that’s uh the red circle.

They asked about martin because i just mind controlled him and suddenly my run speed was higher yeah. It’S it’s run. Speed hundred percent speed see. I went from eleven to nine point three. There you go on speed, just figured it out for you [, Music ].

I did something useful today yay. I also didn’t get anything good last one i am so sad. 40 44 runs well. 45. I guess you want to count the one i did last night off stream all right.

I don’t know what to say um. I think the drop rate is zero. Okay, conclusion, after 46 runs of uh. What is this place called again, kingsville and former glory? I hereby conclude that uh there’s a drop rate of about zero for uh the uniques and set items here.

It’S zero that one exists: uh it doesn’t. It doesn’t drop here. There’S no such thing nope. All you get are gems. That’S the only thing that exists here.

We have we have reached the end of this uh scientific study of uh. 46 runs it’s zero. Actually it’s been more than that, because i think i did a few before. Let me see where’s that achievement 51.

I’Ve never gotten it.

Okay, in case you guys are wondering so 51 straight runs. Actually it’s been zero. Okay, all right good to know! Um yeah item doesn’t exist. Nice.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know, i don’t know what to say at all. There’S nothing to say it doesn’t exist. We love drop rates in this game. We just love them old, kings, hill old drop rate.

You got it. You’Ve already talked to him and nothing okay, um! So stimpy. Can you check you said you’re done those two questions? Okay, so when you go talk to petjacks, do you see this quest bone oracle, one out of two?

It’S dominance, one out of two, because there’s literally there’s no two out of two, but just do you see this quest, or do you see like nothing at all? I don’t know if i should be upset or not, because that was like 45 46 straight runs and nothing no thing. Nothing no thing i don’t know, should i be upset. I feel a little. I feel a little a little bit upset questionable health drink euros.

Hoffen is that the one where it says like craft health potions like collect leaves or something and something else and then craft a health potion? Is that the one i’m just so done right now with boss running like i’m just done 46 straight runs, and nothing is done done with it time for you to do some runs. Yes, i wish you better luck than me a better drop rate than zero. I think i used up all my luck on crafting this amulet, so yeah, it’s kind of the end of that it doesn’t exist, gnome, toes, frost, full of agitators, etc. Okay, so that should be a repeatable quest.

Then i believe that’s this. No, this one questionable health drink. Wait. Are we even talking about okay? If you already have that, then you should already have.

You should have already finished that quest the one that you need to finish. So if you don’t have the schematic, you might have been one of those people who, back when back, when you could throw schematics, you might have accidentally dropped it. I would say: uh send a ticket in to support, so you’ll wan na go to the drakensang online website, login just log in because uh, it’s easier, you don’t have to find your player id and all that fun stuff. So just log into the website send a ticket to support and tell them i’ve already done this quest. I can’t find it and i don’t seem to have this schematic.

Can you guys help me, because if it is missing, they can uh, they can book it to your account, so that you’ll actually have the thing, because i’ve actually done that before, like oops sold or dropped it on a character i wasn’t supposed to. Ah, so, if that happens, you kind of you just you’re stuck contacting support, otherwise you won’t be missing it and i think, based on what you’re saying, that’s probably what happened for you: okay, wait. We have concluded um, we have a wonderful drop rate of zero after 46, friends yay. So what do we do now? Do you guys want to do anniversary event?

Actually, what time oh holy crap? It’S 1. 30.

Actually, i’m gon na go fill my stomach, the good old good, all the duck is hungry and then therefore the stream ends. I used to play this game as a kid with earlier birthing, but yeah either that or is that an old character you’re using their stimpy.

If it’s an old character, i had a few old characters, including two on this account on tegan that when they converted over in december, didn’t convert over correctly. So i’m missing a few recipes like it’s the weirdest thing where i have everything else and then there’s like one randomly in the middle. That’S missing! So if yours is an old character, it might be one of those missing a recipe. Basically uh.

Is it a given that when you take the quest – and you have the quest, then you could just take the quest out and retake it which question? Are we talking about most questions? If you drop it, you can retake it uh. Some questions have time limits on them. So if you drop sorry, if you finish the quest like, for example, this one here finish, the quest you have to wait until the server reset before you can take it again.

Yes, a very old one for sure. Okay, then chances are. Yours is one of those that got bugged. When i got converted over, i had two characters on this account that got bugged when it converted over in december. I don’t know what happened it’s like.

I have the beginning, i have n and then i’m missing, like some recipes in between i don’t know, but anyways you’ll just have to contact support. They might ask you for some screenshots but uh. They should be able to book it to your account if it’s messed up, which it sounds like it is, i mean, simply might not be able to get a recipe for you taking quests yeah, i’m pretty sure, no, that one’s not repeatable the one that uh gives You the recipe is not repeatable, so he would need to contact support for it. Actually, when i think about it, i had two broken characters and i only ever remember to get one of them fixed. Maybe maybe, if i play my dragon knight i’ll get it fixed, i only fix my ranger okay.

Fine. We can do that. We can do that. We can. We can go, go get our barrel or nothing.

Where am i going? Let’S just go normal. Is there plants, even in normal? I think there is now right, i’m too lazy to go anywhere higher, i’m just. I am uh, not happy with the fact that i got nothing.

Oh i got eggs here. Yes, there are plants like normal. Now, okay i’ll look plants. One and two okay: here we go we’re gon na end off this day of nothing with nothing. Where can i check my id uh so just go to drakensangonline.

om you’ll hit like login right as soon as you log in if you click and it’s like support in the upper right hand corner if you click support, it will automatically populate with your id. So you don’t have to find it. It’S been eight years. I still don’t remember what my id is. I have no idea so when i send a ticket to support.

I just log in because i can’t be bothered to try and remember. Oh look, nothing! Okay, we’re ready to end oops. Why did i use red essence? We’Re ready to end today, because we have absolutely nothing today.

Got scammed at the cave, got scammed at uh kings hill. In former glory i scammed the cave again. Yes, it’s nothing more! Nothing! That’S right!

We need more nothing today. That’S what we’ve done all day more, nothing! You need friends, yeah! I need friends, uh text, my friend list. Oh there’s, a few people online, but yeah i know or nothing today, ah just to share the scam across sharing is caring.

That’S right: we share. We share the uh, the material swirl scams. That’S what we share. We need more, nothing that is today summary of today. Okay, so i haven’t accomplished a single thing today.

In fact, i’ve accomplished nothing. It’S been a great day: okay, uh. Let’S see announcements, don’t have announcements except to say that i’m not going to be able to stream on next sunday, because i work so i don’t know when the next stream is it’ll be sun. Some day will not be sunday will be sunday, don’t know what day? Okay, take care everybody i’ll catch, you guys eventually at my next stream.

I don’t know what it’s about. I have a couple of videos planned, but i need to find the motivation to edit. So you guys need to motivate me to edit okay and then the videos will be published, because i literally i’m sitting on the footage i’ve been sitting on it for some of them for like three weeks, some of them for four weeks i haven’t done the editing. So motivate me to edit motivate me to not waste my time, farming for nothing, okay, catch! You guys, another day, all right take care!

Everybody see you around [ Music ], you

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