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Hello everyone, Velveteenduck here. Let’s take a look at the  Terrifying Shadows – A New Era event, also commonly referred to as the Sargon event. Before you actually start the event though, I strongly suggest finishing the main questline of  Drakensang Online so you have two yellow marker quests called Shadow Master and The First Ones.  Both quests have components that require the event to complete. If you do miss the event for whatever  reason, it is planned for the Sargon event to re-run on a fairly regular basis, so fret not.

Please note that the event progress bars are different, and likely based  on player level. On my low level character, these are the event progress bars I see,  while on my level 100 SW, these are what I see. As you can see,  there are many Marks of Mortis available on my level 100 Spellweaver’s progress bar. These will  be necessary to enter and fight the new Mortis – conveniently also part of the main story line. To start the event itself, you can head to Kingshill, where you’ll talk to Jon Sunlair.

  You’ll need to collect 50 Coffee Beans from any worthy monsters to proceed.  There is no need to waste an excessive amount of time collecting Coffee Beans as monsters  within Stillwater Bay at Night and Sargon’s Shadowfort all drop a small quantity as well.  There are also quests from Sir Hardy standing opposite of Jon, so don’t forget about him.

Ten Coffee Beans are used to obtain entry to Stillwater Bay at Night, unless you decide to farm  on Bloodshed for some reason, then it also costs an additional 10 Fragments of Infernal Passages.  The main focus of this map is to destroy the purple coloured portals for Shadow Portal  Fragments.

You need these four different fragments to exchange with Jon for Shadowfort Portals.  You can also get some Shadowfort Portals from completing the other quests from this event.  If you don’t want to farm for the portals,  you can always purchase them from the shop with Andermants.

Now before you jump the gun and port yourself into the Shadowfort, make sure you have some form of  light essences on hand. You can obtain a small quantity while farming monsters, crafting it if  you have the recipe unlocked, or of course, buying it for andermants.

You will need light essences to  deal with Soul Collectors in Sargon’s Shadowfort as well as Sargon himself inside his Throne Room.

You can use a Portal by right clicking on it. Entry will consume one pass regardless of  level and if you go to Bloodshed, you’ll also need 10 Fragments of Infernal Passages.  The doorway promises the existence of Bloody Sludges on Bloodshed mode, but since I would  be instantly vaporized on the Test Server if I tried to enter, I did not check it out. Let’s talk quickly about a few important quests on this map.

Spoilers incoming, so if you don’t  want to hear the quest spoilers, jump to the timestamp shown on the screen. Starting with  the main quest The First Ones, you just need to wander around the Shadowfort. There is actually  no Nerina in this map. -laughs- Yeah, I’m serious, Nerina is not in the Shadowfort. As for the other  main quest Shadow Master, you need to kill three Sargon’s elites and the Sentinel to kill Sargon.

  If you haven’t obtained 999 light essence for this quest, don’t worry. Just buy 999  from the shop for 190 andermants and you’ll be on your merry way. The event  quest Eggsperiment needs you to find some eggs. Those are all located towards the middle layer  on the right side and the upper portions of the Shadowfort. Once you find the first one,  the rest will be marked with question marks on the mini map, making it much easier to find.

Ok, back on the topic of the new Shadowfort, you’ll find lots of amphorae here,  both the type that need keys and the ones that don’t.

There are also  Abandoned Treasures hidden all over the place, so check every nook and cranny. Of importance are three Altars. These will only pop up on the map with a gear icon when you walk  close. Be prepared for combat before you click it, as it will summon one of Sargon’s elites along  with a bunch of small fries.

The elites are all Leader ranked monsters, so if you’re not prepared,  it can be a tough fight. After defeating these three elites, a Sentinel will spawn. As far as  I know, the Sentinel is always a Soul Collector, so make sure you have your light essence equipped.  After defeating the Sentinel, the doorway to Sargon’s Throne Room will open. Before proceeding,  make sure you have keep that light essence equipped as you’ll need it to damage Sargon.

The first version of Sargon the Terrible you encounter is essentially like King Heredur.  He will swing his mace at you in melee range, and use a Ground Breaker periodically. Upon defeat, a second Sargon appears. If you have not completed your quests, you will receive the  form of Sargon that looks like a swirly creature. It will stab you in close range and shoot chain  lightning if you stand far away.

At times, he can also drop Meteors that spawn a Singularity. If you have completed your quests (Act 8, Chapter 1, a Dark Heritage),  then you can obtain the newer form of Sargon, which is a large fella that comes  busting out of the throne itself. He has melee attacks where he swings his arms at you,  and ranged attacks where he drops Meteors from the sky and either spawns Singularities or um…  this odd hairy ball that deals damage if you get too close. He also summons Dark Force,  which looks oddly like his second form if you don’t do your quests.

Please remember there  is also an area surrounding him in a greenish aura that will kill you if you step into it.

After killing Sargon, the Secret Lair appears. This is just a regular event  Secret Lair with 8 platforms. I didn’t find any extra progress from the Secret Lair,  so unless you’re looking for Clovers or the Legendary King’s set, it’s safe to skip. From killing Sargon, there’s a chance he’ll drop a piece of the reworked Sargon set. I am showing  the Spellweaver version of the set on screen here since that’s the highest level character I have.

  The first few set bonuses are a motley variety of stats.

As for the 8 piece set bonus,  let me show you how it works. Going into a map, you just have to use the specified skills,  in this case, Teleport and Frost Charge to collect stacks of Hatred. You get 1 stack for each usage  of a specified skill. These stacks last for 2 minutes, making it quite easy to collect  as long as you use a build that uses two movement skills.

  Upon reaching the 28th stack, an andermagic explosion in the shape of Sargon will trigger  where you’re at, along with instantly restoring your HP and resources. On top of that, you get  a buff that renders you immune to all debuffs for a whopping 10 seconds, but does not render  you immune to damage. Remember though, there is a 120 second cooldown after triggering the effect. My evaluation of this set is that it is intended for tanks or melee play style characters,  especially if they employ more than one movement skill as a regular part  of their kit. They can collect 27 stacks, then trigger the 28th stack in case of emergency,  rendering an instantaneous healing and complete immunity to debuffs.

As for completion of this event, the usual rules apply: the credit card will take you further and  faster than anything else. There is also an event Attire that has the bonus of giving you up to 5  additional Marks of Mortis per event. If whipping out a credit card isn’t your favourite way to play  the game, be sure to pick up the repeatable quests from Sir Hardy and Jon Sunlair,  especially Eggsperiment, which can be completed with every single clear of Sargons Shadowfort,  and The Dark Army, which can be completed every three runs.

So, what do you think of the new Sargon event? Do you like it, or dislike it?

  Leave it in the comments below!.

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