Twisted Woods SECRETS EXPOSED (Quests, Sybil locations, ALL achievements) | Drakensang Online


Hello everyone, Velveteenduck here, as I promised in an earlier stream a week ago,  I have more or less finished mapping the Twisted Woods.  There’s a total of 17 maps called the Twisted Woods and 9 different clearings. If this is your first time in the Twisted Woods and you’re just here to complete the main quest  line, all you have to do is follow the trail by clicking ranger tree stumps and going through  arrows marked by big red mushrooms and you’ll find your way to Artaya’s Clearing in no time at all. If you’ve now moved past that stage and are in the Sybil Search, you’ll find her on the first map.  After that, you just have to find the correct shape of map  and you’ll find her standing in the same spot.

And now, you’ve moved into the most difficult stage of all – the search for achievements.  Before we get into that, I need to explain that firstly, which stump you click will matter – they  open different passages even though they’re all called the same thing, Twisted Woods. Secondly,  some doors opened by the same stump actually can send you to more than one map.  And, at least as far as I can tell, it’s always a choice between some map,  and map 5. Any time you get sent to map 5, your only option is to return to map 1 and restart. So let’s take a look at the Itsy-Bitsy Spider achievement, in which you need to kill the Dark  Fang Spider. Starting in Map 1, click the yellow stump then head through this door that sends you  to map 6. On map 6, click the orange stump, pray for good luck and go through door 1. Hopefully,  you land on map 7, and you click the one yellow stump and go through the clearing.  Exit Epan’s Clearing, and hopefully that drops you on Map 11.  From Map 11, click the orange stump, and head through door 1.  On map 12, click the one orange stump, and head into the clearing and kill the Dark Fang Spider.

Next up, let’s take a look at Spooky Woods, which requires you to defeat the Twisted Illusion.  Starting again in map 1, repeat all the same instructions as I had for Itsy-Bitsy Spider  until you reach map 11. From there, click the yellow stump instead and go  through the first door. You’ll now be transported to map 14,  where you’ll click the one orange stump and go into the Clearing to fight the Twisted Illusion. For the final achievement, A Guarded Secret, you need to head for the Guarded Chest Clearing,  not to be mistaken for the much less useful Treasure Chest Clearing, which only has a  bunch of treasure chests. You’ll start again at map 1, click on the red stump and go through the  first door. On the second map, click on the red stump, and go through the third door.  From the third map, click the one red stump and go through the second door.

If you’re lucky, you’ll  get map 17, where you’ll now click the one orange stump and enter the clearing to open the chest. Now, it’s possible there’s more than one path to each goal, perhaps a more efficient path  to each of them, and doorways I’ve missed, but I’ve had enough of my cartographer days,  so I’ll be publishing all the maps onto my Discord server, link in the description below.  Good luck to all the lost souls out there still  wandering the Twisted Woods, may you find what you’re looking for..

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