DOMO Alchemy and Collection In Depth Guide


Dream of Mirrors Online Alchemy and Collection In Depth Guide by BerryTiny

===============Table of Contents=================
I. Collection Profession Skill Points Needed
III. Times required of Collection
IV. Other Considerations
V. Types of Materials and Where to get them
VI. Conclusion

I. Collection Profession Skill Points Needed
1.) Level 9 ?> 19 = 3 skill point.
2.) Level 19 ?> 29 = 6 skill point.
3.) Level 29 ?> 39 = 6 skill point.
4.) Level 39 ?> 49 = 12 skill point.
5.) Level 49 ?> 59 = 12 skill point.
6.) Level 59 ?> 69 = 12 skill point.
7.) Level 69 ?> 79 = 15 skill point.

I?m going to use Meditation as an example now, just because it was my character?s first profession and I know the most about it (did most of my calculations from it as well). Please note that ALL other professions follow the same principal guidelines so this applies *universally*.
The durability of a tool is used up by the level of the TOOL you are using. A level 1 tool like Cinnamon will only use 1 durability per harvest, while Sandalwood would use 2 durability, etc. etc. So using this formula, a Cinnamon Incense will net you exactly 500 Red Fragments or 25 Red Powders. *Wrong*

There is a 5% Fail Rate (Estimated) with the minimum skill level for a particular harvest tool. It seems you CAN reduce the fail rating but I?ve still ended up with at least .1% fail rating with level 4 Thickening Thoughts (getting
499 Red Fragments) so I would assume that it can never actually get to ?0%? though you can get it really really close to it.

Also in such locations like Placid Plain, there are BOTH level 3 and 4 materials that appear. If you are to use a level 3 gathering tool like Dense Incense, you will ONLY get Green Fragments. BUT if you use a level 4 gathering tool like Magnif Incense, you will get ?Both? types of materials. It seems you gather roughly 5% of the lower grade material if you are using a higher level tool with the appropriate skill level, this seems to be uneffected by your profession level as I still get similar amounts of red fragments compared to blue fragments in a 1-2 area (Eversun South) with level 5 Thickening Thoughts as I did with level 1 Thickening Thoughts.
Full Tools
I want you to know that all tools up to level 7 tools ARE availble in this game. Medition tools up to 7 are available in Blakatoa for example. Please also note that you are REQUIRED to put in skill points into a profession to use particular tools. Like Sandalwood requires at least Lv. 1 Thickening Thoughts (You start with Lv. 0?) and Dense requires Lv. 2 Thickening Thoughts etc.

Level of Tool/Cost/Name of Tool/Durability
1 / 1000g Cinnamon Incense 500
2 / 1500g Sandalwood Incense 980
3 / 2000g Dense Incense 1470
4 / 2500g Magnif Incense 1960
5 / 3,000g Intense Incense 2450
6 / 3,500g Sixth Sense Incense 2940
7 / 4,000g Immense Incense 3430

Cost of Materials
Ideally? Level 1 Tools give you 25 refined materials, and level 2+ tools give you 24.5 refined materials per tool. The following calculations are made in IDEAL conditions, not calculating the 5% of failures or mining of the wrong grade of materials due to location. This is the exact price that the tools required to harvest the materials cost in relation to the number of materials you receive.

Level 1 ? costs 2.0g per unrefined material and 40g for refined material.
Level 2 ? costs 3.1g per unrefined material and 61.2g for refined material.
Level 3 ? costs 4.1g per unrefined material and 81.6g for refined material.
Level 4 ? costs 5.1g per unrefined material and 102.1g for refined material.

NPC Buyback prices
This is completely misc. information as you will gain NOTHING from selling materials back to the NPC, rather you have just lost the effort of actually leaving your computer on with a character harvesting + some losses are still accumulated because of probability of failures etc. Compare the price to the prices above and you will definitely see the losses even in IDEAL conditions.

NPCs pay for Unrefined
Level 1 ? 1g per
Level 2 ? 2g per
Level 3 ? 3g per
Level 4 ? 4g per

NPCs pay for Refined
Level 1 ? 40g per
Level 2 ? 60g per
Level 3 ? 80g per
Level 4 ? 100g per

III. Times of Collection
Every Harvesting attempt REGARDLESS of your profession level and level of what you are harvesting takes 30 seconds (including the time it tells you that you found or failed to find an item).

So all calculations of how long each tool will last or you can harvest until that tool disappears were based upon this finding.

1 / 1000g Cinnamon Incense for 4 hours and 10 minutes (Level 1 Materials)
2 / 1500g Sandalwood Incense for 4 hours and 5 minutes (Level 2 Materials)
3 / 2000g Dense Incense for 4 hours and 5 minutes (Level 3 Materials)
4 / 2500g Magnif Incense for 4 hours and 5 minutes (Level 4 Materials)

As each tool will grant you a specific number of hours you can be assured that your character will be harvesting.

IV. Other Considerations
Partial Tools
Now contrary to popular belief? these tools have NO penalty to using them costwise. The only drawback/concept is that each tool only lasts you 49 minutes (or 50 for the level 1 tool). This is so you can measure out EXACTLY how long you want to go AFK if needed.

Level of Tool/Cost/Name of Tool/Durability
1 / 200g Cinnamon Incense 100 = Still 40g per Red Powder or 2g per Red Fragment
2 / 300g Sandalwood Incense 196 = Still 61.225 per Blue Powder or 3.06g for Blue Fragments
3 / 400g Dense Incense 294 etc.
4 / 500g Magnif Incense 500 etc.
5 / 600g Intense Incense 490 etc.
6 / 700g Sixth Sense Incense 588 etc.
7 / 800g Immense Incense 686 etc.

You only have 50 slots in your average invetory (With you naked? god forbid we promote streaking).

Anyways with your tools taking some slots you have a maximum of 1840~1920 Raw Materials (Since the tools will disappear as you use them, you can calculate yourself holding more than that if you wish?) that can be harvested before you are basically too full to continue. With this said? I would roughly say that the limit for going AFK while harvesting is 16 hours AT THE MOST. If you have any items on, holding a penny, etc. Round it down to an even 15 hours.

So calculate that into your AFK harvesting time, that you have to actually come back to your computer once in awhile.

You can have 60 slots if you used some AP to expand yourself with 2 large bags? Meaning an estimated maximum of 2300 materials (With a penny/tools etc.) This means you can go AFK for 19 hours. So you gain yourself an additional buffer of 3 hours of real life (;P) by upgrading your inventory? but WAIT. You can only harvest for a maximum for 16 hours without changing your tools? so this is a ?you?ve-been-had? benefit.

Personally I think the added slots look very clumsy and cluttered rather than useful since I never go AFK for that long anyhow.

Stall Sell Price Consideration
You should always factor in your own time spent when considering selling your materials? trying to undersell someone by a few gold is really REALLY underhanded and doesn?t help anyone at all. Think about it? you?re actually using $$$$ by leaving your computer on and harvesting because you?re using that much more electricity. So for those players who are ?too poor? to purchase AP yet think materials should be even cheaper? I want you to consider what time you are making your computer run at even if you aren?t there.

And if you?re argument against this is that people are dual-clienting and harvesting while they actually play their other character? no matter how GOOD your computer is? there has to be at least ?1? latency that is added. Though it may not be noticable but somewhere along the line that 1 itty bit of lag may have caused you frustration through death, freeze etc. etc. I won?t continue on in this rant? the only reason I placed this here was because people tell me I sell my materials WAY too high? when I?m fairly reasonable when selling my materials if you factor in the time spent.

Supply and Demand
Though certain materials are just as hard to get? always consider where the demand is. You don?t see people vending ?Peeled Prawn? or ?Mint? because? well no recipe in this edition requires them yet. So consider the present and look at such items like ?Lead Bars?, ?Silk? and ?Laurel Woods? are going to be the hottest materials in demand and price them accordingly.

Non-Harvestable Items
You can either save them for yourself as an alchemist or sell them in towns because there will be ?some? need for them. Things you may want to just sell to NPCs are things not on this list.

P.S. Non-Alchemy items MAY or MAY NOT be used for elder quests so there are other items other than these that you may ?not? want to NPC.

Animal Fat
Bat Wing
Black Spider Juice
Beast Fang
Brewer?s Yeast
Conch Shell
Cotton Cloth
Cow Cord
Hemp Rope
Itching Powder
Prickly Pelt
Poison Fang
Red Silk Thread
Split Bamboo
Vine Rope
Wild Hide

V. Types of Materials and Where to get them
Since this was taken from the tDOMO archives? the names may not be correctly translated, if you know what they are really called please leave a reply below asap? also my translator said she didn?t know what some of the final products were so she just made assumptions from the base materials? sorry if they?re completely wrong.

1 ? Red Powder -> 20 Red Fragments
2 ? Blue Powder -> 20 Blue Fragments
3 ? Green Powder -> 20 Green Fragments
4 ? Violet Powder -> 20 Violet Fragments
5 ? White Powder -> 20 White Fragments
6 ? Red Crystal -> 20 Red Crystal Fragments
7 ? Blue Crystal -> 20 Blue Crystal Fragments

1 ? Glass -> 20 Sand Quartz
2 ? Copper Bar -> 20 Malachite
3 ? Iron Bar -> 20 Magnetite
4 ? Lead Bar -> 20 Galena
5 ? Tin Bar -> 20 Tin Ore
6 ? Crystal Bar -> 20 Crystal Ore
7 ? Diamond Bar -> 20 Diamond Dust

1 ? Salt -> 20 Seawater
2 ? Dried Seaweed -> 20 Seaweed
3 ? Conch Fillet-> 20 Conch
4 ? Peeled Prawn -> 20 Prawn
5 ? Cooked Scallop -> 20 Scallops
6 ? Crab Meat -> 20 Crabs
7 ? Shark Fin -> 20 Sharks

1 ? Apple Wood -> 20 Apple Lumber
2 ? Maple Wood -> 20 Maple Lumber
3 ? Willow Wood -> 20 Willow Lumber
4 ? Laurel Wood -> 20 Laurel Lumber
5 ? Pear Wood -> 20 Pear Lumber
6 ? Hickory Wood -> 20 Hickory Lumber
7 ? Oak Wood -> 20 Oak Lumber

1 ? Dried Mushroom -> 20 Mushroom
2 ? Sliced Ginger -> 20 Root of Ginger
3 ? Flour -> 20 Wheats
4 ? Tea -> 20 Tea Leaves
5 ? Mint -> 20 Mint Leaves (?)Unsure
6 ? Corn -> 20 Cornhusks
7 ? Beer -> 20 Barley (O.O?)

1 ? Down -> 20 Chicken Feathers
2 ? Pig Oil -> 20 Pigskins
3 ? Knitting Wool -> 20 Wool
4 ? Silk -> 20 Silkworms
5 ? Rabbit Fur -> 20 Skin of Rabbit
6 ? Cow Leather -> 20 Cowhides
7 ? Mink Fur -> 20 Baby Minks (I O.O?d when I saw this)

Grade 1: Eversun North, Fishing Spot, At the bridge
Grade 1-2: Eversun North 577,465
Grade 1-2: Swan Lake Basin 444,131
Grade 2-3: East Sea Plains 470,350, in front of Blakatoa entrance
Grade 2-3: East Sea Plains 510,480
Grade 2-3: Collington 211,165 Flying Required
Grade 2-3: Swan Lake Basin 259,316
Grade 3-4: Grassgreen Square 133,115
Grade 3-4: Placid Plains 363,460
Grade 3-4: East Sea Plains 500,220
Grade 4-5: East Sea Plains 468,352

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo


Grade 1:Eversun South, Logging Area
Grade 1-2: Eversun South, Logging Area 693,201
Grade 2-3: Placid Plains 400,340
Grade 2-3: Placid Plains 433,488
Grade 3-4: Giantwood Forest 270,350
Grade 3-4: Giantwood Forest 366,175
Grade 4-5: Dragon?s Den 270,510

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo


Grade 1:Eversun North, Farm
Grade 1-2: Eversun North, Farm, West small farm field
Grade 2-3: Swan Lake Basin 590,500
Grade 2-3: Placid Plains 179,477
Grade 3-4: Grassgreen Square 110,445
Grade 3-4: East Sea Plains 175,455
Grade 4-5: East Sea Plains 212,308

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo


Grade 1: Eversun South, Mine
Grade 1-2: Eversun South, Mine 572,650
Grade 1-2: Darkdale 110,180
Grade 2-3: Copperhorn Mountain 320,660
Grade 2-3: Copperhorn Mountain 274,656
Grade 3-4: Copperhorn Mountain 180,560
Grade 4-5: Dragon?s Den 210,510

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo


Grade 1: Eversun North, Pasture
Grade 1-2: Eversun North, Pasture 82,489
Grade 2-3: Placid Plains 455,380
Grade 2-3: Placid Plains 157,304
Grade 3-4: Placid Plains 380,440
Grade 4-5: Dragon?s Den 350,350

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo


Grade 1: Eversun City Temples
Grade 1-2: Eversun South, Meditation Zone
Grade 2-3: Blakatoa 175,380
Grade 3: Blakatoa 470,470
Grade 3-4: Placid Plains 425,470
Grade 4-5: East Sea Plains 152,346

The maps in red arent implemented in this version of domo

Note: This is the list as i remember, if there?s any mistakes on it please feel free to comment

VI. Conclusion
Concept of Minimum Price
You shouldn?t be expecting people to sell for the price of what the tools/harvesting ratio is? as basically you?re asking them to do work for you for ?free?. If you can?t bother to do it then don?t expect them to do it for you free? conversely if you?re the seller don?t undersell to the point that you are fueling people from refusing to buy at what should be ?minimum? prices at least. The honest seller will have more trouble making a profit through collection if the less informed are unable to crunch their numbers? so inform them about this thread *Shameless plug* and let?s work to fix the outrageous prices together~~

Final Words~

I have level 34 Alchemy and can mine every single material up to level 4 (Meaning Lead Bars, Laurel Wood, Silk, Violet Powders, Peeled Prawn, etc) so if you have any requests please feel free to PM me ingame or on the forums and I?ll reply to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading ;3

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