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Dream of Mirrors Online Anti-Scamming Guide by Triedge313

Ok, From what I have seen is there are a lot of people being scammed. Be it pets, Gold, AP, or just plain all your items. This is made out of previous experiences, and general common knowledge.

Let me say first, Make sure you take care in all trades, as if you get scammed there is a chance you may not get your items/gold/pets/whatevertheheckyoulost back. This is due to the fact that in the past people have tried to abuse the system by making false claims of being scammed!

The Enemy?The Scammer:

If it sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Keep this in mind in any trade.

Most scammers are low leveled mules so they will have very little to lose. By the time a report has been made to a GM and they have banned them, they will have moved the item/pet/etc to their main, or elsewhere.

Pet Scammers seem to be the most common type. Maybe you want a flying pet and the person offers a boxed ?flying? pet, open the box and Oh look! the pet doesn?t fly.
If you want to make 100% sure that the pet in trade is EXACTLY the pet that you want it never hurts to contact a Game Sage to test out a pet and middle-man for you.If the trader in question doesn?t want to wait for a Game Sage to show up, leave em, they probably wanted to scam you. If you have a pet egg trader and they insist that it is the SE that they say it is then let them level it to 10 themselves? 1-10 on a 100% pet level is no where near hard to do.

If you don?t know what a certain SE of a pet is then go HERE and click on the type of pet (Ruby, Rock, Lily, Etc.) you want and scroll down for pictures of each SE.

Always check the pet window to make sure that you are getting the right pet, SE, Level, whatever else is is you would want to check. All the information is right there for you to double check.

If you are offering money for a pet leveler. DO NOT give the Money AND the pet at the same time. The best thing to do is check around on forums for pet leveling threads ? And see if that pet leveler has successfully leveled pets in the past for people. Asking friends that have had pet leveling done before works well too, and simply checking the ?pet levelers? levels works wonders, as there have been people in Eversun claiming to level pets from 41 ? 60, when they themselves are still only a level 8 commoner.

AP Card Trades are always hard. These types of scammers have been popping up a lot recently because of the massive amount of gold involved in just one trade. Remember that most scammers are low leveled and if your trying to get 20 dollars in AP from a level 5 commoner fresh out of the Summoning Poll for 1.2 mil, something has gotta be up. Do NOT give ANY money to the seller in question, Game Sages would be much more willing to middle man your trade between the two of you and we would much rather spend 5 minutes mediating a safe trade, than end up having to explain that even with a contact us, you may not get your gold back!

Do not trade your Items/Pets/Perms/ANYTHING without getting the gold! Do you see where this would go wrong!? You have given this person, who you do not know, your item to wear/use/do whatever the heck they want with it and have received nothing in trade!

Game Sage/Game Master Impersonators: This one is a new type for me but, If you do not see a Player with a name on THIS list then they are NOT a Game Sage. The Forum Mods and GM Team update this list whenever possible and SillyCrazyMe even went as far to include Names of Game Sages for BOTH servers. A Game Sage or Game Master will most likely not ask for anything from you unless it is glitched, or some other valid reason. If a Game Master wanted something from your inventory he would just yank it out, fix it, and put it back in.

If a Seller doesn?t want to get involved with a Game Sage then leave em and continue looking, they probably wanted to steal your hard earned gold anyway.

Do NOT try to rip off a Game Sage or Game Master, we have ways to make sure what is going on is legit!

Please Don?t get ripped off. It makes Happy Lilies Sad T_T

Special thanks to Kupsy, who Spell checked, Grammer checked, gave Lot?s of info, and made another lily sad.
Thanks to the other GS who helped me add on what we originally forgot.(and Nopi?s Paint skillz)


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