DOMO Costume Modification Guide


Dream of Mirrors Online Costume Modification Guide by nopi_tsu

What is Costume Modification?
Modification involves using a method called ?Reforming? to add various stats to your permanent costumes. I?ve made a small step by step guide to help show the process of leveling them Smile

Step 1: You Will Need
Premium Silk ? Obtain this from Mai Golai at Eversun City (X:167 Y:230)
Trade in permanent costumes to him to receive the silk

Body perm = 25 silk
Head perm = 15 silk
Face perm = 10 silk
Back perm => does not accept these

Various mats, which change per level (see below)

Insurance Scroll (Mod) ? optional

Insurance Scroll (Mod) I will prevent your costume from disappearing if a reform fails, but your costume?s current level will lower by 1, and the materials you used will have been lost.

Step 2: Modifying
1) Open your Skills interface and select Everyday Skills. Then click the icon which says Modify

2) Select the costume you would like to reform, and a list of materials required will pop up

3)If you have all the needed materials, you will be able to select an insurance scroll from the side menu if you have one

4) Select Start to Reform to upgrade the costume.

Some things to note:
*A costume can be reformed to a level of 20. When you reach level 20 a system message pops up that everyone can see.

*As the costume?s level goes up, there is a greater chance of failure

*Failure can result in level decrease or complete destruction of the costume. Using an insurance scroll just ensures that only level decrease will happen if the reform fails.

*Most costumes show the level of reform they are, but there are a couple that don?t

Some Examples of Level 20 Costumes
The stats that you get from the costumes vary widely, especially as you get higher in levels. Ive tested the same costume and got different stats, so what you get is luck of the draw.

Here are some examples of what you can come up with at the max level:

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